Glossier Universal Skin Salve Balm Dotcom Review

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I hauled a bunch of products from the brand “Glossier,” which has been getting a lot of hype, mainly because the creator of the brand herself runs a beauty blog, which makes her one of us, hence able to understand the needs of the everyday girl and hence her brand is all about the perfectly imperfect skin look. It focuses on enhancing healthy skin look instead of covering it up. This review will be one of the most popular item from the brand – it’s the Balm dotcom (how cute is this name!) – an all-in-1 skin salve.

Glossier Universal Skin Salve Balm Dotcom

Product Description:
A hydrating, long-lasting, do-everything skin salve that’s packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to nourish and repair dry, irritated skin. The dense, waxy texture stays in place to seal in moisture wherever it goes. So good you’ll want one for your bag, one for your other bag, and one for your medicine cabinet.
$12 for .5fl oz/15 ml.

Glossier Universal Skin Salve Balm Dotcom details

My Experience with Glossier Universal Skin Salve Balm Dotcom:

Packaging:  I do love the light pink color palette that is consistent through all the products from this brand. This product comes in a tiny squeeze tube, reminiscent of a toothpaste tube. The size of it makes it extremely portable and travel friendly.

Glossier Universal Skin Salve Balm Dotcom cap

Texture:  This product has a thick, waxy consistency, hence the squeeze tube dispensing works the best as you can easily control the amount you take out, plus it is much more hygienic than dipping your fingers in a tub. The texture is very much like Vaseline (which is not surprising since it does contain petroleum jelly along with a lot of skin-loving ingredients like castor seed oil, beeswax, etc), but unlike Vaseline which stays thick and heavy, this product thins downs and melts a little when it comes into contact with body heat. It is easy to spread and does not stay goope-y when applying.

Glossier Universal Skin Salve Balm Dotcom swatch

Usage:  This is a universal skin salve and it is recommended to use it anywhere you feel dryness, so basically on your skin, cuticles and lips. Due to its heavy waxy texture, I never use it on my skin for the fear of it clogging my pores and while I can use it on my cuticles, it does leave my hands a bit greasy, so it’s best to apply it overnight. It does leave my cuticles feeling moisturized and soothes and softens any chipping. I, however, adore it as a lip treatment. Though on certain occasions, I do feel like I am using nothing more than over-priced Vaseline, but hey, who am I to complain if it works! It does a better job and absorbs better than plain Vaseline when applied as an overnight treatment. It relives my chapped lips and softens them overnight. I see vast improvement in the state of lips in the morning whenever I use this hence I see this becoming a staple item for me in the winters. It does have a slight glossy look if you apply a thick layer, but I usually apply some and dab the excess. It works great to top over drying lip liners which might provide you some color underneath this clear product. It does not make my lip product bleed or smear. I have also used this on a mild burns that I got while cooking and it helped soothe the burning sensation and helped it heal faster. This product does feel slippery but it does not feel sticky.

Glossier Universal Skin Salve Balm Dotcom lip swatch

Overall, I love this product as a lip treatment. It is highly effective and a little goes a long way, so the tube is sure to last you a long time even though it looks super tiny. I see myself using this a lot in the wintertime and will absolutely recommend this.

Pros of Glossier Universal Skin Salve Balm Dotcom:

  • Multitasking skin salve.
  • Wonderful lip treatment.
  • Makes lips pillow soft and smooth.
  • Helps sooth mild burns.
  • Travel-friendly and portable tube.
  • Hygienic.
  • Fragrance free.

Cons of Glossier Universal Skin Salve Balm Dotcom:

  • If you are on a budget or simply cannot lay your hands on this, plain Vaseline works just as well which makes you wonder if it is just your mind playing tricks on you and convincing you that you need to have this!! 😛

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