Go-To Healthy Skincare Routine for Oily, Sensitive Skin

Skin Type: Oily & sensitive

Hi ladies,

I have been planning for this post since a long time and finally I am going to share my healthy-skin routine with you. As a student I can’t follow exact healthy lifestyle, I need to study at night and the effect shows on my skin. So I always manage time to pamper my skin and I never skip them.

skincare routine

Before starting my skin care routine I want to share my ‘confusing’ skin type. Basically I have oily & sensitive skin but sometime my skin feel dry. Eventually I also get pimples so I need to take care of all of these problems. I am following this routine since 2-3months now and the result shows on my skin nicely. So now I can call it my got-to skin care routine. I generally don’t change my skin care products that much. I am totally happy with my skin now. Read on for the details.



Cleansing is the most important in a healthy routine. I always prefer a neem face wash for night time cleansing and a fresh brightening face wash for day. That’s why I am using Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Neem Face Wash as a night cleanser and Kaya Skin Brightening Face Wash for day time. Kaya face wash also contains scrubbing particles in it and it makes skin bright and soft. Both the face wash keep my skin clear and fresh for long and they are nice to control the oil as well.


face scrub

I have sensitive, acne prone skin so I prefer using mild scrub for my skin and that’s why I love using Clean & Clear Blackheads Clearing Scrub. It is very gentle for skin and is a nice option for oily skin. It is very effective to clear blackheads. I also like L’Oreal Paris Go 360 Degree Cleansing Scrub. It helps to remove all dead skin cells effectively and it also controls pimples. I love the scrublet with this, it deeply cleans my face.


I am not a toner person; I mostly prefer DIY toner rather than market available one, only because most of the toners contain alcohol. But currently I am using Beauty Formulas Face Visage Refreshing Tonic. It suits me nicely. I like this mild fresh toner which cleans my face without makes it oily.

face toner

Face Mist:

I have no particular time for face mist. If I am at home, I like to spray some mist every two hours. Currently I am addicted with Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water Mist. I think it is the best rose mist available in Indian market. It is so gentle for my skin that keeps skin healthy and fresh.

Day Cream:

face cream

I generally experiment with my moisturizers that much. Last few months I am continuously using this Kaya Skin Clinic Intense Clarity System kit. It has a Pigmentation Reducing Complex correcting cream that actually helps to reduce my spot and even out my skin tone. And it also has a nourishing Day cream which has a lightweight formula and it keeps my skin super soft and smooth without making it oily. The combination makes my skin healthy and glowing. This is really a nice kit for oily skin.


I always prefer light weight serum and this Votre Face Serum makes skin smooth and the following morning I weak up with a fresh skin.

face serum cream

Night cream:

I often skip using night cream on my super oily skin. Actually most of the night creams feel little heavy expect the Kama Ayurveda Night Cream, but currently I finished my old one, so I am trying to be happy with this L’Oreal Youth Code Night cream. Actually it works well when I need extra moisturisation. In this season, it makes my skin extremely soft and moisturized and every morning I wake up with a new polished skin.

Acne gel:

acne gel

My skin sometime breaks very badly and then I prefer to use this FaceClin acne gel and it really helps to reduce my pimples. I mostly use it as an overnight gel on my pimples. This is a medicated gel so it doesn’t have any side effects too.

Face pack:

face mask

This is a must needed step in my skin care routine and you girls already know that how much I am addicted to DIY packs. They works best on me but currently I am extremely busy and cannot find time for a DIY pack so I prefer to apply Aroma Magic Brightening Beauty Pack as a glow pack and Beauty Formulas Activated Charcoal Clay Mask as a deep cleansing mask. Also during those days of month and when I have pimples on face, I really like this amazing Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask. It works amazingly on pimples. Oily skinned people should try this mask.

Eye cream:

eye cream

I never skip my eye cream, because this is the thing which I need badly for my tired eyes. I mostly sleep so late at night and I do work and study in front of computer for a long time in the day. Because of these I always pamper my eyes with these two eye cream. One is Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel that I apply at night. This keeps my eye area soft and healthy. And other one is L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Magic Eye Cream. This is an oil free eye cream that makes my eye area instantly bright and fresh. It is good one for day time. Beside these two products I love to use my DIY eye masks.

Lip Balm:

lip balm

I feel guilty to be a huge lip balm hoarder, and it is really difficult to choose any particular favorite. But at home I mostly use colorless or natural lip balm that keeps lips soft and smooth. I like Maybelline Baby Lips, Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry Lip Balm; Oralab Chap Ice Very Berry is one of my current favorites that has high SPF too. But at night I am still addicted with Bio Bloom Orange Lip Balm and also I love Oriflame Tender Care Lip Balm.

Some random stuff –
night oil

Night oil:

I love using Bio Oil on my skin. I don’t use it regularly but whenever my skin feels little dry or patchy, I prefer this oil and it works magically on my skin. It is definitely bit oily, I only apply one drop of oil on my face and it does its job perfectly. Sometimes I also like to use it with my moisturizer for that extra nourishment. It brings back the life to my skin.


On my oily skin I only prefer a matte sunscreen or gel base sunscreen. I love Lotus sunscreens and now I am so happy with this Lotus Whitening+ Active Tan Prevention Cream that protects my skin with a high SPF50 PA+++.

Makeup remover:

Usually I love to use a DIY remover with coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil as my makeup remover, but this Lotus Herbal Makeup Remover works amazing to remove all the makeup gently and effortlessly from my skin.

That is pretty much my healthy skin care routine. Beside the cosmetic products I always try to use natural ingredients on my skin. I also love to use Pantanjali Aloe Vera gel which is something that works amazing on every skin type. I drink lots of water and eat healthy foods to make my skin glowing from inside. I hope you enjoy my skin care routine.

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