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Ammu asks:

Dear friends,

Could anyone please suggest a very good moisturiser for my 10-year-old daughter and routine for her please. I know you may all wonder, it’s too early for her, but here in England, it’s horrible weather and it quite dries up her skin. She has very dry patches, she is using only Aveeno, but it’s not very helpful. I advised her to apply coconut oil or almond oil. So could anyone help me in this please. I have heard about glycerin and lemon juice for her dry skin. Suggestions please 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Good Moisturizer For 10-year-old Girl: Ask IMBB

  1. U can use a mix of glycerine and rose water 4 her dry skin. .ask her to apply ths at nyt before gng to bed. .ths vl help. .n lemon juice is not recommended 4 dry skin as it cn make her skin mre dry. .

  2. Hi Ammu,

    I personally won’t suggest using lemon on her skin. Lemon can be harsh for dry skin even if its used with glycerin and glycerin in itself is pretty strong. I would suggest you should get her a good cream like chicco or mother care moisturizer. These creams work well for infants and also for kids of her age.

    If not this, you may use malai on her face in the night and once in the morning before bath. I used it throughout and didnt have much problem. 🙂

    Hope it helps.

  3. Dont use lemon juice as it is too harsh for baby skin and it will sting her a lot and she will scratch it… you can make her apply Johnson baby moisturizer or vaseline body creams… which dont have many chemicals.. Plus tell her to reduce to the usage of soap as it dries out the skin more.. Petroleum jelly could also work for her baby skin 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks saloni. And she is not at all using soap for her face since 8yrs. Just she wash her face with water or with ubtan once a week..but Johnson product is good choice will hv a look. Thanks saloni

  4. You can try Weleda Creams….they are pretty good and are formulated especially for children’s sensitive skin……! 🙂

  5. hi ammu, if she is using aveeno and even tht is not helping much, i would suggest to see a dermatologist who can assess her skin and prescribe accordingly. u can try sebamed range. they have products for babies too, but their regular range is also very gentle and mild.

  6. Hi Amu, I agree with all the above to not use lemon juice. You can use honey mixed with rose water, or honey with glycerine, can use malai and turmeric, even aloe Vera gel works as a moisturiser:)
    Also in oils argan, jojoba, almond oil works fine. Coconut oil might clog pores…

  7. Glycerin and lemon mixture would work great. Also, you can look for Burt’s Bees products because they are comparatively chemical free 🙂

  8. Avoid lemon juice. Consider Cetaphil Restoraderm, we use it a lot as a special moisturizer for children having extremely dry skin. Also it is important to use the moisturizer immediately after bath.

  9. Hi
    If you are looking for natural alternatives i would suggest you try getting “LOTION BAR”. You may be able to find it in online shopping stores in UK. That might help with the cold weather…

  10. these lotion bars have helped my daughter aged 1yr with her eczema patches….. it might feel a lil greasy but will later on sink in the skin.

  11. U can try a homemade face mask- Sandalwood Powder+Yoghurt+Honey+Rosewater mixed in equal proportions. Make sure that consistency of the mask is towards watery/runny. Put the face mask on for few minutes; wash it off before drying followed by some good moisturizer . U should be careful of removing it when it is still wet otherwise it may cause further dryness.
    It has worked miraculously on my skin when I had dry patches on my face after Goa vacations.

  12. If u get Elovera cream or lotion try it out. I use it for my daughter who’s jus 3 yrs but after the docs advised to. It’s a good moisturise cream for toddlers and children. Also oil her well with liquid paraffin thrice a week before bath. Follow with Elovera. This will def help. Liquid paraffin is very good for dry skin. Last but not the least consult a derma for best advise…

  13. Its better not to use any cosmetics or natural remedies (esp lemon) on her skin since those dry patches could be eczema and those would only aggravate the situation. Since winter has been especially harsh on England this year, I can understand her situation. Your best bet is to get her checked by a derma.

  14. Hi,,
    Even my son 2.6 nw had dry patches on face. I immediately consulted skin splst m he said these r eczema.. He then recomended cetaphil soap n elovera lotion..
    I would request u to vosit a derma n take precautions as advised
    Thank u 🙂

  15. Hi,
    I’ve been using complete sebamed range on my girls since their birth.

    They have 3 varients- moisturising lotion, baby body milk, hydrating lotion for body and one sebamed moisturising cream esp for face.

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