Giorgio Armani Si Perfume Oil Review

Perfumes are my best friends! You badly need them, mild or strong depending on the situation to create that very first impression. Shopping for perfumes is the most confusing time of my life, I want to pick everything I smell. If I ever were a thief, I am sure I would be a perfume store thief. 😛 Jokes apart, I prefer quality perfumes from good brands, reason being they last long and have minimal side effects on my skin. A bottle lasts very long for me, my favorites being Gucci Guilty and Miyabi Annayake. I had not changed my perfumes for a long time and last year when Sì was released and at a local store they handed me a ribbon, it struck my heart. I always wanted to buy it and when Bhargavi wrote a review about the perfume, I sooo badly wanted it. But I always gave it a skip for I felt I won’t be able to use it fully or it seemed too costly.

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So as my perfume ended his loyal service, I was looking out to buy Issey Miyake Pleats Please Eau De Toilette ( Jomol’s favorite), and wanted to try it so badly after reading the top 10 perfumes must haves on IMBB, and it was pocket friendly! Unfortunately or rather fortunately, I didn’t find it and that is when I came across Sì throwing the looks “We meet again” while I was fiddling around. The lady at the shop introduced me to Sì Perfume Oil, the new range launched by Giorgio Armani. I went weak on my knees, but I gave it a skip due to the price as I didn’t want to indulge a lot in a perfume oil. I kept on smelling my hand and irritating my husband by talking just about Sì and its smell.

That very evening, I was in for a surprise from my hubby! There on the table was a blush pink box waiting for me and that is how I got my hands on Sì Perfume Oil! And as an introductory gift, I got a travel mirror in an elegant pouch too. So here I am broadcasting about the perfume oil to the entire world. 🙂

Product Description:
Sì Oil by Giorgio Armani. Inspired by the perfumed oils of ancient Egypt, SÌ oil is a concentrated and long-lasting fragrance that creates a rare and luxurious ritual for the senses.
Sì perfume is now available in the form of a dry oil for long-lasting fun. Elegant and comfortable, Sì Huile de Parfum is an alcohol-free dry oil, gentle on the skin and a new gesture in perfumery.

Sì, an ode to modern women, a confident woman ‘yes’ dares to say to her emotions and her deSìres. A modern interpretation of the chypre, with its fruity top notes, floral middle note and woody base note. Sì, the courage to say yes to life and liberty.

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€101 for 30ml

My Experience with Giorgio Armani Si Perfume Oil:

Giorgio Armani Si Perfume Oil Review8

This is one of the most indulgent fragrances I have come across. The packaging is good! It comes in a light blush pink box. The product is light yellow colored and comes in a thick brown glass with a black pipette. The pipette is just perfect, it doesn’t spill out the oil unnecessarily. The fragrance is very similar to Sì Intense (blackcurrant rose, freesia, vanilla, patchouli, amber and creamy woods) and is sweet and intense.

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I was astonished when the lady over the counter told me that this 30ml bottle would go for almost a year as you need just 2-3 drops to smell fabulous. I didn’t believe her and left the store with around 6 drops applied for testing behind the ear, little over my hair ends, on fist and wrist. After 5-10 minutes, I smelled divine and as the wind blew, it kept getting stronger and stronger and smelled more like I was dipped in a tub of perfume. I was even complimented by a couple for the smell and they did ask me what I had applied. 😀 They did also ask me if Indians apply sandalwood every day to smell divine. 😛 I was one proud lady!

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The advantage it has over the perfume is that the usage is not limited. You can add a drop to your bath tub and indulge yourself. Add to your favorite lotion to stir up the hotness. You can apply it on your hair without worrying about damage. The smell is sweet, warm, vanilla based floral, fruity and intense and this is the most perfect for a date night. In fact you can wear it anytime to smell fabulous. I promise, your husband will drool over you when you apply this. Mine did! 😀

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The staying power is absolutely remarkable. All you need is 2-3 drops applied behind your ear, behind your knees, wrist and near the nape, if needed on the hair ends. The perfume starts to fade away after 6 hours; by fade away I mean the intensity gets lowered, but the fragrance remains. I could feel it on my clothes and on myself even after a day. It lingers around mildly even after 24 hours. I was so addicted to the smell and it stuck around every place I sat and slept.

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So summing up,

Pros of Giorgio Armani Si Perfume Oil:

• Alcohol free and gentle on skin
• Long lasting
• One of a kind fragrance – sweet, feminine, divine and indulgent
• Several ways of application
• Doesn’t cause damage to the hair when applied and is not greasy
• Gets absorbed by the skin
• Lasts longer than the spray kind of perfume (is what I am told)
• 2-3 drops is enough for the magic to work
• Travel mirror gifted with the purchase

Cons of Giorgio Armani Si Perfume Oil:

• It is not launched everywhere but only in selected stores and online
• Pricey but definitely worth every cent!

Would I Recommend Giorgio Armani Si Perfume Oil?
So if you love the sweet intense fragrance, if you don’t mind being stopped by to compliment and ask what you are wearing, if you are tolerant to your husband or boyfriend trying to come a lot closer to you to sniff you, this is for you!

Would I Repurchase Giorgio Armani Si Perfume Oil?
Yes! This is my favorite going forward.

IMBB Rating:
6/5 😀

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  1. Deepika, my current fav is Lancome Miracle, you should check out that too! Love it! BTW, lovely review, and that mirror is so luxe!

  2. I cannot tell you how much I want to check out this range, the perfume and this oil after reading your review. I am very very choosy when it comes to perfumes and after reading your explanation, I would love to try this. Also I love how multipurpose it is.

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