Glitter Lashes Eye Makeup Tutorial

Glitter Lashes Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

Glitter Lashes Eye Makeup Tutorial

This makeup look is so simple to create but can drastically add so much glitz and glam to the eyes. This was a product of sheer experimentation. So, let’s get right into it.

Products Used:



  • Faces Canada Sparkles Glitter Stack.
  • Lakme Insta Eyeliner.
  • Estee Lauder Kajal Pencil.
  • Estee Lauder Projectionist Mascara.
  • Faces Sparkle Dust in Rainbow (only 2 colors from this stack – Purple, Pink).

Start by prepping your eyes with some primer/concealer, etc.

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Apply black kohl all over the eyelid up till the crease area.


Blend it out with a brush and keep adding black kohl till you are satisfied with the depth of the colour.


Take some purple colour on a flat brush and pat it on over the black nut only near to the crease. Blend it out for a smoother transition.


I wanted to make the crease and outer V a bit more darker, so I added some more black with whatever was left on the brush I had used earlier to blend out the black kohl.


I then added some pink colour above the crease to further blend out the purple colour and also took that pink colour on the lower lash line.


I then added some black liquid liner on the lower lash line and extended it up above to mark out the extent of the cat-eye liner that I wanted.


I then completed applying the eye liner. I wanted an exaggerated winged-eye and that’s what I tried to aim at.


Now, comes the absolute fun part! I applied a very heavy coat of mascara and then working very quickly, patted my index and thumb finger over some purple glitter, & “pinched” my lashes with these 2 fingers, so that the glitter would coat the still wet mascara on the lashes. I “pinched” the entire length and breadth of my lashes in an effort to coat all lashes with as much as glitter as possible.


Brush away the glitter fall out and that’s it! Done!


It’s a look I completely love! I cannot wait to try it with all colours of glitter that I have. It is subtle yet impactful. It looks really pretty off camera especially. Its only when I blink that it is noticeable that there is glitter on the lashes. Otherwise the lashes just appear thick and long.


I was worried about the fallout throughout the day but I had it on for nearly 6 hours and counting, and the fallout is minimal, negligible even. Thank God!

I hope you all liked this look & do try it out and enjoy it!

Happy Makeuping!

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70 thoughts on “Glitter Lashes Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. it looks very pretty, but what if the glitter goes into the eyes? shut people wearing lenses try this?

    1. Thank u! 🙂 This particular glitter did not get into my eyes but since I have no idea about contact lenses I’d be unable to suggest anything regarding that. Better be safe than sorry 🙂

    1. Thanks Blossom 🙂
      & like I said above, since I have no experience at all with contact lenses I just can’t clarify that, sorry 🙁

  2. hawwwwwwwww…….o.m.g nafisa……you wont believe i have just did this sort of thing with my glitter stack 😛 😛
    i have just added glitter into a transparent mascara….i put on a black water proof macara on first and then add a coat of this glitter one….it looks soooo cool and crazy 😛

    and your eyes are looking beautiful as always 🙂 🙂

      1. Goood morning have you been? I feel like I am coming here after such a long time..and talking to you after even longerrrrrrr time….

          1. Kimi…did you see satyameva jayate….I missed it this sunday, next sunday’s would be about kids it seems….

            1. I saw it Jomol..and cried bucket loads….such simple, touching and powerful show it can watch it on youtube na..they’ve uploaded the video on their official youtube channel….

              1. oh haan….I can watch it on youtube….but I certainly won’t miss this Sunday’s episode……they are showing it on all regional channels and dd too 😐 😐

                1. yappp.. 😀 😀 😀 Mass coverage…I read it on news somewhere that in a decade, for the first time DD is getting so many views he he he!! 😛 😛 Seems like the definition of “Prime time” is gonna change soon!! 😛

                  1. he he….but I love watching DD. You know many of the government rules that we are unaware of are advertised there. So many policies and regulations of the government we would never get to know through newspapers or other channels 🙂

                    1. I missed the show because I really don’t like Aamir khan that much….I feel he is very gimmicky….but then everybody is talking about how good the show is, so no point in missing 🙂

                    2. Even I am not a very big fan of his..and I also didn’t want to watch it..but hubby called me and insisted me to sit with him and watch..and boy-o-boy..I was won’t believe, we didn’t even change channels during the commercials..we just sat and waited for the show to come after each break!! 😛

                    3. he he…..good that you watched. You know my friend scolded me for not watching the show and I was like I don’t want to watch because it might be gimmicky because of Aamir khan and I had to listen an earful..khikhi. She said some sms campaign is also included, I said it might for commercial purpose and she gave me killer looks! If I don’t watch next episode, she will rip me apart …ha ha

                    4. Jomol..I must insist you watch the first episode on youtube..before you decide to watch the coming Sunday’s one…Like seriously!! 🙂

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