GM Diet – The Review

by Moomal P.

Hello All,

Today I am going to do a review of a different kind. We generally review cosmetics and products on IMBB but today I will review a diet. In today’s world fitness is very important but to achieve it has become an issue. We try to go the easy way that is diet. Different kinds of diets are there but the most popular is the GM diet by General Motors. It is popular because it’s a vegetarian diet and can be said that it is the most followed diet by Indians.


I am overweight that I know 🙁 and my husband is a fitness freak. He always motivates me to live a fit and healthy life and not to get diseases that mainly happen due to weight. In order to achieve my target of losing weight I started the GM diet along with some exercise. We all know what to eat and follow in this diet but I would like to share what I followed (being a working women and having no time for extra stuff).

My take on GM Diet:

First day: As it was all fruits day I brought them the previous day. The fruits which can only be taken by cutting (like water melon) I preferred to eat at home. The fruits which can be directly consumed I took in my bag to office. I had 2 oranges for lunch and 2 apples in the evening. Please avoid banana, grapes, litchi and mangoes.

I decided not to weigh myself before starting the diet. First day I managed this diet as I like fruits and they are sweet too 😛 . Yes there were times when I felt hungry but by thinking of the weight loss I managed.


Second day: As it was an all veggie day I was very afraid as I don’t like veggies that much and thinking of eating them raw gave me nightmares. So I decided to go for the ones I liked a little bit. The best way to manage it while working at an office was to carry salad in a huge box for the whole day. I cut carrots (4), cucumbers (3), tomatoes (4) and with some lime and ate this salad for the whole day. Believe me it was the greatest challenge in the whole 7 days.


Third day: This day gave me relief as again I can eat fruits now with veggies. I mostly ate fruits with and a salad for lunch only. Same as the first and second day for fruit I took apples and oranges.

Fourth day: As per the diet we can have 6 bananas plus 4 glasses of milk. I made a banana shake which was easy to carry to office in a bottle. As you know banana shake is very filling and I was taking sips of it throughout the whole day. The main problem was at night I was hungry. So I made a diluted soup with garlic, tomatoes, onions and capsicum and had that as my dinner. Seriously this soup saved my day.


Fifth day: This was a better day then previous days as the option to eat were broadened. What I did was soaked some sprouts the previous day and by adding onions and tomatoes I made myself a sprout chat. Also I bought some paneer and made paneer tikka’s (just by putting paneer, tomato, onion and capsicum). Really after eating fruits and veggies for long this was a treat for me.

Sixth day: This day was soup day. As I mentioned on the fourth day, I prepared the same soup for all meals except tomatoes, as tomatoes are a big no no on this day. I also tried carrots as snacks in between along with cucumbers.


Seventh day: The last day was awesome as I had brown rice with sprouts along with soups of the sixth day. Also I had a glass of juice. You will feel so much light and happy both as you have reduced weight and as it will be your last day.

I finally weighed my self and yuppie I lost 5 kgs 🙂 . I was so happy.


Important points:

  1. Drink at least 14 glasses of water every day and increase this intake after the forth day.
  2. I did skipping (500) everyday along with this diet.

Pros of GM Diet:

  • You will loose weight.
  • It’s an all veggie diet, so easy to do (for vegetarians).
  • Your body detoxifies.
  • You feel lighter and happy.

Cons of GM Diet:

  • I felt a little headache on the second and third day.
  • Dehydration might happen to those who didn’t follow the water rule (14 glasses).
  • These cons can be overcome if you eat right and drink water. GM Diet can be followed only after a gap of 15 days from one round.

Would I recommend GM Diet?

Yes for sure.

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24 thoughts on “GM Diet – The Review

  1. Great review!
    I, too, tried the GM diet and lost 4 kgs by the end of it. You must know that whatever you lose is actually water weight and not fat loss. If you don’t continue following a healthy routine, all that will come back. My weight remained stagnant since I stopped the GM diet and no matter how much I would diet and workout. But it is helpful if you continue following your routine of diet and exercise!
    Hope I was of help sharing this info 🙂

    1. Hi Shamail,

      Actually I realised that after doing this diet you realize the importance of good eating … how you can eat protein fruits and salads the whole day. You start loving that and the weight you are losing. That is how I motivated myself to get along after this diet.

  2. wow!!! that’s one very tough diet. i heve never been able to do these kind of diets so i kinda was very slow with my weightloss. but kudos to your motivation and OMG! 5 kgs sound like a dream. hard work does pay off. thanks for sharing though. it does sound awesome. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Rati.. 🙂 I initially felt I wont be able to do this but seriously after 2 days it is very simple and there were no sign of weakness for me. After this you realize the importance of one chapati 😉

  3. hey I also started this diet but caved in on the third day. i had momos 😛
    but my irthday is coming up next weekend. i so want to try this diet again. will i be able to do it this time? 🙁

  4. That was really inspiring Moomal! 🙂 Really, congratulations to you for following it for the full week. It may be useful just before some occasion. It can be done one week per month, isn’t it?

    1. Hi Bhawana,
      The gap to be taken in between GM diet is different on different types websites; some say 3-4 days is enough, some say atleast 15 days gap should be there.
      I too followed this diet for almost 2 months taking gap of 3 days in between and i was completely fine. There was no weakness or anything.
      But again, everyone os different so is their bodies. So do it the way you feel comfortable.
      But after diet you have eat healthy, otherwise you will again gain weight.
      Btw i lost almost 20 kgs and I’m feeling awesome ☺️☺️

  5. Hii dear can plz sent the chart of gm diet becz I’ll check many sites bt on every site there is a diff chart I mean 1 nd 2 second day diet was same bt other r different so I’m little bit confused

  6. Hey congratz but i personally not in favour of this diet plan. Bcoz this diet plan ia only for 6 days but whats after that. According to me to reduce weight follow a healthy diet which u can contine for a longer peroid and reduce ur weight in a healthy way 😊😊

  7. With this diet l would have a cup of tea with 2 biscuits in the morning during this 7 day diet.. Pls let me know Mam?bcz my headache is very normal…I wanna follow this…my weight increasing day by day and I can’t help it .please help me and let mention..

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