Gucci Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick Bitter Grape, Rose Dragee Review

Gucci Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick Bitter Grape, Rose Dragee Review


Claims : retro inspired with a modern feel, the audacious color-intense lipstick grips the lips for bold, saturated color. The lipstick’s innovative formula contains a mix of waxes and resin for a sophisticated, weightless finish. the sculpted sharp-edged form was specially designed to give incredible coverage in a single swipe.

  • intense color formula contains a mix of waxes and resin to grip the lips
  • saturated with pigment for bold color payout
  • signature gourmand ‘Blue Chocolate’ fragrance
  • apply using the sharp edge of the bullet to contour the lips
  • use with sleek contouring lip pencil, vibrant demi-glaze lacquer and lip brush 31
  • dermatologically tested

Price : USD 39 / INR 2,500 approx


My Experience with Gucci Audacious Color-Intense Lipsticks:

Bitter Grape 240 : is a beautiful grape purple color with bluish sheen to it.

Rose Dragée 040 : is a stunning rose brown color with goldenish sheen. It could be a lovely MLBB shade for for a whole lot of people with medium to dusky skin tones. It’s a lovely n*de that does not make your look pale or washed out.

  • The texture is thin and very lightweight. I like to layer on my lipsticks so no matter how many times i swipe these lipsticks on my lips they don’t feel heavy or cakey.
  • The slight micro shimmer in the lipsticks gives a lovely sheen to the lipsticks.
  • The lipsticks are suuuuper hydrating.
  • Both the lipsticks neither smudged not smeared. I didn’t notice them settling in fine lines as well.
  • One swipe gives an opaque coverage. Both of them are very pigmented. You can totally build up the color as well.
  • The staying power of the Bitter Grape lipsticks is around 6 hours and it leaves a lovely deep pink stain behind. The staying power of Rose Dragée lipstick is around 4 hours and it pretty much disappears after that. But I love both the colors equally. 🙂
  • Both lipsticks transfer easily but still stay put pretty well.
  • The packaging is classic and has an old world charm to it. It’s black and gold from the outside. The lipstick tube has Gucci’s double ‘G’ logo engraved all over.
  • These have a powdery fragrance (which apparently is a Blue Chocolate fragrance. I have no clue what that is) but they also have a weird soapy taste to them. It is not too strong for me and it fades away after a while. Honestly, it does not bother be until I am like literally licking my lips. But it could be bothersome for some people. If you ask me, I don’t think a taste such as this should have been there for such a high end lipstick.

Overall, I absoluuutely love these lipsticks. They almost feel nothing on lips and are so hydrating. The color selection is beautiful. I have been using some of them so much that the engraved ‘G’ on top of the lipsticks has completely disappeared. 😀 Definitley worth having one or two in your kitty. 🙂

Regarding being the best in the luxury segment? Well, someone has to work reallllly hard to beat Tom Ford lipsticks.

Rating : 4/5

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Swatch :

gucci lipstick swatches

FOTD : Everything on my face is used from Gucci’s makeup line. More reviews coming up soon! 🙂

gucci-lipsticks-photosand a fuzzy cozy photo of me wearing bitter grape. 🙂



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39 thoughts on “Gucci Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick Bitter Grape, Rose Dragee Review

  1. awesome.. both these shades r out of my forte but u totally rocked them like always.. hats off.. I am loving the make up and these lippies more on ur flawless skin than in bullet honestly.. 🙂 I m waitin for red lippy review now.. 🙂
    guess both these shades are nt for me..

  2. firstly, such beautiful packaging! I could keep staring at them and never use them actually. I am so much in love with these dark purplish shades nowadays. This is such a beautiful color and looks fab on you. And yes the nu*e shade did not wash you out at all. It is kind of tough getting right nude shade for paler Indian complexion.

  3. Awesome!! The shades, your picis, everything. The texture looks so rich and creamy, and the pigmentation is soooo good. 😀 😀

  4. Ratiii…I would buy these for the packaging only…that signature gucci packing…love both the shades esp the grape shade…you are totally rocking it…and your outfit…*sigh*, yet again u look fab…love that hat..very cute!

  5. Finally, yayyyyyyyy!! Lovely reviews 🙂 and man the packaging!!! *drools* That grape one sure looks great on you :)… waiting for red lippy review now.. my love for red is eternal 😛

  6. Their packaging is breathtaking seriously 🙂 such a big time luxury.. i loved the pics a lot… the grape one totally looks hawwtttt for the season.. 🙂 and the steal of the post was the cozy winter pic.. very very cute.. you love those big silicon cartoon cases? i have always observed that.. me too a lover of such cases.. 🙂 i got a big kitty and a minnie case which is almost the same 🙂

  7. The lipsticks are so tempting…the texture…packaging..everything is amazing…and above all your FOTD….waiting for your other reviews eagerly… 🙂

  8. I had seen those epics on FB and wanted to know the lip colour…now i do! Loved the Grape shade – Its so pretty and looks fab on you. You carry off the Rose shade well too, but you know me, n*des aren’t my cup of tea! So badly want to get my hands on Gucci…a long wait ahead…

    1. i know . I hope you do get hold of these soon. I am liking all the products so far. Let’s see. :)) a little disappointed about the taste part though… still like these. :)) thank you 🙂

  9. Both shades look absolutely perfect on you. The tube is utterly classy, the engraved ‘double G’ stole my heart. I loved the Rose dragee shade a lot 🙂

  10. Rati….u look fab as always…can u suggest me an eye shadow for that natural no makeup look….Are u wearing any eye shadow in the cozy purple sweater pic….

  11. I’ve never ever ever bought a dark purple lipstick because I always thought they looked hideous. But now I am changing my mind, they are very pretty. Actually I liked the my lips but better shade when I looked at the lipsticks but I have to say that the purple suited you much better. Btw..does it have tiny glittery particles in it?

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