Grace Cole Coconut and Lime Body Butter Review

Body Skin Type: Normal to Dry

Hello, beauties!

Winter is knocking at the door, and I am stocking some good body butters for the upcoming winter season. The season has already become a little dry and I need some extra moisturisation, so I picked up this Grace Cole Coconut and Lime Body Butter. Let’s get into the review.


Price: £5 for 235g
Products Description:
Our fabulously fruity Body Butter absorbs quickly without leaving an oily residue. This seriously hydrating cream will leave your skin soft and delicately scented with a refreshingly zesty citrus fragrance.


My Experience with Grace Cole Coconut and Lime Body Butter:

The body butter comes in a jumbo size; the tub is lime green in color with a screw cap. This jar is really a big and heavy one to carry, but it contains a good amount of the product. It looks nice but this jar container is not a hygienic one, so I prefer to use a spoon to scoop out the product. This is a coconut and lime body butter, hence it smells quite strong of coconuts with a hint of lime. I absolutely love this fresh citrus fragrance; it is just too good. But here is the sad part – the fragrance doesn’t last long. It starts to fade within hours, and this is the common problem with all Grace Cole products.


This body butter has a thick creamy consistency that glides smoothly, just like butter on the skin. It instantly provides a great relief to dry skin and makes skin soft, smooth and fresh. It doesn’t feel too greasy or heavy on the skin; in fact, it feels very nice and smooth. The body butter contains some great ingredients like, coconut and lime and both are good for the skin. This body butter also provides good hydration to the skin and hides the signs of dryness. It makes my dry skin soft and supple. I love its silky glowing effect and it also repairs the texture of the skin. I mostly prefer to use it after my shower and it helps provide that desired nourishment which lasts some time on my skin. Its thick texture makes my skin healthy and glowy. It has also reduced the dullness of my skin.


This softness stays decently for around 5-6 hours on the skin, but this body butter doesn’t have a very long staying power. I need to reapply it every 6 hours to maintain the softness of my skin. I don’t love to reapply my skin care products a lot, so I prefer long-lasting ones. But, this butter doesn’t make my skin feel greasy or sweaty. My skin is already super sweaty, hence I like how lightweight this body butter is. Wish it came with some SPF too, though. Overall, it is a pretty hydrating body butter for all skin types. It makes skin smooth, soft and healthy. It is an affordable body butter and we get good quantity for the price. Wish the staying power were better!


Pros of Grace Cole Coconut and Lime Body Butter:

⦁ Good quantity for the price.
⦁ Very fresh scent of coconut.
⦁ Thick texture.
⦁ Glides smoothly.
⦁ Instantly makes skin softer, smoother and healthier.
⦁ Gives instant relief from dryness.
⦁ Moisturises the skin well.
⦁ Skin looks glowy and fresh.
⦁ Repairs dull and rough texture of the skin.
⦁ Lightweight.
⦁ Non-greasy.
⦁ Decently staying power.


Cons of Grace Cole Coconut and Lime Body Butter:

⦁ Heavy, unhygienic jar packaging.
⦁ Fragrance fades away quickly.
⦁ Hydrating properties could have been better.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Grace Cole Coconut and Lime Body Butter?
I would like to try some other variants by this brand, but I would prefer the ones with long-lasting staying power. You may give this a chance if you want to try a lightweight body butter.

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