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Hi everyone,
I have very fair super oily skin which is acne prone, I have been having acne since last 9-10 years, ya very long time. They come and go and sometimes they worsen and this was the situation 2 months back. I had to consult a dermatologist and by god’s grace my acne has subsided in a month’s time . I am left with ugly red scars at the moment. My derma is sugeesting to go for glycolic peels, she even says they are good for the existing acne. My question is :
Are glycolic peels safe? and
I may see immediate results but will it affect my skin quality in the long run?
Request you to help me.


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  1. I’d done glycolic peels for my extreme tanning before my marriage. Its safe enough based on what % of glcolic acid is being administered. Suggest you see a really good dermatologist.
    The prblems associated with peel is that no sun-exposure for 48hrs [hard if ure a working woman lik me!] , no chemicals on face and regular usage of suggested cream.
    I missed the “sun-exposure” thing with the effect that i turned 2 shades darker than what i already was.. 😥 😥 😥 😥 Otehr than this, i have not had any reactions and I have not heard of glycolic peels being tooo dangerous.
    But make sure, uve everythin set in place b4 u go for this. Suggest you also do a research online for your own confidenc.

  2. Hi,I do not have any experience with a glycolic peel but went for a cosmo peel at kaya skin clinic before my wedding.It was a part of the bridal package and they said it would peel off the upper dirty layer of ur skin which is caused by tanning and pollution and revive the real glow.The doc said that the peeling would stop in 3 days time or at the max 5 days.But my skin continued to peel for a whole two weeks and there were just 2days left for my wedding and my skin was still peeling.I was horrified and rushed to the doc but he kept on tellin me that it would stop but it never did.I then went to a reputed salon for a normal facial just before my d-day and thank god that stopped my peeling.I will never go for any peels in my life..

    1. awwww i wud hv been horrified if it happened wid me tht way :tremble: :tremble: :tremble:
      i was always curious abt these peels. now i should stay away completely 😐 😐 😐

      1. Oh no!! i am so sorry to hear what you had to go through, Preetha. I can’t imagine how tensed you might have been :tremble: glad that the salon was able to help more.

          1. It was a bridal package Praseena.. 1.Microdermabrasion 2.Cosmo peel 3.Meso glow..all put together was for Rs.6000.I think the comso peel costs 2200

    2. Madam its not that Peels are bad, actually ur Doctor was who had no clue tht some peels are self restricting while some stay active for many days. So they have to b neutralised in time as per the requirement. I hope u got d point.

  3. Hi, I have no idea about the glycolic peel, but just few days back went for a cosmo peel at kaya skin clinic. Yes the peeling continues for a good two weeks, but now i can see the difference, the result is i am quite impressed. I have taken there package of 3 cosmo peel and 3 meso glow for my hyper pigmentation. You should go for the glycolic peel but you need a good skin practitioner. If you like you can always go to kaya.

  4. devilgal :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: sorry i lykd it so vry much ur name i m talking about…cming to d point ys i did had sm 3 session of Glycolic peels and my pigmentation marks subsi thn bt nt cmpltly gone reason is they cm n go Hormonal problem 🙁 :scream: :scream: :scream: tis is a fact no sun xposure aftr tis treatment at least fr 48hrs and no soap n othr thing on face….a gud derma sud do it as the % smtym cud b dangerous if nt knwn proper treatment…..nt frequent to try tis cud be harmful as it cud mk ur skin senstive :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

  5. Hey I have taken about 5 peeling sessions for acute acne…its extremly helpful but would suggest dont get it done from saloons like :nababana: vlcc,body care etc i would suggest get is done from a proficinet dermatologist!! :mirror:
    If u r staying in Delhi lemme know i will advice u few docs :makeup:

    1. I am going through a really bad skin phase :headbang: :headbang:
      almost being 2months into this Bad bad breakouts…as soon as one disappears it leaves a scar as a reminder of its existence 🙁 🙁
      :chewnails :chewnails I am awfully scared… tried couple of Dermats :methinks:
      May I know how much a treatment would cost in Kaya..

      1. hi gp are in the range of 3500 bux and are really good if done by a trained derma. i have one every 4 months at kaya and the results are really encouraging.

    2. thanks for the support extended prachi but i dont stay in delhi… :nono: :nono: n i am still apprehensive about this procedure, may be i will wait for a coiple of months more, if the marks still persist then wud opt for these.

      1. Hi Prachi
        i am new to the city
        and would like to know of good dermas here
        i have already been to a couple of them but i am afraid they were more interested in making money

  6. yups my dermat also suggestd me peeling to get rid of the marks n get an even skin tone … I suggest getting your peeling done from a reputed dermat or cosmetologist rather then gettin it done from salons … :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

    also the important thing is the amount of glycolic acid that is administered… I was suggestd a low dosage since i dont have too many pimples …

  7. I had taken 4 sessions of glycolic Peel from kaya before my wedding. I was quite impressed with the results.
    Everybody else noticed too. So it worked for me.

  8. If you have hyperpigmentation and acne marks that do not go away with medication, please don’t go for it. As devilgal and preetha said, that it is risky. If you have the slightest bit of sun exposure, everything will work in reverse and you will end up with disappointment. I suggest if you are able to take time off and stay indoors after the procedure, only then you go ahead O:)

  9. Thank you all so much for ur advise, i mentioned in my query that my dermatalogist is suggesting it not by cosmetologist :tongue: …..I am under the treatment of one of the best docs in town. I think I shall wait for a few months and try with topical medicines, if still the marks persist, I shall go for these peels…..but thanks again everyone :thanks: :thanks:

  10. glycolic peels are said to be the safest among all chemical peels available as they only remove the upper layer of skin. however even this mildest peel uses acids which may cause skin damage(scarring,irritation even discolouration) and the results definitely vary from person to person. O:)

  11. Kaya has very mixed reviews. Unfortunately, I too am a part of their statistics which had very bad after effects of a peel. May be it was the sun exposure, but then they should have warned me “no sun exposure” in caps. Just goes to prove that it is just another salon. Only get it done from a certified and experienced dermatologist. Good luck

  12. hi I got daimond peeling done to lighten my skin n remove my tan. Trust me it helped me. I never thought i can actually acheive the shade i have now even tho yes i agree with the gals above that u get more darker than u were b4. But u can change that but CANNOT avoid it. Trust me i tried.

    U have to MAINTAIN, SPEND MONEY, MAINTAIN heheh.. its expensive but its worth it. Never go near windows also, never go near kitchen.. ya cooking can tan u easily. u need to use gud natural cleanser, then u can use lightening creams lik ponds flawless white range to keep the GLOW in.. im not asking u to lighten ur skin but all these so called lightening creams wil only give u that glow we r looking for and also that it will remove the blemish spots n tan which you can get after lightly sun exposed or heat exposed. U have to roam with sunscreen all the time even indoors. use fruit masks lik orange and honey mixture. never use lemon. apple n honey masks. u knw thse will help u whne u go darker after weeks after u finished peeling..

    ya u need to do facial at salon to get that peeled skin off of ur face. also never try to peel it off tho its very tempting . man mine got scarred whn i tried. long story :scream: gud luck. but i guarantee u that u will live with amazing spot free skin atleast for a year with less maintenance and if u have oily skin lik mine. u will not get any whiteheads or blackheads or any bumps .. ur foundations goes smoothly too.. nice na? just be cautious n warned. have a safe peeling sessions.. gud luck dear…

  13. hey! i wanna know during cosmo peeling..when skin actually peels.. how does out skin look… like does it look yuck! i mean do i have to take leave from office or no??

  14. Hi i have high pigmented patchs on my both cheek bone area since a long forehead looks so mature.i have uneven should i go for cosmo peeling.which i am planning to go.

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