Is it Good to Apply Moisturizer Before I Sleep?

The one tip we’ve heared from most supermodels on how to achieve gorgeous skin is to continuously moisturize one’s skin. Skin always needs to be moisturized for it to remain supple, soft and beautiful. Since skin is exposed to external aggressors, pollutants, harsh sun rays, etc., a barrier from a good moisturizer would help it retain its hydration and smoothness. Apart from sunscreen, a good moisturizer is what everyone needs to invest their money in. Since we have learnt about the importance of a moisturizer, do we need a moisturizer at night as well? In this post, we are going to answer this essential question that we get asked often, “is it good to apply moisturizer before I sleep?”

Why Do You Need to Moisturize Skin at Night?
When we moisturise the skin at night, it helps to repair skin and restore damaged cells. It minimises signs of ageing when you use moisturizers with retinol or retinoid in them. Moisturizers can help skin replenish its moisture levels at night; however, it is always advisable to sleep with bare skin to allow your skin to breathe. However, most people feel that daily moisturising the skin at night helps to improve the texture and quality of their skin and they wake up with supple skin in the morning.

Which Moisturizer should you use?
If you have oily to combination skin, you will need a moisturiser which says, “non-oily, non-comedogenic” on the label, which means it wouldn’t clog pores and cause acne. Basically, it would be a light moisturizer, preferably water based. If you have normal to dry skin, you are free to use any moisturiser/serum/facial oils to hydrate the skin. You can use organic products to fulfil your skin requirements with no adverse effects. You can also try out Korean skincare products as they are very popular these days.

How To Correctly Moisturize Skin?
Always begin with thoroughly cleansing your face, removing every trace of dirt and grime. Use a makeup remover to take down all makeup. Next, use a foaming cleanser to get squeaky clean face.  Then, pat dry skin using a soft towel. Apply your moisturiser and gently massage it on the skin for a minute or two. and that’s all it! You can also try out homemade facial packs to hydrate the skin. Following this simple ritual can alone do wonders to your skin.

Homemade Face Pack Recipes for Weekly Pamper Session:
1. Papaya+turmeric+honey: This pack is suitable for all skin types. Take a slice of papaya, mash it well using a fork. Once it turns into a paste, add a pinch of turmeric and a tsp of organic honey. Mix all ingredients well and apply on clean face. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes and wash off with cold water.
2. Tomato+Aloe vera: This pack is perfect for oily skin types. You can grind half or one small tomato and add a tea spoon of organic aloe vera gel and apply all over the face, let the mixture sit for 10-15 minutes and wash off with cold water. Tomato has brightening properties whereas aloe vera will soothe skin.
3. Curd+lemon juice: This is a skin lightening face pack and is excellent to remove sun tan and to reduce blemishes. Simply take 2 tablespoon of yogurt and add one lemon juice to it, mix the ingredients and apply on cleanse skin. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and wash off with cold water. Repeat twice every week for best results.

Hope this articles informs you about the importance of moisturising the skin at bedtime, wakeup with glowing skin!


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