Giovanni Tea-Tree Invigorating Shampoo Review

Giovanni Tea-Tree Invigorating Shampoo

Hola Beauties,

I shifted to sulphate-free shampoos about an year back and I first started off with the Body Shop Rain-forest range. It worked well But since then I have switched to many other shampoos because I never use the same shampoo continuously. So recently I got myself two shampoos one is this Giovanni tea-tree shampoo and the other is FE Sandalwood and Vetiver cleanser which has already been reviewed.

Giovanni is a US brand and I heard about it on Youtube first. This shampoo has no SLS or SLES and is free of paraben and dyes. Giovanni does not test on animals and the product is 100% vegetarian. And the moment I read this I was like I got to try this. 🙂

Giovanni Tea-Tree Invigorating  Shampoo


495 INR

What the product says:

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Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo features a blend of rosemary oil, thyme oil, nettle oil, chamomile oil, and tea tree oil which combine to soothe and revitalize your scalp. Vitamin E, trace minerals and soybean proteins help to nourish and revitalize skin cells. Contains no Laurel/Laureth Sulfates. Enriched with Certified Organic Botanicals. No animal by products. Cruelty free.
Giovanni Tea-Tree Invigorating  Shampoo


My experience with Giovanni Tea-Tree Invigorating Shampoo:

The shampoo is a clear liquid and the consistency is on the runny side. I usually mix my shampoo with 3parts water because it lathers well and not a lot of product is used. Since this shampoo contains peppermint and eucalyptus it has a very minty smell which I totally love right now. It is so refreshing and energizing in summers. Despite being a sulphate free shampoo, it lathers really well and does a very good job in clearing my scalp. The moment I apply this I do get a very cooling and tingling sensation on my scalp which feels awesome.
Giovanni Tea-Tree Invigorating Shampoo
I can still feel the cooling once I wash it off and my scalp is squeaky clean. I have used it after oiling and it did a decent job at it but a little more product needs to be used. It works like a clarifying shampoo for me. It also worked on my flakes and reduced them to some extent. The only downside for some might be that it can be a little drying on the hair. So it is good to follow it with a hydrating or moisturizing conditioner. I am using my Avalon Tea-tree mint conditioner with it and they both work very well together. I would be reviewing the conditioner too for you guys soon.
Giovanni Tea-Tree Invigorating Shampoo (3)
The packaging is simple and sturdy and it has a flip cap which opens and closes with ease. Overall I have no complains with this shampoo and it is definitely a must try product for those who like a shampoo that clears the scalp off all the gunk and residue.

Pros of Giovanni Tea-Tree Invigorating Shampoo:

• Has mint, eucalyptus and rosemary
• Gives a cooling sensation on scalp
• Cleanses well
• Smells refreshing
• No parabens
• No animal testing
• 100% vegetarian
Giovanni Tea-Tree Invigorating Shampoo ingredients


Cons of Giovanni Tea-Tree Invigorating Shampoo:

• Might be a little drying for some
• Availabilty
Giovanni Tea-Tree Invigorating Shampoo swatch
IMBB Rating:


Definitely worth a try. Highly recommend it.

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25 thoughts on “Giovanni Tea-Tree Invigorating Shampoo Review

  1. Jagriti, I love Giovanni shampoos too. Your review is so bang on. The tingling sensation, squeaky clea scalp and drying effect……all are so true! I liked the smooth as silk shampoo and conditioner more than this one especially because they are less drying.

    Also meaning to ask this from a long time, could anyone suggest a good clarifying shampoo for dry hair?

    1. *thankyou* tanvi.. I have bo 😀 ught the smooth as silk one too but this works as a clarifyng shampoo for me!

  2. No other shampoos have given me cooling effect until now *nababana* *nababana* wanna try this *happydance*

  3. I wanna try Giovanni… May be not this as I feel it might dry my hair out! *nababana*
    *thankyou* for the review Jagriti *puchhi* 🙂

    1. Vidhi u shud try the smooth as silk variant it will work great on u.. and this can be used as a clarifying shampoo once a week followed by a nice conditioner and welcome dear *puchhi*

    1. Divya i cant stay of it stops hairfall but it definitely does not cause it.. if the hairfall is to severe you must go to a dermatologist coz i had the same problem and had to take medicines for it. 🙂 *thankyou*

  4. I saw this at the H&Gcounter lastweek/…i m gogin to pick after my TBS rainforst shapoo is over.. *haan ji* *haan ji*
    thnks for the revu Jags..ihopeudont mind calling you shortly as jags 😉 😀

  5. Nice review Jagriti.. *jai ho*
    I think I saw this in Health n Glow stores. I wonder if it would suit my thin hair.

  6. Anyone still looking at this in 2016 and having concerns about dryness, here’s is what you can do after shampooing make sure your hair is damp take a small dot of coconut oil and apply it to your ends in rubbing or scrunching fashion. You can also just pat the top of your head with a little oil if you feel like it will get too dry

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