Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Excess Moisture Rich lipcolor in 401 Hot, Review

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Excess Moisture Rich lipcolor in 401 Hot

Hello beautifuls. 🙂
Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Excess Moisture Rich lipcolor
Hope all of you are in the pink of your health. Today I am here to share my most loved and used up red lipstick from Giorgio Armani rouge ecstasy collection which is a gift from my hubby. This is my super late b’day gift which came to me last month. Actually my hubby is one & only piece on earth, he amazes and annoys me with his weird surprises. I am in the habit of bearing his surprise gestures which are either super in advance or super duper late, but never on time haha.. 😛 However, his weird surprise timings often land him in trouble, especially when I start bugging him with questions; who told you to get it? Who helped you to select this shade, what if I don’t like it? blah blah.. 😛 He often exclaims that “tum ladies ko kuch naa do to chain nahi par kuch de do to b kaunsa chain lene deti ho kisi ko”.. 😉 But then he never stops his surprise gestures as well, which are integral part of my love life now!

Anyways let’s get back to this beautiful sizzling red lipstick. I already own another hot shade Scarletto from rouge ecstasy collection and to my surprise this hot red slightly resembles scarletto, though it is more tending to be blue based true red unlike former fuchsia pinkish red lipstick. So, please read on further to know more about Giorgio Armani rouge ecstasy hot 401.. ☺



Price: $34 for 0.14 Oz (4.4 g), exclusive of taxes and shipping

Packaging: This sizzling hot red lipstick comes in as usual red bullet case with magnetic lock and signature GA logo on case. And boss, an Armani is after all an Armani in every sense! Totally a win win stuff in terms of user-friendly, travel-friendly packaging, though its smell is not for me!



My Experience with Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Excess Moisture Rich Lipcolor, Hot 401

The shade “Hot” seems perfect blue based bright red with no shimmers, and is just apt for every fair/ medium skin tone. It adds glow to my face like anything without looking loud or gothic surprisingly well that’s what we call a Giorgio Armani probably! I feel very comfortable while wearing it in bright day light for prolong hours which also signifies that this particular shade stays for good 5 + hours on my lips with multiple tea/water breaks and light meals. However it easily rinses off with one heavy meal leaving behind soft red stain which is also easily removable!

It gives me complete opaque, semi glossy finish for initial few hours, after which it transfers onto a creamy gel like stain which stays put for another good hours. I need just 2-3 swipes for buildable color pay off and it hides my light pigmented lips as well. Hence I am sure this hot red will do complete justice to pigmented lips. Like any other Giorgio Armani shade, it can be worn with multiple swipes without looking cakey or any bleeding issues. It does not settle on my lip crevices nor does it feather around my lip area it just adheres on my skin like second skin. I never used lip balm beneath this lip color. Moreover I feel lip balm usually affects its pigmentation on lips though for a glossy tint it can be worn over lip balm. But I don’t like to wear it that way though it would work for the beauties those are yet to discover charm of bold red lips!

armani paper swatch

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Excess Moisture Rich swatch

I feel it is not excessive hydrating but it is not drying on lips either. I feel comfortable wearing it alone for good 6-8 hours and even after removing it off I feel soft supple lips for good hours. It applies like dream on my lips; it would not accentuate dry lips though I fear it might look uneven on dry patchy lips after few hours especially once the glossy finishing fades onto stain. I just love it for its intense red pigmentation and glossy finishing which is totally classy and luxurious. Over all I have nothing negative to talk about this gift from my soul mate.. ☺ I highly recommend this bright, cheerful red to every gal who loves bold and defined lips!
Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Excess Moisture Rich lipcolor in 401 Hot

• A beautiful blue based red lipstick with no shimmers
• It instantly glows up face and enhances over all skin tone
• The texture of lip color is neither excessive hydrating nor too drying just perfect for summers unlike other lip color which often melt in summers or are drying on lips
• It glides like butter on lips no matter they are dry or normal though it is always good to scrub lips prior of using any lip products
• It is completely opaque and intense pigmented lipstick which delivers exactly same shade as seen in bullet in just 1-2 swipes
• It hides light patches of my lips in one gentle swipe and is easily buildable in minimal strokes
• It is ideal for fair/medium beauties with pigmented lips as well
• It stays put for good 5+ hours with light snacks and tea/water break
• It wears off evenly after one heavy meal leaving behind pretty pinkish red stain which is easily removable
• It does not settle in fine lines nor it bleeds on my lips
• It never look cakey or build up no matter we swipe it once or multiple times
• I never felt need of lip balm while wearing it on lips for prolong hours and even after removing it off I feel soft and smooth lips
• Pretty classy, user friendly and travel friendly packaging

Cons of Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Excess Moisture Rich lipcolor in 401 Hot

• It leaves deep significant marks on every cutlery and cups
• It might look patchy on dry/chapped lips after few hours once the glossy shine fades onto stain

Well I do not have any significant issues with this lipstick other than a few minor concerns which can be ignored. I whole heartedly recommend this wonderful shade to every fair/medium beauty including gals with pigmented lips. And this hot red is one such shade which I will always prefer buying again & again as I use them more often over other shades. For me this lipstick gets 5/5!

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28 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Excess Moisture Rich lipcolor in 401 Hot, Review

  1. Well said about the surprises. Nice hot red shade. Loved the review. Bless you with more sudden surprises *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* . Aadya pic is missing. *scared*

  2. Lovely swatch Neetu…. Looks so pretty on ur nails…. U know… I can recognise u by ur lips now… So lovely swatches

  3. you have a way to write a review neetu *clap* such a pretty shade and perfect lipstick , then the brand and gift 🙂 and neetu haven’t you been collecting identical shades in high end brands?
    rofl for surprise…

    1. sumera u read my mind.. i wonder I have been collecting all identical shades courtesy my hubby or color blindness.. *hihi* *hihi*
      bt actually they differ at an angle which does make huge diffrenece know.. *woot* I mean wen i wear tom ford cherry lush its totally diff though its again red, bt this hot 401 is way diff from cherry lush unlike its shimmery nature n intense color pay off. n it goes for nearly all shades of red in my stash sum are apple red, few r strawberry red n often i see tomato reds, chilli reds… *preen* *preen*
      however, I really need break now going to get some summery pink shades soon.. *specs* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  4. It is so embarrassing when a lipstick leaves marks on cutlery…however many do so n our love for lipsticks never dies *hifive* *hihi*

    1. *hifive* irony of our life.. mere se jada embarassed is my hubby who needs to clean that cutlery 3-4 times.. *hihi* he is obsessed wid his cutleries .. *hihi*
      but yes it really feel weird wen u r d one n only printing press in whole party.. *headbang* *headbang*

  5. This looks superb on u neetu di…a break from the usual red ones..gorgeous berry red on gorgeous u 😀 😀 love ur pics *clap*

    1. yes kadambari *hifive* u will see more lighter shades in future as am tending to luk more youthful n wear pinks n light shades.. *shy* *hihi* *hihi*

  6. wow what a shade Neetu *drool* it is looking great on u *drool* I saw this on magazine cover page and i decided to buy *happydance* now after seeing ur review i want it, ur lucky that ur hubby gives surprises, my hubby will give gifts but no surprises at all *headbang* he will ask what i want, and he will give that as gift *headbang*

    1. ohh really so sweet of u.. *puchhi* *thankyou* *thankyou* *happydance*
      are yaar why u need surprise wen ur hubby already agreeing to pay for ur gift.. *woot* mine to faints that very moment or he starts eating my head to go home n cook for him especially wen i say “that this is wt i need honey”.. *headbang* *headbang*
      n late surprises r nothing more than bomb attacks .. coz by that time i usually start eyeing another stuff while he is sticked to my past obsession.. *hunterwali* *hunterwali*
      u r lucky gal if ur hubby agrees to ur wishes blindly telling u.. *jai ho* *jai ho*

      1. But i love surprises *cry* he gave me surprise is only once, on our 1 st anniversary at the time i entered car, there was a minni doll, roses, small aquarium and chocolates *happydance* thats the only surprise, ofcourse our married life is just 1 nd half year.

        1. aww hw sweet.. N my hubby didnt do it initially for i ws heavily preganant by my first anniv even.. *secret* *shy* n he ws like u take rest n better sleep, surprises r just nt for u.. *headbang* *headbang n my first two b’day after weddings were just as usual tuesdays ab muh mat khulao… he will come anytime within an hr here n i may start thrashing him for these past incidents.. lol *hihi* *hihi*
          So u just wait n watch u will be surprised to see hw ur hubby brings u box full of surprises by ur second anniversary or so on.. *haan ji*

  7. Love this red too! It looks really good on you. *haan ji* What a nice surprise! You love reds, don’t you? 🙂

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