Grace Cole Passion Fruit & Guava Body Scrub Review


This review will be about a body scrub from Grace Cole.

Get baby-soft, glowing skin with this gentle exfoliating shower scrub. This clever body buddy works hard to lift away dead skin cells, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized from top-to-toe. Deliciously scented with an intoxicating blend of exotic fruit that’s complemented with notes of orange, apple and guava.
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Price– INR 625 for 238 ml (I got it for 406/-)


The packaging is what makes you pick this body scrub immediately. This comes in a squeeze tube with a flip-open cap.Yayy for hygiene. The cap shuts with a click so I feel this is a safe travel companion. The tube is transparent so you can see how much of it is left.

My experience with Grace Cole Passion fruit and Guava Body Scrub:

Firstly, about the texture, it is a bit similar to aloe Vera gel with some sand like granules. The gel is light pale blue colored and will look transparent once you rub it on. The fragrance is light and not bothersome at all. To me it felt more like guava and less like passion fruit.
When I used it for the first time, I really liked the consistency, it was so easy to rub. The main thing I liked was that it can be used on dry skin as the scrub is not very thick. It just feels like you have dissolved powdered sugar in some thin gel. It is not at all harsh on dry skin because ofits watery consistency. I used it on wet as well as dry skin and I personally prefer to use it on dry skin. It did its work quite nicely I must say, my skin felt soft and smooth.
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The quantity is good and will last for a month. The fragrance though lasts only for a 5-10 minutes and then vanishes. It does not strip of skin moisture, so there isn’t any dry or stretchy feel later but I personally prefer to apply a moisturizer just for fragrance .
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Okay, now coming to disturbing part, they say passion fruit and guava but where the he*k are these mentioned in the ingredient list. I read it again and again and again. The only relevant one I found was castor oil. And rest were all dreadful names that I try not to go for when I buy something. Even if I forget about the chemicals considering they were necessary then also is it fair to have added passion fruit and guava essence or parfum( as they have mentioned). I felt really cheated. It is even worse like those creams which say natural and add 0.5% of some plant extract at the end of fully loaded list of chemicals. I have used their body butter and have all good to say about it, but this has been a disappointment because of ingredient discrepancy.

Summing up:

Pros of Grace Cole Passion Fruit & Guava Body Scrub:

• Tube packaging.
• Gentle fragrance.

Cons of Grace Cole Passion Fruit & Guava Body Scrub:

• Discrepancies in ingredients.
• Loaded with harmful chemicals .

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IMBB rating: 3/5

Will I recommend Grace Cole Passion Fruit & Guava Body Scrub?

No, there are better options available in India.

Grace Cole Passion Fruit & Guava Body Scrub
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