Guardian Antibacterial Wipes Review

Guardian Antibacterial Wipes

Hey Everyone!

Since the summers have started I figured let me review one of my favourite summer essential which are a must have -Facial wipes! I always have facial wipes in my handbag irrespective of the season and especially in summers I don’t step out of the house without them!

So today I’ll be reviewing my current favourite which are Antibacterial Wipes from Guardian. I was introduced to these way back in January and have been repurchasing them ever since!


Product Description: Guardian Antibacterial Wipes are formulated to keep your family clean and fresh. They are alcohol- and paraben- free. It is embossed with honeycomb cushions which give a softer and thicker feel. Suitable for cleaning hands and face while you are at home or on holiday. Resealable pack for convenience.

Ingredient List:-
Aqua, Polysorbate 20, Propylene Glycol, PolyaminopropylBiguanide, Benzalkonium Chloride, Parfum, Aloe Barbadensis, Leaf Juice, Tocopheryl Acetate.

My experience with Guardian Antibacterial Wipes:-

Guardian Antibacterial wipes come in standard plastic packaging with flip flap in the centre to open and remove the wipes. The adhesive on the flip flap is really strong and sticks back nicely! I like this a lot since it keeps the wipes from drying out since this is the problem I face majority of the times with facial wipes.


Guardian has quite a huge range of facial wipes and I use the Antibacterial range. The Antibacterial facial wipes come in 2 varieties with fragrance and fragrance free. The one I am reviewing today is with fragrance but the fragrance is so mild and refreshing that I really don’t mind.

Each packet has 15 facial wipes. Each wipe is designed with honeycomb cushions which feel very soft and gentle on the skin. I don’t use these for removing my makeup but more for dirt and germs when I am travelling or out on vacation or on a beach etc.

The wipes does a good job in removing all dirt from the face, body and neck. It does not cause any irritation on the skin nor did it break me out. Plus these come in very handy especially for a makeup freak like me who is forever swatching lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes etc where ever I get a chance 🙂 The wipe does a good job of removing these swatches from my arms.


I wouldn’t suggest using these as makeup remover, though it does remove blush and compact pretty well from face but for more heavy and long wearing makeup like lipsticks and eyeshadows and mascaras these wouldn’t do anything! Not that I mind since these are not marketed as makeup remover in the first place 🙂

Overall I love these and will keep on buying them till I am here in KL 🙂 I recently bought the wipes for removing makeup as well for my lazy summer days 🙂 testing them right now and will review them soon 🙂

Pros of Guardian Antibacterial Wipes:

• Good travel friendly packaging
• The flip cap has strong adhesive which prevents the wipes from drying!
• The wipes come with honeycomb design
• Does a good job in removing dirt and germs from face
• Can be used on body and neck as well
• Can be used by children as well
• Good for sensitive skin
• Did not break me out or caused any irritation on skin
• Does good job in removing mild makeup like compact or powder blushers
• Contains aloe vera and vitamin E
• Does not dry out the skin
• Extremely mild and refreshing fragrance
• Those with sensitive nose, it comes in fragrance free variety as well
• Cheap!
• Comes in handy for removing swatches of makeup 🙂


Cons of Guardian Antibacterial Wipes:

• None!!!

Price:– 6RM to 8RM depending upon offers

Rating:– 5 out of 5

I love these and always have them in my bag. One of the best facial wipes out there and perfect for summers! Highly recommend them! I have forgotten the no of times I have repurchased them!

I hope the review was helpful, until next time take care and stay beautiful!

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  1. I envy the availability of the specially-made-for-asian-skin stuff you get there 😀 You must be going gaga on the bb creams on offer ^_^

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