Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Foot Cream Review

Gold Bond Ultimate healing Foot Cream

Hello girls,

We keep taking care of our face and hair but our foot is something we tend to neglect a lot. So today I am here to share with you all this foot cream which I am using now. I have dry heals which tends to look creaked if not taken care of, so I keep going for pedicures or do them at home every month. With that I also use my favourite Aroma magic foot cream every night. But after coming to US I was not doing any of these and in one month’s my foot was all dry and cracked. That was when I rush to buy a foot cream and then came back home with this one.


Price: $7.49 for 4oz

Product Claims: Our dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic foot cream heals, moisturizes, softens, refreshes and deodorizes troubled feet. Used daily, it works to condition and repair even the toughest skin and to keep feet from becoming dry, rough and cracked.



My Experience with Gold Bond Ultimate healing Foot Cream:

This cream works!! Yes, it did work on my dry heels. It cured them, made skin smooth on heels, and moisturized my foot well. This light weight cream, is easy to work with, gets absorbed in skin quickly and leaves no greasiness behind. It can be used at day and night both but I prefer to use it at night before going to bed. I use this cream on my entire foot and wear socks, that way I feel the cream gets to stay on my foot rather than getting transferred to the bed sheet.


It has a very nice flowery smell, which unlike most of the foot cream is something I love. Also as it smells nice and is non greasy many times I use this only as my hand cream too at night and it works well that way too. In comes in tube packaging, which makes it easy to use and hygienic.

I love most of the things about this foot cream still my favourite foot cream remains the Aroma magic foot cream only. As that cream removes my foot tan too and make the skin bright which this cream does not. Well it never claimed to do that , still that’s an added bonus my other cream gives me. So it’s not my HG foot cream but for people in UA/UK where Aroma magic is not available but Gold Bond is, this can be your HG foot cream. So just give it try.


Pros of Gold Bond Ultimate healing Foot Cream:

• Heals creaked heels.
• Makes foot well moisturized and no dry feeling/rough skin.
• Light weight formula, which is not greasy on skin.
• Smells fresh like flowers.
• Tube packaging, very hygienic.


Cons of Gold Bond Ultimate healing Foot Cream:

• Not available in India.

IMBB Rating: 4.75/5

Will I be Repurchasing Gold Bond Ultimate healing Foot Cream?

It’s very good foot cream, but not as good as my Aroma magic cream gives me added brightening effect, so that still remains my HG foot cream.

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