Gucci Powder Brush #10 Review, Photos

gucci powder brush 10

Designed to perform at professional standards, the Powder Brush is an essential tool for virtually flawless makeup application. The large, paddle-shaped tip enables smooth and even powder pickup, and the cool-to-the-touch double anodized aluminum handle is weighted for perfect control.

  • Powder brush 10
  • Handcrafted
  • Made with a blend of goat and synthetic hair
  • To care for your powder brush 13 carefully wash the brush once a week with warm water and a gentle shampoo
  • Includes protective GG pouch
  • Use with golden glow bronzer, luxe finishing powder and sheer blushing powder

My Experience with Gucci Powder Brush #10

The powder brush from the range is nothing less than impressive.
Unlike the most powder brushes that are round in shape, Gucci powder brush is a wide tapered fluffy brush. The tapered end prevents the bristles from being too scattered. This makes for a very controlled application. The bristles are densely packed but still have enough movement to blend powder in the skin seamlessly. You can also use this brush as a blush brush because of the medium size and controlled bristles movement.

The bristles are soft. But someone still has to beat the softness of bristles of Hakuhodo brushes. I think Gucci powder brush is a good mix of natural and synthetic bristles. Sometimes an all natural bristles brush can be a bit scratchy. This feels very gentle and soft on the skin. The bristles are also very well cut and look even throughout.

The denseness of the bristles help pick up the powder easily. The handle is almost weightless and it is not very long. Both the aspects make for a very controlled application. I love how classy all black brush looks. There is a minimal lettering of the brand on the brush. it comes with a velvetty pouch in case you want to use it.
I have washed the brush a couple of times already and the brush has maintained its shape and softness.
All in all, a fabuuuulous brush. A must have? May be not. I’d still say that is an investment and you’d love using it every time you use it. 🙂 I think it is a very well crafted and thoughtfully made powder brush.
Rating : 5/5

gucci powder brush 10 review

gucci powder brush 10 review, photos

gucci powder brush 10 review, photos

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