Givenchy Blush Memoire Rose Delicat Review, Swatch, FOTD


Claims : Blush Memoire de Forme transforms on application and adheres the skin surface for a smoothing and refreshing effect.

Price : £26.00 / Rs 2600 approx

My Experience with Givenchy Blush Memoire Rose Delicat No 2

I picked up quite a lot of stuff from Givenchy. It is an amazing brand. Comes up with the most exciting packaging and some of the most interesting products. I picked up this blush from Givenchy. It’s almost like a watery gel blush. If you press your finger on top of the blush, it has that little bounce. Super fun and interesting.

Rose Delicat no 2 is a gorgeous reddish pink color with golden micro shimmer to it. The shimmer is so fine that it does not translate as such on the skin.

The blush comes packaged in a lovely transparent square pot.There is a black screw cap. And there is also a black lid to keep the blush from spilling. Simple packaging but nice and effective.

It is a sheer blush. I have to go over it a couple of times to really make the color show. But still no blush looks as natural and close to skin as this does. No matter how much you build it up, it settles to that natural within-glow kind of a look on the skin. That lovely winter glow that you get when you skin gets flushed a little. It gives that kind of look to the skin. On lighter/ paler skin tones this color would show up much better I feel.

I mostly use it with finger tips. Blending it away and building it up as I go along. But you can also use it with a duo fibre brush.

I love how it feels on your skin. As if you are patting your cheeks with wet fingers so you get that refreshing feel of finger tips on your skin. It’s almost like giving a little pampering to your skin.

The staying power is incredible. It stays on for more than 8 hours.And if you apply any powder blush as well on top of it, it totally ends the staying power of your blush. No touch ups required.

I absolutely love it. I have started using it mostly under my regular blushes and on its own on no-makeup days. I love the effect and life it adds to my skin.

I just wish it were not this sheer and  had to put a little less effort at making the color show on my skin.

Worth giving it a try for sure! 🙂

Rating : 4.5/5


givenchy blush memoire rose delicat review, swatch givenchy-blush-memoire-rose-delicat givenchy-blush-memoire-rose-delicat-swatch-1 givenchy-blush-review Swatch :givenchy blush memoire rose delicat swatch

A little grumpy fotd. 😛

givenchy blush memoire rose delicat fotd

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  1. You look so cute Rati. :-* I love using blushes, they just instantly lift the face, and even one’s day. I have never used a consistency like this, seems great.

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