10 Grandma’s Beauty Secrets That Still Work Wonderfully

Approaching Grandma for beauty tips might not be the very first thing you would think of doing. But she was probably way more innovative and knowledgeable in her time about finding ways to keep herself beautiful.

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The best part about her methods is that they are totally natural and organic. And also they are safer than commercial cosmetics and works like magic. Being natural these methods are inexpensive also.

1. Cure acne with lemon

10 Beauty Secrets by Grandma 2

For fresh and acne free skin, squeeze a lemon into a container and add the same amount of water and then, apply the mixture to your pimples with a Q-tip, being careful to avoid your eyes. The antibacterial properties of the lemon will fight the cause of acne and pimples and leave you with a bright and clear complexion.

2. Trim split ends.

10 Beauty Secrets by Grandma 3

This is the most effective way to get rid of them and to make your hair stronger at the same time. Some people cut off the split ends themselves, but if you do not feel comfortable trimming hair yourself, go to a professional hairdresser that will be able to light cut split ends quickly and without damaging your hairstyle.

3. The golden Herb- Turmeric

10 Beauty Secrets by Grandma 6

Turmeric is an ancient beauty remedy. It has anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties that work together in covering up scars and marks and also help in fighting and preventing acne. It also makes the skin brighter and fairer over time. Easily available in every Indian kitchen, turmeric is a must add to your facemask.

4. Eating Right

10 Beauty Secrets by Grandma 4

Eating your veggies is good for your heart and skin. Green leafy vegetables are full of antioxidants that fight off free radicals from sunlight. Grandma may not have known all of those details, but she never doubted the many benefits of broccoli and beets.

5. Potatoes for dark circles

10 Beauty Secrets by Grandma 5

Potatoes will lighten dark circles under your eyes and remove the puffiness too. Just slice some raw potato, give it a wash and place the slices under your eyes for 5-10 minutes and see the difference that it makes.

6. Olive Oil

10 Beauty Secrets by Grandma 7

Olive oil isn’t just for cooking – it can be used for a variety of beauty purposes as well. It’s full of antioxidants that will help protect your skin against pollution and skin damage. You can use it on your face and body, and it works well to condition cuticles. You can also use it on your hair.

7. To fade wrinkles

10 Beauty Secrets by Grandma 9

Apply barley water and a few drops of balm of Gilead to your wrinkles every day.

8. Soft glowing skin

10 Beauty Secrets by Grandma 8

Rub a mixture of honey and glycerin onto your face, then after 15-20 minutes wipe it off gently with a soft cloth. Use this regularly for at least 15 days to get great results.

9. Get full lips

10 Beauty Secrets by Grandma 10

Cinnamon is a natural plumper. Mix a pinch of it with Vaseline. Keep it for 15 m minutes then rinse. Use this twice regularly for 15 days.

10. Get rid of oily skin

10 Beauty Secrets by Grandma 11

Make a thick paste of multani mitti powder by mixing it with rose water or just plain water. Apply it on the face. And let it dry. Wash off and get oil free skin.

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