Make Your Own Emergency Survival Kit: Do It Yourself

Do you find all the things you need on the go in your handbag always? Do you get frustrated while searching for something in your big handbag? Do you miss few essential things while changing your bag? And do you feel you are ready for all emergencies all the time? For any of the question if your answer is no, then this is the time you need your own emergency kit. In west, the trend of using/keeping emergency kit is quite famous. You can see many sites selling emergency kits for women and they are priced at around $25 to $30. Most of the things we find inside these kits are the day to day thing we may need at any point of time in the day. Most of the items are already with us, but this kit helps us organize them and keeping them handy. So, I thought why not make a DIY emergency kit in place of buying one.

Emergency Survival Kit

I have added the entire essential items I need most of the time, I gathered them all and arranged them in a small, travel-sized pouch which can fit in my hand bag easily.


Emergency Survival Kit 2

Let’s go and see what all I included in my emergency kit:

Emergency Survival Kit 10

1. Sanitary napkin/tampons:  This is the most essential thing every girl should carry with her to save herself from embarrassments during emergencies.  I had the habit of keeping one always in my handbag, but sometimes when I used to change bag in a hurry, I used to miss it out.  It is always a good idea to keep at least 2 of these to be safe.

2. Hand/body moisturizer:  It is very irritating when your skin stretches in between an important discussion. In the AC environment, our skin tends to get dry and dry hands are very irksome for me. So, a small, travel-sized bottle of body lotion or a small hand/body cream is a must-have in every girl’s emergency kit.

Band Aid

3. Band-Aid: I have very thin skin and I get hurt very easily and those shoe bites, ugh! To tackle all this, we need a few Band-Aids  handy with us always.

4. Lip Balm:  This is a must have.  Without lip balms, we end up licking our lips which only worsens the situation.  Lip balm is a very important part of the kit.

5. Ear buds and cotton balls: To fix the makeup or to clean eyes and ear, these cotton buds always come handy. But while placing them in your emergency kit make sure to keep them in a box or small zip pouch. Otherwise, it can get ruined and you will see cotton parts everywhere in your emergency kit.

6. Face Wash:  Like lip balm, this is also a must have, especially if you have oily skin and you travel more. Always keep a small tube of your favorite face wash with you.

Facial Wipes

7. Wet and Dry Tissues:  For instant freshness and cleaning, they are very useful.

8. Hair bands/Hair clips: You left home with nicely styled open hair, but the heat and sweat outside makes it difficult to keep hair down. Searching for a hair clip in a big bag will take ages, so keep them in a small box or zip pouch and place inside your emergency kit.

9. Purse spray:  Some small perfume bottle or those free perfume samples you have with you, place them in your emergency kit too.  These will help you smell fresh for the whole day.

10. Safety pins:  That broken button you did not see at home or the small tear on your dress, safety pin is the quick fix for all of that.

Emergency Survival Kit 4

11. Toothpick:  How irritating it is when you have some food stuck in your teeth, but you can do nothing about it. Oral hygiene is important, so include this in your kit. In case you have a small tooth brush and toothpaste, add them in kit too, especially if you wear braces.

12. Pocket Mirror:  Very important for quick self-assessment. I recommend using one which has a convex mirror too, helps to get a closer look.

13. Mouthwash/Breath freshener:  You enjoyed your favorite sandwich with extra raw onion for lunch, but then you have a crucial meeting after that. Bad breath is such a turnoff. To stay prepared for such occasions, keep mouthwash/breath freshener spray or mints with you.

14. Nail cutter/nail filer: Guys will find it silly but for us broken nails bothers more than anything in this world. To get rid of this irritation, keep nail cutter/filer handy in your emergency kit.

Emergency Survival Kit 5

15. Tweezers: To fix that random hair on your perfectly shaped eyebrow and on your upper lip, keep a nice pair of tweezers handy, you never know when you need it.

16. Hand sanitizer: Again, a very important thing which we all should have with us always, especially for people like me who are obsessed with clean hands.

Emergency Survival Kit 8

Other than these basic things, you can add a few more things which you need frequently. Like some makeup, chewing gum, small hairbrush, some medicines/painkiller, cough drops, panty liners, extra pair of earrings (in case you forget to wear one), clear nail polish, etc.  Keep things which you can’t live without or need to find them immediately. Do not stuff lot of things and make it very heavy. It should be sized well so that it can fit in all your hand bags, big or small. Try putting travel-sized products to save space. Put things in separate zip lock, so that things don’t get lost inside.

That’s all, this is my emergency kit which keeps me ready throughout the day. You can also make your own, this will keep you well prepared, organized and tension free all day long, all this without spending big bucks on readymade emergency kit.

Hope you guys liked this DIY and will try it too. See you soon with some new product review, till then take care girls and stay prepared for all emergencies!!

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42 thoughts on “Make Your Own Emergency Survival Kit: Do It Yourself

  1. WOW! I’ve been thinking about buying an emergency kit for long.. Now I’ll just make my own! Thank you.. 🙂 But I need to get travel sized bottles first 😀
    Love this DIY!

  2. I always have such a kit in my handbag except that i don’t carry a nail file\cutter & tweezer.. will add them too 😀

  3. I think now days having pepper spray is more imp. than having sanitary napkins..:-(
    Luvd ur article and need 2 learn so mch 4m u..

    1. Pepper spray should be in the outside pouch of bag for easy excess I feel shilpi… 🙂 btw good that you pointed out.
      I recently attended a session on self defence …. Will share about it in details sometime here if possible
      Rati what you say??

  4. Great DIY..Swetha…
    I have partial OCD for organising…;-)…
    A few suggestion from my end. My job involves being outdoors almost everyday for meetings and so in addition to the things you have already listed… a few extras I carry some medication ..headaches, vicks cough drops, a comb, a miniature hair serum to tie down the loose strays of my hair( saviour)and miniature of a good sunblock….A carry a swiss knife too…
    These things are important..
    I would love to do a complete how to organise your purse DIY for a light weight purse instead of the black hole of all things possible…
    Just let me know if interested..

  5. I always have such a kit in my handbag except that i don’t carry a nail file\cutter & tweezer.. will add them too 😀

  6. hey great idea. while we do remember the usual stuff like makeup, safety pins etc other things like cotton buds (especially on flights for me) and hair clips are easily forgotten. Additionally I do carry a little pouch for medicines like the crocin, antacid etc..

  7. Very informative and neatly organized info.. Thanks for taking efforts and sharing with everyone..
    Every working woman needs this.. A safety PIN may be really trivial.. but without that.. it will cause lot of embarrassment if something fails..

    Very very Gud article.. Keep it up

  8. Very informative post,a must try for me at least as I always have to struggle to find things in my big big bag. *shy*

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