Grace Cole Strawberry and Kiwi Body Wash Review

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Hello Sunshines,

Any product that has strawberry has to be tried by me! I am the biggest fruity fan more precisely call me a strawberry fruit fan! I just love the fragrance and keep enjoying it all the time. I love The Body Shop strawberry range, but this time I got a body wash from Grace Cole just to test a few products from this brand. I got 2, one was the watermelon and pink grapefruit one, and now this! See whether this lived up-to the expectations of a strawberry lover or not!

Price: Rs 400-800 for 500 ml (I got it for Rs 375)

Grace Cole Strawberry And Kiwi Body Wash

Product Description by Grace Cole:

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• Give your skin a wakeup call with this mouth-watering and refreshing body wash.
• The fruit works range combines a cocktail of moisturising and energizing treatments.
• The mouth-watering fragrance will leave your skin refreshed and revived.
• With gorgeous bright packaging they’ll instantly transport your mind and body to the beach.

Grace Cole Strawberry And Kiwi Body Wash review

My Experience with Grace Cole Strawberry and Kiwi Body Wash:

I picked up some body washes and a mist from Grace Cole. This is the among the most gorgeous looking shower gels I have had. It comes in a huge 500 ml cylindrical bottle which is transparent. But the liquid inside is in vibrant blood red colour which makes the packaging look so beautiful. It will be a great gifting item as it looks so attractive and an entire range is available too. And also for those who are confused for Christmas item gifting; wouldn’t this red coloured range topped up with green be perfect?

Grace Cole Strawberry And Kiwi Body Wash packaging

The gel isn’t blood red when you pour it on the loofah; it has a red tint like a tinted lip balm. It has a runny consistency which is why you have to be careful with the quantity being poured on the loofah. A coin sized amount is required at once. It can be used alone or with a loofah but with a loofah it tends to create more lather. Because it creates a very good amount of lather, it can be doubled up as a bubble bath too to provide you a relaxed evening.

The cap is a press open one so very convenient to use and liquid does not leak at any time. At the time of pouring the shower gel on the loofah, I could finally sniff the fragrance. It has an amazing fruity smell of strawberry and kiwi blend. It very much smells like strawberry candies which we used to have in our childhood. Whenever I take bath with this, I go back to the old days, it feels so good.

Grace Cole Strawberry And Kiwi Body Wash usage

Although I liked the smell, it smells a little like plastic and the strawberry smells isn’t that fresh like you sniff from TBS strawberry shower gel. I think this change in the fragrance happens due to the kiwi fragrance presence, but strawberry totally dominates! But the sad part was that I could just smell the fragrance for a minute. I know that none of the shower gel scents last after rinsing, but we can smell them at least while scrubbing the body. I couldn’t smell it even when I was taking bath. The fragrance smells so strong initially that I did not expect it to vanish this quickly, but that is their issue.

The body wash nicely cleansed my skin removing all the impurities and making it clean and fresh. My skin looks healthy and refreshed every time. It takes away the oiliness and greasy layer from my skin. But it might be a little drying for the already dry skin. I have normal skin and my body felt silky but it lacked hydration. Hence there is a need to apply a moisturiser or else the skin will start feeling stretchy. Using the same range lotion might just help to increase the fragrance staying power.

Quench the skin with the shower gel, layer it with the fruity lotion and then spritz the refreshing mist wouldn’t this be the perfect mantra to keep smelling strawberry all day! But Grace Cole has some serious issues with the lasting power of their fragrances and they need to get something done.

Grace Cole Strawberry And Kiwi Body Wash swatch

Pros of Grace Cole Strawberry and Kiwi Body Wash:

• Very attractive and girly bottle in blood red colour; it totally gives me a Christmas feel.
• A very good gifting item as this can also be accompanied with the other products from the same range.
• Good pricing for that quantity.
• The gel nicely cleans my skin leaving it bright and fresh.
• Just a drop is needed to clean the skin because this lathers up very well.
• Can be a double duty product too as it can be used as a scented bubble bath as well.
• Freshens up my skin instantly and makes it look healthy and maintained.
• The body wash has a very pleasing strawberry candy smell which reminds me of my childhood days when candies were everything in life.
• An entire range available to enhance the fragrance staying power.

Cons of Grace Cole Strawberry and Kiwi Body Wash:

• The smell did not even linger around when I was using it; I could smell it only when I poured it on the loofah.
• The fragrance has a very low staying power; it lasted only 1 minute and that too only when I opened the cap.
• I need to apply a moisturiser after using this.
• I don’t understand their pricing; it varies enormously; they should get it standardised.
• Although I liked the fragrance, it smells a bit plastic type and I think that is because of the kiwi.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Grace Cole Strawberry And Kiwi Body Wash?

I think by now if you know me well, you would know the answer. No, I wouldn’t come back to this one because I cheat a lot when it comes to shower gels and can never pretty much remain loyal to one. And there are better shower gels than this but till then I am going use this all up and adding to it my mommy loves this.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Conclusion: I am really dicey about this brand because the lasting power of their fragrance is pretty low!

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