Givenchy Amarige Eau De Parfum Spray Review

Givenchy Amarige Eau De Parfum Spray

Amarige expresses the emotion of love at first sight. A romantic scent of grace, warmth, and fantasy for a spirited, confident, spontaneous woman. The Amarige bottle was inspired by a blouse once created by Hubert de Givenchy for his muse and style model, Bettina Graziella. A wide collar of gold—part-frosted, part-clear, part-opaline, part-flame—unveils the enchantment of the fragrance.


Neroli, Rosewood, Violet Leaves, Citrus Notes, Gardenia, Mimosa, Melon, Peach, Plum, Cashmereon Wood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla.


A romantic scent.


INR 3415/50 ml approx, it was a gift from sis.

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Givenchy Amarige Eau De Parfum Spray

Amarige Mariage is the scented emotion of the most beautiful day of life : the wedding day. Givenchy by turning the word ‘Amarige’ into its anagram, ‘Mariage’, created a perfume dedicated to this perfect day. The scent is a feminine bouquet with chypre oriental note of patchouli. A feminine floral bouquet is composed of magnolia, Egyptian jasmine and Ceylon cinnamon bark. A sensual oriental base has a rather sharp patchouli accord mixing it with sandalwood and warm balsamic resin.

Like you see I am in a serious perfume phase, the fact of the matter is that I own a lot of good perfumes from Bulgari, Ck which were all gifts from my sis, when ever she comes to meet us in India, but many of them are not my scents, so I use them and then ignore them forever, but now I must review some popular fragrances from brands I own, Givenchy is one such brand.

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Now like it says, it is totally a romantic floral scent and it is on the heavier side, I would say this is an evening wear. Looking at the color, I know what kind of a strong scent this would be and it is. It is a heavy cloudy scent for me, personally who is more fond of lighter crisp scents, this one is sweet and floral and on the heavier side.

I have never taken a risk of spraying this on the clothes, I spray on the folds of the body and then it lasts me for 3 hours, not much but initially it gets too much, its more like rose and vanilla mixed and I think sensitive users could get a headache.

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I think it is the perfect size to carry around, I like the delicate nice bottle it has and the cap too. It looks pretty and I loved it the first time I saw it in my di’s handbag and that is when she got me this too.I do carry it around for evenings but I dont like it fresh, I like it after an hour or so but honestly being an EDP too, this does not have a very good staying power.So this is not your scent if you want good staying power or may be I am too acidic for them to last 😛

So on a final note this is a warm romantic strong scent and I sense a lot of vanilla, cinnamon, woody and a little rose too in it. I am not happy with this in terms of staying power and this is not my scent either.

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