Gucci Envy Me Perfume Review

Gucci Envy Me Perfume Review

With a name like Envy Me, it’s only appropriate that Gucci describes this as a fragrance meant to be worn by a young woman who demands attention and wants to be an object of desire.

Gucci Envy Me Perfume is definitely young, with a slim, pretty bottle covered with interconnected pink letter Gs that look like little bows from afar, and a clean white cap emblazoned with the name of the perfume—the word me highlighted in pink.

Gucci Envy Me Eau De Toilette
Gucci Envy Me Eau De Toilette

Gucci Envy Me
Gucci Envy Me

Released in 2004, the top notes for Gucci Envy Me Perfume are Peony, Pineapple, Pink Pepper, Cassia, Peach, Jasmine, and Mango, while the middle notes are composed of Musk, White Tea, Peony, Litchi, Pomegranate, Peony, Jasmine, and Rose.  The base notes are made up of Teak Wood, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Musk, and Tobacco.

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Envy Me starts off as a bright, peppery fruity-floral scent, which I think smells pleasant, though a fairly common scent, as there are about a hundred fruity-floral fragrances out there.  It’s rather light at first, and seems young and romantic.

It turns richer and heavier as the middle notes come out. It smells warmer, sweeter, and muskier, and loses the perky fruity notes.  I like this change because I’m generally fond of sweet scents, and also I remember how the rich, luxe feel of the fragrance gave me comfort during the times I was stuck in a cold, bland office faced with loads of work.  If I sniff it too closely and too many times on my wrists though, as well as when I wear it on a hot, humid day, I sometimes get a bit of a headache.

It dries down to a very warm, nutty scent and I get wafts of what to me smell something like a musky combination of dark chocolate and coffee beans.  It is soft, sweet, and pretty sexy.  It seems perfect for cuddling on a cold day.

Lasting power on me is very good.  The scent stays on pretty much the whole day, and since it is somewhat heavy, one or two sprays are all I need.

Envy Me Uncapped
Envy Me Uncapped

You might have noticed in the pictures above that the bottle I have is nearly empty and that the label has faded a bit.  This is because I used this perfume almost exclusively when I was a young woman seeking or maybe hoping for—but not demanding—a little attention.  That was when I’d landed my first job after graduating from college, when I was very much single, felt independent, and just wanted to have some fun.  I associate this fragrance with that time and I think it was actually appropriate for that period of my life.

When I sniff what is left of my perfume now, I can’t help but reminisce those times.  I don’t really plan to buy a new bottle because it seems to belong to a younger, more girly me.  It doesn’t really smell bold, nor does it demand attention, but it is certainly young, sweet, with hints of sensuality.  I really ought to wear it one of these days on one of my dates with hubby!

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23 thoughts on “Gucci Envy Me Perfume Review

  1. You know I absolutely do not like this perfume (sorry Ida) …. I bought it once.. big mistake .. I was so confused smelling stuff in the shop I thought I liked it … The very next day I realised what a horrible mistake I made :-(( :-(( :-(( I used it sparingly until about a yr later I exchanged the almost barely used bottle for my friend’s L’EAUPARKENZO POUR FEMME EAU INDIGO by Kenzo …..

    1. Hey Janhavi, I take no issue with that. 🙂 People have different preferences, I know and accept this. :-)) I also know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by so many scents and get pressured by sales people when buying perfume. I’ll have to try that Kenzo perfume sometime.

  2. I love this perfume, it has mild, sweet scent that lasts long.. My husband bought me this as a gift.. I used to have Incanto charms but i want to try something new. It makes me feel pretty everytime I used it. i’m so satisfied ^

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