Gucci Pencil Brush No 22 Review, Photos

gucci pencil brush 22

Claims :
The pencil brush is a multifunctional beauty must-have. use the short, tapered tip for detailed blending to achieve a smoky eye look. The pencil-like tip is ideal for creating definition and applying concentrations of color. Cool-to-the-touch, the weight and feel of the double anodized aluminum handle is balanced for perfect control.

  • handcrafted
  • includes protective GG pouch
  • made with 100% natural pony hair
  • to care for your pencil brush 22 carefully wash the brush once a week with warm water and a gentle shampoo

Price : USD 35

My Experience with Gucci Pencil Brush No 22

I am a sucker for pencil brushes. Mostly because I like to wear my kajal smudged so a pencil brush is something I use almost daily. Plus, I do my signature smokey eyes (video) and I have to have a pencil brush handy. I have two pencil brushes already ( MAC 219 and Sigma E 30),  I totally had no problems adding another one in my kitty. The more the merrier, in my case. 😀

Gucci Pencil Brush is a gorgeous glossy black brush. There is a minimal gold leterring on the brush. At the end Gucci’s Double ‘G’ logo is embossed.  As sturdy as it looks and feels, it is a weightless brush. What I like the most about this brush is that the handle is not very long. I feel that gives a better control when you hold it. Also, the brush feels nice and cool when you hold it.

The bristles are very soft. They are packed in a dome shape. It is not a very stiff pencil brush but it has a nice blend to it. So the fluffiness of the brush not only smudges the pencil but also gives a nice seamless look to the eyeshadow. So smudging and blending can go hand in hand. The pointy edge also helps get the the inner corner of the eyes. And that also helps in doing a nice under eye lash eyeshadow application as well.

If you like doing cut crease application, this brush is idea. It can very precisely place the eyeshadow for crease work without going all over the place. You can also create a nice outer ‘V’ using this brush.

It comes with its own velvetty. I never use it but one always have an option to keep your brushes protected at all times. Plus the pouch makes it easier to carry the brush while travelling.

I have already washed it a couple of times and it has maintained it shape. Does not bleed.

100% recommended. This brush is going to last me years to come. An absolute fan!

Rating 5/5


gucci pencil brush 22 review gucci pencil brush 22 review, photos gucci-pencil-brush-22-1 gucci-pencil-brush-22-review gucci-pencil-brush-22-2

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2 thoughts on “Gucci Pencil Brush No 22 Review, Photos

  1. I love pencil brushes for smudging my kajal too.. Nothing works better! I too have the MAC 219 🙂 it’s a great brush! But this looks even better 😀 The makeup wishlist is always never-ending!! 😀

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