21 Great Tips For New Moms With Small Kids

The day you declare to the whole world that you are expecting your little one, advices tend to pour in! Becoming a new mom can be overwhelming, but at the same time, some women get anxious and post-partum depression follows. After a few weeks, when the baby becomes active, the parents need to maintain the pace to keep up with the baby. For all new mommies out there who have to balance between house-work/job-work, husband, family and the baby, here are a few quick tips for you that will help survive this period. These tips are great, even if you have a newborn or a toddler at home.

    1. Stick to an early bed-time: Make the baby sleep and so will you get enough beauty sleep. Fix your baby’s bedtime somewhere around 9 PM, so that they maximum sleep by 10 and you can relax too. Also you can spend some good time with your partner. This is how kids develop the habit to sleep early, right from being a toddler.
    2. Keep a journal of to-do things: Living through a hectic schedule, you might forget to do a few tasks and later be super anxious about it. Well, whenever you remember, note it down and strike it off once done. This will help to manage life better. Also, if you aren’t too keen on keeping a journal, download a “to-do” app on your phone.
    3.  You don’t need to be quiet when they sleep: According to experts, most moms stay quiet when the baby sleeps. They can hear loud noises in the womb too and still sleep. Hence make a habit of sleeping them with the noise on, so that you can do your chores, talk on the phone, and go about your usual chores when they sleep.

Great Tips For New Moms With Small Kids

  1. Pre-order essentials: Be it the diapers, the baby food, the baby wipes, powders, creams, oils and much more, keep them in stock. Buy in bundles to get discounts and make one drawer where you can keep such essentials. So that once one pack or bottle gets over, you have another one ready.
  2. Why they cry: Babies cry because they either need food, they have pee-d, or they want someone to play with them! Identify the reason, it will help calm the baby down and keep you calm too of their unnecessary crying.
  3. Keep a water-proof cover: Keep a small sheet of a water-proof cover under the bed-sheet because it can be really hectic to change all the sheets, especially at night.
  4. Coconut oil hack: If your baby suffers from constipation, applying coconut oil or ghee on the belly button will help things ease out for the baby.
  5. Milk supply: Drink a lot of liquid so that the milk production increases, as doctors suggest. Also,  the elders in the family will guide you on the kind of food to eat to boost milk supply.
  6. Use mild baby products: Babies have extremely sensitive skin and they tend to get rashes with harsh products. Wash the face only with a mild baby soap, wash hair with a chemical-free baby shampoo that won’t give tears, use baby oil on their body, use blunt scissors to cut nails, use diaper rash cream whenever needed.
  7. Finish all your chores when they sleep: In the mid-morning, sleep after the baby massage or bath, immediately go and finish all the chores, so that you can relax later when the baby goes for a second nap.
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  9. Make team with husband: It is his baby too! 😛 So team up with him and give him a few chores like bathing the baby or getting all the stuff from outside, bringing grocery etc., to get half of the burden off your shoulder.
  10. Keep your meals stacked: Prep your meals when the baby is asleep and keep it ready for the following day. Things like dosa-idli batter, salads etc can be frozen for a few days.
  11. Read to your child everyday: Be it infant or the toddler, read your kids bedtime stories, and this also inculcates reading habits in them.
  12. Play with your kid: It is always okay to relax a bit when you need it but being lazy will not help. You need to be active and play with your kids. Find new activity games, play with them rather than handing out gadgets to them to keep them busy.
  13. Let the baby sleep on their own: Let kids sleep on their own so that they become independent and you can also finish your chores.
  14. Gives them chores: It is always the best to make your kid active and independent. Ask them to throw garbage, set bed, set newspaper, setting their toys, giving you utensils etc. This will help them learn new things and pass time also.
  15. Teach kids basic manners: Teach them how to greet people, how to talk to them, how to sit, how to eat, etc.
  16. Hygiene: Teach kids the value of hygiene from a very young age, to keep hair, body, and nails clean.
  17. Milk tactics: Some new moms make this mistake. After you feed the, don’t directly put them to sleep. Keep them on your shoulders, pat them and you will hear a burp which means it will get digested properly. Making them sleep directly might make them gassy.
  18. Take your time off: It is okay to take some time off and do something that gives you happiness. You are not only a mom but a human too! Let it go with the flow, do not try to be perfect always. People are imperfect and so are you, so do not let it build anxiety.


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