Gold and Lilac Glittery Subtle Eye Makeup Tutorial

Gold and Lilac Glittery Subtle Eye Makeup Tutorial

Gold and Lilac Glittery Subtle Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi Ladies!

Today, I want to share with you this glittery eye makeup. It is not “glitter bomb” eyes; I really feel that it is not over-the-top, but just wearable kind of glitter look. Of course, it would be strictly a party look. I really hope you girls like it! :shying:

Products Used:

Products Used

  • MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage.
  • MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer.
  • BYS Island Bronze Illuminating Bronzing Crème.
  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow – Gold.
  • Konad Eye Lash Glue.
  • Faces Canada Glitter Stack (golden glitter only).
  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eye Shadow – Violet Femme.
  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Eye Shadow – Gold Rush.
  • Javico Professional Eye Palette – Pink.
  • Bourjois Visage Pastel Joues Blusher – Tomette.
  • Lakme Insta Liquid Eyeliner.
  • Estee Lauder Projectionist Mascara.
Step 1:

I primed my eyes with the MAC primer and applied concealer, only on the upper lid. I left the bottom part bare because glitter has a lot of fall out. This way it’ll be easier to clean it up.


Step 2:

I then applied a gold creamy base all over my lid; just thin enough to be sticky for the eye shadow to adhere well.


Step 3:

Then, I applied a gold eye shadow over the base. The color of the base and eyeshadow were almost identical, to help the gold really pop vibrantly on the eyes.


Step 4:

This step really required quick movements!

I first picked up a tiny amount of eye lash glue on my finger and patted it gently over the entire eyelid to cover the gold eyeshadow, then immediately before the glue could dry, I lightly dipped a finger into the glitter, to pick up just a little glitter and patted it over the glue. Glitter had to be picked up thrice to cover all the glue. This glue dries so fast that there was not time to aim and take a picture.


I also used a brush swirled in the lid of glitter to pat more on to the eyelid with this brush.  I kept patting it till I was sure that the glitter covered my entire lid, no gaps were left and also that any loose glitter was either pressed on the glue or if it was just excess glitter, I just brushed it off. Yes, it did cause some fallout, but I was anyway going to take care of it later.


This is super shiny glitter, but the camera’s flash somehow washes it off, so here is an image which is out-of-focus to show the “glitter” effect.


Step 5:

I then took light purple I had and used it in the crease; I wanted this to be a shimerry purple. A matte one would have been too contrasting with the glitter and may not have gelled the look together, hence I went with shimmer. I also used a  lighter, less shimmery gold on the inner crease and brow bone as a highlighter.


I also used a teeny-tiny amount of pink to soften the purple and help in blending it out.


Step 6:

Then came the turn of cleaning out the fallout with a big fluffy brush. The brush took care of most of the fallout, but for the stubborn glitter, I used a cotton pad with some moisturiser. I then applied concealer and powder.


Step 7:

Initially, for day time, I did not want much color on the lower lash line, I only wanted the glitter to be the strongest part of the look, so I used a light brown shade on the lower lash line. Leaving it with just the concealer would have made it look very dull, so that is why I added a light brownish-bronzy shade.


Step 8:

A not-so-thick line of black eyeliner on the upper lash line and just a hint of mascara (just enough clean the lashes of any eye shadow or glitter) finished the look for the day!



This is how it looked without flash:


This look was perfect for day time, even though it had glitter; it was very subdued because there was nothing on the lower lash, the eyeliner was thin and not winged.  I use such minimal color placement when I want a very wearable glitter look.


In the evening, I wanted to add something more to the look, to make it night-appropriate. So, I just took a small brush, and over the purple color, ran it heavily over the entire lower lash line. I also applied a few more coats of mascara and I felt ready to take on the evening!


So, that is how, I did my eyes over the weekend and I hope I could put the point across that glitter can be wearable even for day time. :yes:

I also hope that you ladies liked it!

Happy Makeuping! :makeup:

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34 thoughts on “Gold and Lilac Glittery Subtle Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. Hattss off to u if u carry this not fan of cham-cham..if i go out wearng this dad pakka kill me :lol2: :lol2: one can wear it to frend’s wedding ofcourse..

  2. beautiful look nafisa…. loved the idea of using eyelash glue. :high5: :high5: :love: :love: :love: i also recommend u to apply some kajal, it would make ur eyes look more beautiful. :makeup: :makeup: 😉 :shy: i cannot carry this look in d daytime. will surely try for a night out.

    1. Thanku Payal! :))
      if its a proper event or wedding function m sure u can carry it off in the day time too 🙂 :yes:
      kajal was hard to skip but i had to give it a rest 😀

    1. :tongue:
      i used to practice a lot, i think being the youngest in the family makes u more eager to try makeup esp when 1 has an elder sister, & sh does makeup & u r now allowed till u reach a certain age…! 😀

        1. my HG kajal is Florelle kajal, it is easily available in Middle East or Europe but yahaan 1 i really like it the Hashmi kajal stick! its is DARK!

          1. Aww..not availble here kyaa..??? Plz do a review here naa….me have hashmi tube…its gud..but removing it s a big task no….

            1. Have u tried the hashmi stick? initially the stick doesnt give much color but once u rub it enough, it has amazing pay off….even i dont prefer th tube, but the stick u shud try…
              i have done a review on that Florelle kajal, it will be up anytime i guess… 🙂

  3. It’s a lovely look nafisa. I would probably gone a step ahead with loads of kajal on my waterline and done this as an evening look. 😀 It’s a nice way to wear shimmer on lids. They always add a touch of sparkle to the eyes no and make your eyes stand out. 🙂

    1. Thanku Rati!! 🙂 I’m actually known in my friends & family to always wear too much kajal, i always prefer heavily kohld eyes, so when i skip it for a look like this, i look very different & its a fresh change but seriously i felt very adhoora adhoora the entire time to not hav any kajal! 😀
      Shimmers like these r a must have for sure! jaan daal dete hain koi bi look par :)) :makeup:

  4. wow :woot: :woot: now im gonna get the faces glitter after this
    :jiggy1: :jiggy1: n ur eyes are so nice deep set
    mine are so hooded 😐

    1. Thanku Neha!! :)) u have very pretty eyes too Neha, i saw in that contact wala post of ur’s yesterday 🙂 :heart:

  5. Yeyy :yahoo: :yahoo….lovee uu fo prompt replyyyy…. :happydance: nafii……..okeyy..i will try wo bullet wala tht u toking abt…my tube wala dried now…. :waiting: :waiting:

    1. 🙂 hope u like it! lemme know 🙂
      use inglot duraline or similar for that tube wala, infact kisi aur container mein transfer kardo 😀 :yes:

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