20 Gorgeous Layered Haircuts for Long Hair Girls

“A women who cuts her hair is about to change her life” as said by Coco Channel. If you are looking for a layered haircuts, you’ve come to the right place. Layering your hair removes the right amount of hair and adds more volume to the hair. Layered hair cuts usually suit most face shapes and adds a kick of fashion to your overall look. Personally, I’ve never ever had my hair without layers. All you need is a screen shot of the picture shown below and a good hairdresser! Keep reading to go stylish!

1. U-shaped hair with lots of layers

This has been my official haircut for years and most women look stunning with this hair cut. The girl in the picture has light golden blond highlights all over the ends of the hair which makes the layered hair cut stand out even more. This haircut will also make your hair look more voluminous and is also a easy maintenance hair cut.

young hairstyles

2. U-shaped hair cut with long layers

The hair cut here with long layers makes the hair denser and thick! This is again a beautiful haircut to try.

3. V-shaped hair cut

Don’t wanna give-up on long hair, try this V-shaped haircut. This haircut will not make you compromise with your length. Perfect for girls with extra length. Again a very stylish hairstyle to try. V-shaped hair looks great with wavy, curly or even straight hair.

4. Subtle Layers:

This hair cut has the minimum chop of hair. Perfect for people who don’t want to loose any length and yet creates a illusion of layered hair. Another simple hairstyle for a school going girl or a sports women who needs to tie up braids. This look wont make your hair pop out of your braids.

5. Long bangs with layers:

This is the ultimate haircut of the season! Long bangs look so good on the face. Jennifer Winget from Indian television rocks her hair style with long bangs and curly hair. Highly recommended for women who are looking for a change in their look.

6. Deep V-cut

This hair cut is suitable for people with thicker hair. This look chops off a lot of bulk. But, it does look so sexy. Isn’t it? If you have finer hair texture, try a different hairstyle.

7. Shorter layers

This look has a lot of layers in all sections of hair. You could show off your layers with some highlights. Layered hair looks even better with highlights.

8. Long layers

Doesn’t hair look like Cinderella? The hair colour is so gorgeous. Here the ends are visible as the hairdresser haven’t softened the ends but has defined the ends with a choppy look. You could also try this haircut and hair colour.

9. Extra long layers for thick hair:

Want to get rid of dry ends? Try this hairstyle, here the layers are kept long. The hair colour is brown with copper highlights. The hair colour is best suited to India complexion.

10. Layers with subtle brown highlights:

Bored with plain black hair, add a few strokes of brown highlights. Highlights damages less compared to global hair colour.

11. Black hair with golden blonde highlights:

This hairstyle has three layers of layered hair. And look is completed with golden blond highlights. The colour is definitely eye catching and will flatter any hairstyle.

12. Layers with bangs:

Selena Gomez has always been a fashion inspiration for women around the globe. Doesn’t she makes us fall in love with her bangs? I’ve had bangs before and it had been a classic look for a long time since I wanted a change, currently I am loving my long face framing bangs.
Tip: Use a haircut app to check the hairstyle prior your hair cut to avoid unwanted circumstances. Bangs doesn’t look good on every face shape.

Hairstyles For Open Hair

13. Light layers:

Never tried layers? This haircut could be perfect for a beginner. There are light layers with subtle brown highlights to create some depth.

14. Face framing layers:

This hairstyle can look flattering on any face shape. The cuts start from the chin length and goes all the way down.

15. Voluminous layers:

Add a pinch of drama to your hair by using a volumizing hair spray. It will provide you that volume only news anchors have and give you that glamorous feminine look.

16. Dip Dyed hair:

You have a lot of colours to choose for this hairstyle. Also, it saves a lot of hair damage. The colour is used only on the ends of the hair. You could choose bright colours like red, pink, blue, purple, green or opt for subtle colours like brows, golden, blonde, copper, ash or platinum.

17. Bangs with ashy hair colour:

There are subtle layers with blonde ashy hair colour on half of the ends. Another modern super women look.

18. Chocolate hair:

Another three parts layered hair styled with chocolate hair colour as the base with golden highlights. This hair is so beautiful and as the roots are dark, it is suitable to most warm-olive skin tones.

pony hairstyle

19. Messy waves:

Wanna go lighter? Try these messy wavy layers with light platinum blonde at the ends.

20. Black layered hair with ash highlights:

Ashy hair colour is the pick of the season and a must try! Try these subtle ash highlights perfect for any skin tone!

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