Guerlain 22 Greta Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact Review

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Today’s review is on another Rouge G lipstick form Guerlain. I have reviewed a handful of shades for you earlier – Geisha, Gentiane, Girly, Gigolo, Gipsy and Genna. Today’s shade is something that I picked up about a week before I bought Geisha. Let us find out more about it…

Guerlain 22 Greta Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact Review

Product Details:
Lipstick is reinvented in an exceptional jewel with Rouge G, a subtle balance of intense colour and the comforting pleasure of a creamy lip balm. Behind this magical creation is an astounding formula: the unique combination of ruby powder for spectacular radiance, hyaluronic acid spheres for perfectly smoothed lips and wild mango butter for lasting hydration.
Lips are intensely coloured, perfectly smoothed, moisturized and plumped up. For excessively perfect lips!
A truly exceptional palette, lip glamour comes in 20 colourful shades as luxurious as they are radiant. 
Rouge G also comes in four Rouge G Le Brillant shades to dress lips in a luxurious scintillating effect.

Guerlain 22 Greta Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact outer pack

$54 in US for 3.5 gm.
The packaging of the lipstick asks for sonnets to be written on it – and I have written them 😛 Please check my review on Gipsy for a detailed description and view-point on the lipstick “compact.” For this review, I’ll try to keep it short and simple.

Guerlain 22 Greta Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact outer packaging

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The packaging of this lipstick screams luxury – it’s the most easily recognizable design. The white gold shimmer lipstick compact was designed for Guerlain by Lorenz Bäumer, the young and talented jeweler in Place Vendôme. This is most definitely the heaviest lipstick and one of the most expensive ones out there.  The lipstick compact consists of a twin mirror. The lipstick bullet closes the folded mirror and holds them together with its magnetic closure.

Guerlain 22 Greta Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact name

My Experience with Guerlain 22 Greta Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact:

Color:  I have always been drawn to cool-toned reds rather than warm-toned ones. I don’t know why? Considering, I am warm toned myself, it should be the other way round, right? Maybe it is the influence of the Ruby Woo or something totally unrelated, I find that cool-toned reds just brighten up my face. If I want something warmer, I would much rather pick up an orange or an orange-tinted red than an essentially warm red, but that is just me. So, when I switched lipsticks in the store and saw Greta and Geisha, I was obviously drawn to Greta. It is a cool-toned medium red with this amazing opaque glossy finish. Just look at the lip swatch – you will get what I mean. The shade is an absolutely luscious red.

Guerlain 22 Greta Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact mirror

Guerlain 22 Greta Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact

The shade will suit all girls, you just have to be comfortable wearing a red. I think it would look striking on all skin tones – across the spectrum.

Texture: The texture of this is consistent with the previous shades reviewed – it’s absolutely stunning! It is lightweight and creamy with a glossy shine – though not so creamy that would make lines on your lips when they are pursed together. It’s amazing that the lipstick doesn’t move much despite it being so creamy and glossy. The lipstick is extremely smooth and hydrating. The hydration lasts for a couple of hours beyond its wear time. The formula is very comfortable to wear. It does not need a lip liner – there is no feathering or bleeding. The texture is definitely one of the best out there, especially if you like glossy/shine/voluptuous lips! The texture just makes your lips look so pouty and is especially great for ageing lips which may have too many lip lines – it masks the lines very well.

Guerlain 22 Greta Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact swatch

Pigmentation: It is extremely pigmented, fully opaque in a single swipe, perfect for someone like me who has pigmented lips. You generally see brands doing pigmented shades for their satin/matte lines, but for their glossy/shine lipsticks, they generally go for sheer finishes, which absolutely bums me out because I love full coverage lipsticks, so end up wearing mattes more often than glossy ones. The texture of Rouge G is so delightfully different – it is nicely pigmented and still has this amazing glossiness to it!

Guerlain 22 Greta Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact face swatch

Lasting Power: This is the aspect which creates a “wow” for me, the longevity of a lipstick. And in case of Rouge G, it is doubly so because despite being this glossy, shiny, creamy lipstick – it still gives you good wear. Greta can last you the whole day, even through meals! By the end of the day, the colour may not be as vivid or glossy as it was when you first applied it, but it is still there, along with the residual stain. So, overall, you do get good wear from it – about 7 hours plus. Also, where it fades, it fades extremely evenly and does not get or look patchy!

Pros of Guerlain 22 Greta Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact:

  • A beautiful vibrant color.
  • Lightweight, creamy texture.
  • Excellent pigmentation, goes opaque in a single swipe.
  • Extremely hydrating.
  • Easy to apply from the tube.
  • The lipstick applies smoothly – no tug or pull – far from it!
  • Does not settle into the fine lines of the lips.
  • No feathering or bleeding.
  • Iconic luxe packaging.
  • Packaging is convenient for applying and touch-ups.
  • Compact comes with a magnetic closure.

Cons of Guerlain 22 Greta Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact:

  • The lipstick compact is heavy – you can’t just throw it in your clutch!
  • Difficult to store – they don’t stand.
  • It has a fragrance, which may be an issue for some, not for me.

IMBB Rating:
A definite 5/5 product.

A small note with my viewpoint – Guerlain’s compact – quite like that of Christian Louboutin’s lipsticks – is iconic and exceptionally unique. When you pay for the lipstick, you do pay for the actual compact – whether you appreciate it or not. So, basically, with these big brands – you are paying for the unique packaging (compacts), the brand name itself and then the product. However, with Guerlain Rouge Gs, even if you strip off the first 2 things – the lipstick formula itself is exceptional. It really does not need the compact or the brand name to stand out. So, I do believe that it is well worth the money and I totally recommend it.

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