Gosh Crystal Eyes Eye Pencil in Sparkling Green

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Gosh Crystal Eyes Eye Pencil in Sparkling Green

Hello Ladies!

I am here with yet another review of Gosh Cosmetics. Only this time, it’s an eyeliner and not a deodorant.

Gosh Crystal Eyes Eye Pencil in Sparkling Green


It’s a pencil type eyeliner. However, there is not much wastage of the product due to sharpening unlike some other pencils. The text printed on the pencil in silver faded away in just a few months since my purchase. I really don’t like it when I can’t read my eye liner labels. Not that I need to read them all the time, but they just look so much prettier when the name and info is still intact. Also, the pencil cover is really sturdy.

Sparkling Green

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The texture is pretty smooth. I won’t say it glides on like a dream, but its quite good considering all the silver glitter in it. The glitter is slightly bigger than shimmer, but not chunky at all. The product strictly mentions that it shouldn’t be used on the waterline for obvious reasons of glitter.

Sparkling Green

My Experience with Gosh Crystal Eyes Eye Pencil in Sparkling Green:

This eyeliner is waterproof and doesn’t smudge one bit. The glitter in this eyeliner does not fade away or clump throughout the day. Certain glitter eyeliners and even liquid eyeliners have a problem of glitter fallout; the glitter tends to slip away and settle down all over the eye area and the cheekbones. This eyeliner does none of that! I absolutely love it for this. It has amazing staying power. I slept off without removing my eye makeup once (not a very good idea, I know) and the eyeliner was still intact. It didn’t smudge at all.

The eyeliner isn’t super pigmented in just one swipe. In 2 or 3 swipes, I get the actual results. It comes off easily with waterproof makeup remover and/or baby oil, coconut oil, etc.

Overall, this is a perfect clubbing eyeliner and great for any festive season without looking over-the-top. No matter how humid, hot or rainy it gets, this eyeliner stays put!

In the photos, I have swiped the eyeliner once on the right and twice on the left.

With Flash

With Flash -01

Without Flash

In natural light- 01

P.S. The weird part,at the tip of the pencil is the leftover glue from the price tag that took forever to take off when sharpening my pencil.

Quick Tip:

My trick to applying glitter pencil eyeliners and liquid liners is to first apply one line and let it settle for a few seconds and then go over it again and wait for a few seconds. You can do this till you get the desired results. It is not as troublesome as it sounds, trust me! You’ll see that the eyeliner is more vibrant rather that making short “dashes” and going over them again and again because when you do so, you tend to lose pigmentation of the previous swipe.


Approximately Rs. 350 for 1.2 grams.

Pros of Gosh Crystal Eyes Eye Pencil in Sparkling Green:

  • Waterproof, doesn’t smudge one bit and has an amazing staying power (stays the entire day).
  • Inexpensive for the amazing quality.
  • The glitter is not too chunky and doesn’t irritate the eyes and no glitter fallout.
  • Comes off easily with baby oil and/or waterproof makeup remover.
  • Not much wastage of product during sharpening.

Cons of Gosh Crystal Eyes Eye Pencil in Sparkling Green:

  • Non-availability in India.
  • The text printed on the pencil faded away in just a few months.
  • Not super pigmented in just one swipe.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend Gosh Crystal Eyes Eye Pencil in Sparkling Green?


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25 thoughts on “Gosh Crystal Eyes Eye Pencil in Sparkling Green

  1. Preiti…..its a beautiful shade of eyeliner…….I have just started to realize that blue and green looks good on my eyes…he he…must try this if I can get it :yes:

    1. Hey Jo!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
      It is amazing on the eye lids! I should have done an EOTD with this! Completely forgot to. 🙁
      You get similiar shades in Revlon and Bourjois!! Try those! 🙂

  2. Preiti :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I have somewhat similar shade in Revlon , its called green sparkle tooo :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    1. Nupuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr! :heart: :heart: :heart:

      Oh that’s nice!! I’ll try and look for it! I’m stocking up on greens and blues these days. 😀

          1. OMG! Same to same hai yeh toh!! :haanji: :haanji: :haanji:
            Only the glitter is missing but this is the same shade!! 😀

  3. Nice review preiti… Sucha pretty color. I have the one from lakme 9 to 5 range.. I have brown eyes so greens suit me… :haanji: but its unavailable in India :headbang:

    1. Thanks, babe! :)) :))

      Why don’t you try looking for a similar shade in Revlon or Bourjois? They usually have such shades! I’ve never tried lakme eye liners so I don’t really know how they are.

  4. Goregus shade !! My my !!! Thanks fo sharin hunny !
    Wld hav loved to see this on ua. Eyes 🙂
    Somehow greens doesn’t suit me.I have dark brown eyes!!
    It washes me out wen I applied olive green from maybelline vivid and smooth eyeliner 🙁 :(…..

    Though colorbar ‘s flirty turq suits me but still I love blueee more..
    Plz suggst what sort of blue I shuld stock up..

    I have jus one royal blue(sapphire) (lakme 9to 5 range one.)
    All ladies are welcome to suggst me the shdes.!!

    1. Hey babe! Why dont you try bright blues? Torquoise and blue-green shades will look real nice on brown eyes!!

      Try Bourjois Paris, Rimmel and Revlon. They have amazing eyeliners in such shades!

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