The Gorgeous Nargis Fakhri’s Beauty Secrets

By Anindita B.

Hello, beautiful ladies!

Celebrity makeup tricks or their skin care tips always seem very interesting to us. We all want to get glowing skin like them. But, there is no alternative to be naturally beautiful. Well-known actress and model, Nargis Fakhri is one of those women who love to be naturally beautiful. Let’s reveal her beauty secrets.

BURBANK, CA. April 9, 2016 Nargis Fakhri at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards at Warner Bros

A fitness freak:

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As an actress, she has to be an hourglass figured woman. And, as she was a participant in the “America’s Next Top Model”, so no wonder that her figure will be very maintained. But, surprisingly, Nargis is not a daily gym-going person. Rather, she uses stairs than using lifts. She loves to move around, walking, etc. She thinks that fitness comes from within. If you always move your body and do some heavy works, it will be really beneficial for health. Once she had climbed fifty-two floors to meet her friend in Manhattan, and only took rest for some time on the twentieth floor. This proves how much active and fit she is. Nargis’ favorite workout is practicing Zumba. Also, she practices Ti Chi as part of her daily routine.

Healthy daily diet:

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Nargis believes that fresh vegetables always help to make the skin glowing from within and makes you look younger. Also, she stays away from milk and bread, especially white bread as some ingredients in milk and bread are not good for her health. That is why she advises consuming only those foods which are good for your health. In her diet routine, she takes short meals all day. This helps her to stay active. A special drink which she uses is made of two glasses of coconut water with vegan protein powder, flax seeds, hemp seeds, bee pollen and a banana smoothie. Her diet routine is like this:

Breakfast: Three boiled eggs
Snacks: Walnuts, cranberries, and almonds
Lunch: Vegetable soup with some salad or a chicken sandwich
Between lunch and dinner: Bananas or an orange with a piece of dark chocolate
Dinner: Sardines with onions or Melba toast or Quinoa and mixed vegetables
She also takes vitamin supplements daily.

Good sleep:

Nargis thinks that a good sleep is always helpful in making you beautiful and healthy. She advised not to compromise on sleep in any way. She sleeps for 8 hours daily.

Skincare regime:

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First of all, Nargis uses kitchen ingredients, maximum time. She is not a makeup geek. As she likes to stay in open air areas, pollution affects her skin. To cleanse her face, she uses Neutrogena face wash and she is addicted to walnut scrub. To remove makeup, she uses freshly pressed olive oil. And, as a moisturizer, she uses fresh milk cream. To pamper her skin, she takes an oxy facial/ glycolic peel. She also uses Proactive face mask a few times in a month. Sometimes, she massages her face with squeezed lemon water and salicylic acid.

Hair care:

Coconut oil with fresh coconut for alternative therapy

Nargis uses coconut oil for the nutrition of her gorgeous hair. She uses coconut oil post shampoo as a natural conditioner. Also, she massages her hair with hot coconut oil at least twice a week for getting lustrous hair. Sometimes she uses coconut oil by mixing two or three drops of it with shampoo. She also gets a new haircut after every three months to give freshness to her hair.

Few points to note:
1. She always says that everyone can get a great skin by utilizing the right products for skin, and most of all, natural ingredients. Using wrong products on the skin can cause problems like acne and pimples. You have to understand which product suits your skin type best. Also, use kitchen ingredients perfectly for pampering skin.
2. Ms. Fakhri thinks that keeping a hobby always makes you happy. And happiness from within makes anyone look good. She loves to cook for herself and that makes her happy from within.
3. Every day, she drinks at least 11 to 12 glasses of water. We all know that drinking right amount of water always makes the body healthy. And, it is also good for health. Nargis maintain this strictly.
4. Nargis does not drink caffeine as it is really bad for health.

Hope you all will like it. Stay beautiful and gorgeous!

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