Gucci Purifying Cleansing Water Review, Swatch, Demo

Gucci purifying cleansing water

Claims : The purifying cleansing water is a refined, versatile cleanser that gently dissolves makeup and impurities. the formula is carefully designed to cleanse the skin on a microscopic level with a balanced blend of dynamic micellar molecules, leaving the skin purified and refreshed.
suitable for all skin types: dry, oily and combination.

  • Versatile formula that can perform quick make-up changes, correct errors or refresh skin
  • removes makeup and impurities with or without the addition of water
  • press cotton pad on top of cleansing water pump and gently press to dose

For face: apply the cleansing water to cotton pads and smoothly wipe over the entire face until make up is removed. There is no need to rinse with water.

For lips: softly hold a soaked pad onto the lip area before wiping away lip color.

For eyes: gently hold a soaked cotton pad on the eyelid for several seconds before wiping downward

Over lashes. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Repeat as needed.

Use with refining gentle toner and perfecting lightweight moisturizer

Price : USD 49 for 150 ml/ Rs 3,100 approx |BUY THIS PRODUCT HERE|

My Experience with Gucci Purifying Cleansing Water :

I like to try a lot of makeup removers. I love makeup but I also need solid makeup removers in my vanity that would remove every last trace of makeup for my skin. I got introduced to these cleansing waters years back through Bioderma and I have never looked back since then.

I picked up this Gucci Purifying Cleansing Water and I am almost half way through it. It comes packaged in this lovely transparent water with a black top. The cap is embossed with Gucci’s signature pattern. The bottle has a press plate mechanism. You put the cotton pad on the little plate , press it down and the liquid comes up. It’s nothing new. I use to have Bioderma bottle with the same mechanism. It just makes things easier. You don’t have to title the bottle. Just press the top and that would soak the cotton pad with the liquid.

It is a very gentle but extremely efficient makeup remover. It removes every single trace of makeup and most of eye and lip makeup in just one go. But I go over 2-3 times to get rid of every last trace of makeup off from my skin.

Does not leave any residue behind. Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh. You don’t feel the need to wash your face after using this. But I do, just to be sure. Does not feel heavy on skin. Is perfect for all skin types.

It is pretty much fragrance free. It has been extremely good my skin and it does not sting the eyes. It removes pretty much everything with little effort. I absolutely love using it but to be honest, the Bioderma makeup remover is just as awesome. 🙂

Would use it till it lasts but through my makeup remove since I got it. But I am very very happy with Bioderma that comes at fraction of the price. I go through so many bottles of it quickly and would happily stick to that. Plus, Bioderma is easily available. I don’t have to go all the way to Paris to get hold of it.

That said, if you don’t mind the price for a makeup remover and all the luxury that comes with it, definitley give it a go. One of the nicest makeup removers I have in my kitty. Love every bit of it! 🙂


Gucci purifying cleansing water review Gucci purifying cleansing water The press pump!gucci-purifying-cleansing-water-2 Demo : Removes maximum makeup gently except may be the stubborn black eyeliners and mascaras.

Gucci purifying cleansing water swatches

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12 thoughts on “Gucci Purifying Cleansing Water Review, Swatch, Demo

  1. wow glad that it works considering the hefty price and name tag.. 🙂 Will check it soon then.. 🙂 thanx for introducing this to us rati 🙂 it is always a pride moment to see top notch pdts on IMBB

  2. Hi, Rati! nice review but 3100 INR seems to be a little too much for a makeup remover. I will rather stick to Bioderma Makeup remover 😀

  3. Seems to be a good product! The pump is gorgeous, that bottle would look stunning on the dressing table 😀 I’m satisfied with Cetaphil atm 🙂

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