Grace Cole Frosted Cherry & Vanilla Beautiful Cleansing Set Review

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Hi all!
I have noticed that in bath and body care, there are many brands with ‘frosted’ category products, like The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry and Bath & Body Works Frosted Winter Woods ranges. So I instantly purchased this kit from the range Frosted Cherry & Vanilla of Grace Cole. Honestly, after reading a lot about Grace Cole on IMBB, and after knowing that it is widely available here in the UK, I picked up a couple of products and yes, they are brilliant. Grace Cole has so many variants in their bath and body products that I am sure beauties who love to indulge themselves into fragrant body products will certainly like them. This Frosted Cherry & Vanilla Body range comprises bath fizzers, foam bath, body wash, body lotions and many more. This is my first Grace Cole purchase, so scroll down to read more.


Price: £6

Product Description:
Grace Cole Frosted Cherry & Vanilla Bathing Travel Treats.
A perfect collection of travel essentials conveniently gifted with a petite travel bag. Feel refreshed, nourished and exquisitely scented whilst on-the-go.

My Experience with Grace Cole Frosted Cherry & Vanilla Beautiful Cleansing Set:

Packaging: This bathing travel set has 100 ml each of body wash and body lotion along with a body ball. The products are neatly packaged in red and white attractive box; it is perfect to gift too. Both products are packed in cute cylindrical bottles with a screw cap which are quite convenient for any travel bag.

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bottles and loofah

Fragrance: Personally, be it a lotion, moisturiser or a shower cream, I like aromatic body products. And anyone who is fond of fresh fruity yet delicate fragrances should undoubtedly purchase this set. It has a rich cherry fragrance induced with faint layers of vanilla scent. It is definitely not overpowering and beauties with sensitive noses will also like it. The aroma pleasantly pleases you and though not strong, the smell will remain for a long time. Frosted cherry gives a fresh touch while vanilla adds a bit of richness to the product.

body wash

Body wash: This product has a wonderful refreshing floral cherry blossom scent. The scent lingers onto the skin for an hour or so after the shower but never feels overwhelming. It has a very thin consistency and you need just a coin-sized amount on the loofah to create enough lather. The lather is quite foamy and has deep cleansing assets which leave the skin fresh. This body wash has never dried out the skin; however, a moisturiser is needed to apply after shower.


Body ball: The compact loofah ball makes enough lather, and even after several uses it hasn’t lost its shape or quality.

body lotion

Body lotion: Of late, I have started concentrating more on travel size body products as they are quite convenient to carry. Especially, when you are buying a new product and you are not sure about the outcome, it is much safer to try the small version. Like any other makeup junkie, my handbag has a special space for a few makeup and cosmetic products. Among many products like a lip balm, compact powder, face cream, and a petite body spray, a body lotion is a must. This body lotion has one of the yummiest fragrances! It has a very thin, smooth texture which can be quickly absorbed in to the skin. It perfectly moisturises, leaving understated hints of the cherry and vanilla flavours. Personally, I felt that the fragrance of the body lotion is little mild compared to body wash.


Pros of Grace Cole Frosted Cherry & Vanilla Beautiful Cleansing Set:

• Travel friendly packaging.
• Fresh fragrance.
• Wonderful cherry scents with fine vanilla hints.
• Skin is hydrated after use.
• Quite reasonably priced.

Cons of Grace Cole Frosted Cherry & Vanilla Beautiful Cleansing Set:

• Honestly, I didn’t find any.

IMBB Rating: 5/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Grace Cole Frosted Cherry & Vanilla Beautiful Cleansing Set?
All the lovely beauties out there, please indulge in this beautiful fruity experience and yes I will pick it up again.

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