Gosh Nail Polish: Golden Bronze, Primrose, Yellow Bombay

Gosh Nail Polish

Hi All, Nail Colors are something which every girl possesses in quite a few numbers. For girls, nail colors are not part of makeup, but an essential part of grooming.  Gosh has one the finest nail polishes, but it’s a little pricey.

Gosh Nail Polish Golden Bronze Primrose Golden Brown

About the Brand Gosh:
Gosh is a cosmetic company which is famous outside India. Gosh nail polishes are quite famous among their products. Gosh is widely available in US and UK and I usually get mine through my relatives in UK.


£5 (Around 400 INR).

Gosh Nail Polishes

My Experience with Gosh Nail Polish: Golden Bronze, Primrose, Yellow Bombay:

I am using Gosh nail polishes for many years and have been a big fan. I never had such an impressive experience with any other Indian nail color brands. The bottles that you see in the image are what I am using for 2 years and have handled these things very carelessly a lot of times. I had even kept one of the bottles open for some hours unknowingly, but it never hardened or dried up.  Many of my friends have used it too and a friend has asked me “doesn’t it ever harden?”

Another commendable point about Gosh nail colors is their staying power. It stays without chipping for a complete week, yes it’s true. When I am wearing these, I don’t have to bother about changing nail colors often. They are very creamy, but still they never chip in a short duration.  The brushes of these are also just right, not too big, neither too small, very apt sized for the size of the nails.

About the Shades:

Shade 572: Golden Bronze
Gosh Nail Polishes Golden Bronze

This is a true bronze, a metallic bronze color which I love the most. This is one of my most favorite shades ever. It’s a perfect party wear and at the same time, it’s good as everyday wear too. I used it so much that it has only a little left in it. I have never seen something similar to this one anywhere here. Lakme, lotus, and now faces have a close shade, but not as metallic as this one. One shade is enough to build the color. In the below image I have painted a single coat only.

Shade 535:  Primrose

Gosh Nail Polish Primrose

This is lighter shade lavender color. I have no idea that why they have named it Primrose.  Maybe it has some light pink undertone. It’s a very nice and simple color, I like it on hand nails than in toe nails. In the image, I have used a single coat only.  Double coat is not needed , but it’s a personal choice of how you want to build the color. I like it more in a single coat.

Shade 573:  Yellow Bombay

Gosh Nail Polish Golden Brown

This shade is metallic yellow color with light shimmers in it. It’s an attention seeker. If you are wearing this color, your nails won’t go unnoticed in any chance. It’s a pretty summer color, but again, I don’t know why they named it Golden Brown; it has no sign of brown in it. In the below image, I have used two coatings of the color, which gives a more golden effect.

Summing up the pros and cons of Gosh Nail Polishes:

Pros of Gosh Nail Polish:

  • No chipping for a week or more.
  • Gosh has a wide range of colors, you can see them at superdrugstores.com.
  • They have provided names with numbers which help me to buy it through my cousins, but sometimes names are unrelated to original colors.
  • Brush is also of very good quality and size.
  • It doesn’t dry up easily.
  • All the colors I used so far are heavily pigmented.

Cons of Gosh Nail Polish:

  • It is not available in India.
  • It’s a little pricey

Other than the above cons, I don’t find a single fault with Gosh Nail polishes. I wish they would soon come to India too, so that everyone can get hold of these wonderful nail polishes.

Do I Recommend Gosh Nail Polish:
Yes , without any doubt.

If you want to try anything from Gosh, I would recommend you to start with their nail polishes. You won’t be disappointed.

IMBB Rating: 4/5 (-0.5 for nonavailability and 0.5 for the price).

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      1. Thank u Kimi :happydance: … They have a lot more gorgeous shades.. I too want to try more of it, if u get a chance do try it..

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    LOved the Bronze shade…
    Hey bhagwaan hamare bi kuch relative US and UK mai paida kar do.. :worship: :worship: :worship: ..

    1. Thank u POO… :happydance: …
      Bronze is my fav too…
      I got a couple of relatives there in US and UK, bt nw i want to go there and shop.. :))

  5. Very nice shades Vishaki :dance: especially the bronze one.

    Kimi, are you refering to the parlour near Helios in Koramangala??

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                  1. I dont remember the name..I bought it from Germany..I think from some brand called Balea….its nice…otherwise..pehle I’d use the Spniz red and pink versions….I stopped using Spinz after trying its green samba version..Horribleeeeeeee stale car perfume kinds smell..I’ve used Eva too…orange pink and blue….all were nice..but my fav had been Fa so far…that too the bloooooooooo wala….. 😀

                    1. My favourite is fa too…….blue green ones…but na….they sting so badly…I have started using Nivea…..and it stings much lesser….aur na….you na….I have seen my brother in law use gillette ka gel deodarant…it does not sting at all., but it is not for females……otherwise, I would have used :-/ :-/

                    2. seriously kya??? I also remember using some deo that didn’t sting..but not able to recall the name now!! 😐 :methinks: It was really amazing!!

                    3. Haan sacchi…..its like clear gel…..and when you apply it, it initially feels sticky, but then that stickiness does not last….and then the musky smell…… :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: wish deos for ladies also came that way…….. :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: :struggle:

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