Gothic Makeup Ideas

Gothic Makeup Ideas

gothic makeup ideas
If Gothic Literature or Gothic Culture could appeal to you, why can’t you find Gothic Makeup attractive? If you foster a love for mysterious and the unknown, if you want your secretive attitude to impress on the others, this is the makeup you must indulge in! While you could find the Edwardian Gothic Makeup romantic, you could even consider going for the city vamp-like Gothic look, which adds a dark ‘underworld’ flavor to your beauty. However, you need to pay attention to every little detail for either variation.

Gothic Makeup Ideas Tips

You must be able to harmoniously and subtly blend each and every detail to create the most impressive look. You should be creative and create an image for yourself that you can carry off with comfort and ease. It is possible to create many variations of looks while you can still be Gothic in spirit. Check out the following tips and ideas:
• Gothic Makeup Ideas For Face- Since Gothic makeup’s essence lies in looking pale in complexion, make sure that you go for a foundation which is a shade or two lighter than your original skin tone. Use a translucent powder which could offer a faintly shimmering touch. It would be better if you could do away with blush; alternately, keep it minimal.
• Gothic Makeup Ideas For Eyes- Eyes form one of the most important aspects of Gothic makeup. An eye-liner is a must. If you want to add to the mystery, make sure you go for the smoky eye look. For a more vamp-like appearance, go for red eyeliner (as well as mascara), mixed with shades of grey and black. Though black is very common, remember that purple, reds and greens are all very acceptable as Gothic eye shades. You should not ignore your eye-brows. Draw an arch higher than what is natural to add to the dramatic look. Use false eyelashes to accentuate your eyes.
• Gothic Makeup Ideas For Lips- Lips should be dark. Opt for a blood red lipstick shade or a maroon one. This would impart a vamp-like look. Avoid using soft colors completely. Alternately, you could want your lips to look pale as that too is Gothic in its own way. So, you may also consider choosing a nude shade depending upon the style statement you want to frame.
• Gothic Makeup Ideas For Nails- Nails should be painted in black or blood red. This would offer the perfect finish to your look. Whether you prefer long nails or comparatively shorter squatted nails, never go for a French manicure or soft shades like pink.
Gothic Makeup Tips
• Keep your eyes deep and your face pallid.
• Use an eye makeup primer as well as some loose powder to keep the eye makeup intact. Even though Gothic eyes should look ‘vampish’, it should not run down your cheeks!
• It would be a nice idea to emphasize on either your eyes or your lips. Giving equal focus on both might ruin the entire look.
• Try to dress tight, in shades like black or dark violets and reds.
• Always remember that Gothic make-up is all about being tempting in a wild way. Carry an attitude to compliment that!

How To Do Gothic Makeup

How To Do Gothic Makeup

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  1. one more point..its adviisable to skip blush in such makeup…
    i love gothic makeup… defined mysterious eyes and red/dark lips :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. I’ve always secretly fancied being a goth meself :tongue: but I’m too much of a clown to turn into a mysterious goth :joker: So I sneakily try goth makeup looks and click pics of meself before mum catches me with war-paint on my face! I’m so trying the 2nd pic :jiggy1: ..but isn’t that look emo rather than goth?! :stars:

        1. hahahaa…!!! Gothic makeup is very charismatic but u need the right attitude to flaunt it!!! ya Sukanya..u r right!! actually, Emo and Goths are similar..only Goths use more of black while emo has bright colors combined with black 🙂

    1. OMG…!!! is lp????? dats such an innovative and strange thing to do!!! :chewnails but sounds super interesting :happydance: :happydance:

    1. ahem!!! glad to know it gonna help 🙂 im sure u can carry it off well!!! love ke liye _ kuch bhi karega :woot: :woot:

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