Go Green Eye Makeup

Go Green Eye Make-up

I am excited about writing this article on creating my ‘green-eye’ makeup look which was appreciated by everyone on IMBB in my last post.

I shall try my best to explain as to how to achieve this green eyes look. I am listing down the eye makeup products that I had used:

• Oriflame Flawless Foundation
• Oriflame kajal crayon: Peacock green
• Oriflame Visions Soul Mates eye shadow: Adam and Eve
• Revlon Eye Pencil: green
• Revlon Waterproof Mascara: black
• ELF liquid liner: black
• ELF eye shadow brush
• maXfactor Lapiz kajal: black

Now for the procedure:
1. I learnt through IMBB that before doing any kind of eye makeup, one must apply a primer. Unfortunately, I don’t have one  🙁 [though I plan to get one soon] and so right now I have used “Oriflame Flawless Foundation” as a base to my eye makeup. I have very generously applied it on my lids and also under my eyes for a flawless look. 😉

Oriflame Flawless Foundation
Oriflame Flawless Foundation

2. Next, I used the “Oriflame kajal crayon” in Peacock green and colored my eye lids extending from my lashline to my crease. Also I use on the outer 1/3 corner of my lower lashline. This gives my eyes a “green goblin” makeup look but please don’t be scared  😛 it’ll be rectified soon 😉

3. Then taking my “Revlon eye pencil” in green (again), I line my eyes i.e. on my upper

Oriflame Kajal Crayon
Oriflame Kajal Crayon

lash line and also the lower water line. Do note that the shade of this Revlon pencil is much darker than the Oriflame crayon and hence lining my eyes gives an illusion of depth.

4. Now, comes my favorite part 😀 Taking my eyeshadow brush and “swishing-swashing” it over the Oriflame powder shadow (in yet another shade of green), I blend in the line created by the Revlon pencil into the whole region colored with the Oriflame crayon.

This step has two purposes. One that the blending of the crayon shadow and the dark liner imparts a softer look to the eyes and second that the powder shadow prevents my base shadow from creasing.

5. Next, I apply the maXfactor kajal in black onto the waterline. I then line my upper lash line with my ELF liquid liner. The black line on a green base looks totally startling on the eyes! 😀

6. Finally, I finish off with applying mascara over my lashes.

7. Do note that in order to get a finished look (I have not done this in the pic), you could blend a shadow that is closest to your skin tone extending from the crease to the brow bone.

8. And finally use a highlighter just at the outer corner of the region under your brows.

And TA DA, your eyes are ready to rock! 😀

final go green look
final go green look

Ufff! It was really difficult to put the steps on paper especially when I wasn’t sure if you would understand what I am trying to say 😉

By the way, the same look for eyes could be done in various shades of Pink as well as Purple or rather any color you take a fancy to. I feel our Indian skin tone is blessed to be able to carry off any color 😛


23 thoughts on “Go Green Eye Makeup

      1. hey Suma…Wanted to ask your opinion on oriflame visions eyeshadows! Are they good? I mean howz the color payoff and other stuff? I am planning to buy some shades…But wanted to get an opinion from those who have used them!! Thnks!! :-))

                1. You have the oriflame ones? How are they? I mean the color payoff and all. I am particularly scared of using oriflame cosmetics after that disappointing visions blush stick!! :-((

                  1. no..dont hv oriflame ones…me also trying for first time but got some basic feedback…the mono eyeshadows seem to be good…visions me too also trying

        1. hey.. i for the first time bought the duo eye shadow thing from Oriflame last month and have used it more than a couple of times… I have liked it pretty much… They are highly pigmented with a silver glitter to it.. but overall very smooth.. 🙂
          staying power? hmmmm… i wore it for some dinners and they stayed in place well… and oh yes! it doesn’t crease 😀
          i’d give it a 3.5/5 and for the price i think it’s a pretty ok buy 🙂

          btw it seems the mono eye shadow by Oriflame range is much better! my friend is using it and loves it 🙂

  1. Nice look Suma 🙂 🙂
    I was planning to buy that kajal crayon some months back…but it was out of stock :-(( :-((
    Then i forgot abt it..this reminds me..that I have to buy it 😀 😀

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