Givenchy Very Irresistible Electric Rose EDT Review

Givenchy Very Irresistible Electric Rose

Hi Dolls,

So one of my uncle’s recently flew down from New Jersey and got me a pretty little surprise as usual. It is one of my all time favorite EDTs, probably also one of my first perfumes that I had got when I was growing up. It is called the Very Irresistible Givenchy Electric Rose and here is my review about it.


This product is a part of the original Givenchy fragrance which came out in 2003. This range has other fragrances available but for me by far this is the best of the lot. The Electric Rose came out in 2012, which was inspired by the rock and roll movement. If you happen to have the time then I suggest go through the beautiful advertisement online which featured Liv Tyler in it. It has seduction, passion and of course the gorgeous Liv Tyler in it. The ad also had her first signing debut as well.


The packaging is very pretty, very fresh and very rock and roll. It had the usual rose tattoo which is silver embossed on the box and the box itself is white in color. I have the 75 ml EDT bottle. The bottle itself is tall and a little curved and white in color. The product has lemon, basil, lemon verbena and blueberry as top notes. For middle notes it has anise, rose and violet. Finally for base notes it has mush and cedar wood.


If you take a “whiff” of the product you get the smell of beautiful roses, blueberries and fresh lemons very refreshing and citrusy indeed. The combination of the roses and the lemon is fabulous; it is very feminine and sweet. Something can you wear to a luncheon or even to work. All the notes are very soft and gentle nothing to sharp or distinct, I hate sharp notes. After a while the musk takes over and the fragrance reaches a whole new dimension. And right at the end it goes very green because of the anise.


It is very floral, very crisp and very light. It is very calm and soothing. I love the fact it has mixed all my favorite flavors in it like rose, lemon and blueberries. The blueberries are very soft and light while the rose, lemon and basil are more prominent. It gives you a very summery and warm feeling. I do not sense the whole rock and roll in the perfume at all. Like I said it is very young, feminine and girly and there is nothing electric about the product at all. I still keep wishing they would make an EDP of the same product.
The only concern of mine with this perfume is the staying power. It really did not last very long a little more than 4 hours but then again it is an EDT. I love Givenchy and I bought all their perfumes and given the fact that they are quite expensive they really should work on its silage. Another important factor is that it is not at all potent you at least have to spray it a few times and that leads to waste of product. The rose and lemon is very prominent at first and that can also be an issue with people who do not like roses and then the smell disappears, which is sad. It is very similar to the first Very Irresistible but minus the staying power.

Pros of Givenchy Very Irresistible Electric Rose EDT

The packaging is gorgeous.
Floral and feminine smell.
Very pleasant and natural smelling.
All the notes are fresh.
Perfect for a summer day out.

Cons of Givenchy Very Irresistible Electric Rose EDT

Silage is very bad.
Not at all potent.


IMBB Rating:


The smell is very refreshing and beautiful but I doubt I will buy the product again simply because this is my second bottle and I want to try out other products by Givenchy.

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