Gomata Tejasvini Face Pack Review

Gomata Tejasvini Face Pack – Review

Hello Everyone!

I am going to review the Tejasvini Face Pack by Gomata.

Gomata Tejasvi Face Pack

I had never heard of this brand before. This was gifted to me by my mother-in-law when she returned from her Mathura trip. Other products that she had brought were Gomata shampoo, Gomata dental cream and Gomata Angmardanam tail. All the products are excellent in quality and cost effective as well. She purchased these from ISKON temple.

What is Gomata?

Ancient secrets of rejuvenation Therapy.  For complete range of its products here.

The best part that I liked was this text written on the container:



Rs.60 for 100 gm.


For Acne, pimples, skin diseases, and heat rash. Makes the face effulgent. Wrinkles and spots are destroyed and will also cure dandruff.

My Take on Gomata Tejasvini Face Pack:

I was impressed by this pack after using it for the first time. It gives an instant glow to my face and since then, I have been using it almost every alternate day. You can see the quantity left. The tub was filled to the brim.


I mix it with Fab India rose water and use it. This is such a wonderful product that even if I have skipped my regular beauty routines like CTM or scrubbing, I apply this and voila, I am done for any party or visit to a friend’s place. Using this has becomes like a habit, so much so that now I have contacted the Gomata people to courier me the products, and they have agreed to do so.

This is the quantity needed.


This is how it looks after adding rose water:



1) Does what it claims.
2) Pretty cheap as compared to the quality it delivers.
3) Lightened my dark spots and blemishes.
4) Made from completely natural ingredients.
5) Profit from this goes to Cow seva (Such a nice thing!).


1) Not available everywhere.
2) Some people might not like the tub packaging.

IMBB Rating:

5/5 ( I wish I could give 10/5)

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21 thoughts on “Gomata Tejasvini Face Pack Review

  1. waawoooooooooo lovely product……….Gomata………name is very spiritual …..we always visit to mathura…..but never seen this………next time surly i will chek this……….thanks for the review………pls. also review for other Gomata product…….if possible. :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi:

      1. what doinz on weekend.? 😀 I slept at very off time last night, woke up super early. i would be super confoosed today :stars: :stars: :stars:

        1. suppose to go on shopping by tomorrow………gurgaon central……… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: why u r so confoosed ?:)

  2. Lol I giggled on reading gomata :tongue: but product seems to be awesome eh! And thanx for hyperlinking the site Nidhi!! I’m thinkin of trying out their shampoo & this packr! But I laughed reading their intro, of all urines, cow urine is best 😀

  3. seems really good ! these products wont be available except mathura i think, even i had bought lotssss of stuff which were so nice, but not available anywhr except ooty :thumbsup:

  4. i have heard so much stuff about the benefits of cow’s… um stuff. 😐 but really i am not one of those who’d go a super extra mile to do anything for my skin. i gues sthis is a better alternative.

    Jomol.. :giggle:

  5. hi nidhi…me too called up gomata institue & ordered the stufff…i soooooooneeed this….phew…finally a stuff for me…yeyeyeye :thanks: :thanks: nidhi for this review….

  6. Hello everyone!
    I am happy that all of you liked the product reviewed here.
    @Sim: For sure I shall review the Angmardanam tail, I had their shampoo also but I finished it off long back. (At that time I dint have an idea I could do product reviews here)
    @Sukanya: Good that you liked the hyperlinking, I thought people would be happy to know more about Gomata than I have mentioned here.
    @Jomol: Yepp ISKON is a reliable name 🙂 BTW I read your posts without fail, and you write really well.
    @Monika: I am a person who goes for such ‘not heard of’ brands..shall post more review of such products. :woot:
    @Parita: Dont know yaar..you can call them up and ask about it. ?:)
    @Tina: Good! We all are giong to go some of our money to Cow Seva. 🙂 :yahoo:

  7. :thanks: for review Nidhi, never knew about the brand until now. I called up the institute and they said they would do a home delivery. Is this suitable for all skin types or only oily skin, I was thinking because it has multani mitti :methinks:

  8. @Vid: It doesn’t dry out your skin, it just cleans it nicely. Maybe dry skin people can try it with some different combination… ?:)

  9. hey nidhi….even i want to try out gomata products….wher can i get this n how??? please….this looks soooooooooo good….. :))

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