Guerlain – Meteorite Perles #02 Teint Beige

Guerlain – Meteorite Perles #02 Teint Beige

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It’s the last day of the month and I have been procrastinating on submitting this review. This is quite unlike me – I don’t mean procrastinating, I love that!! What’s unlike me is that I have had a very unique experience with this product. The product in question – Guelain Meteorite Perles (Perles is french for Pearls).

Curious to know what I am talking about? Read on…

The Product (from the website):

An array of Luminecent colours reflects on the skin creating a burst of pure, absolute, magical radiance in a single application. Les Meteorites de Guerlain, the quintessence of loose powder in the form of small pearls. The result of Guerlain’s unrivaled expertise in powder formulation, these celestial pearls reveal the secret of the purest radiance to every skin tone.


A rosy complexion tends to show redness, while a beige complexion turns grey with the onset of fatigue and a golden complexion becomes yellow and dull. As the uncontested expert in color and powder, Guerlain has created three different MétéoritesPerles color harmonies to address the ways that different skin tones reflect color and light, in line with the principles of the color wheel and interaction of secondary colors.

Harmony 01 / Teint Rose (Rose Tint) corrects by using mauve to reflect light and brightening the complexion along with green to reduce redness; pink to give skin a more even look; and white for illumination, gold for “radiance.”
Harmony 02 / Teint Beige (Beige Tint) corrects with mauve and pink to keep skin from looking dull; beige and apricot beige to add warmth; and white and white gold to reflect light.
Harmony 03 / Teint Dore (Gold Tint) corrects with mauve and blue to eliminate yellowness amongst a golden tone; beige and chocolate beige enhance golden tones; and white gold reflects light while pearly apricot brightens.


$60.00 / INR 3100 for 30gms



The Meteorites Pearls are packaged in a metallic round jar type container. Its extremely light-weight, so not sure what metal has been used. It’s classy and elegant– very Victorian with the iconic motif on top which is there in all Meteorite products – Pearls, Voyage, Primer, etc. The lid fits-in not too snuggly – can easily open if dropped or pushed against something – so not very travel friendly. Its travel friendly version is the Meteorite Voyage powder. This contains a soft sponge over the pearls –for keeping them safe from spilling and not really as an applicator.A new box is about half full with the pearls.


Guerlain has a Meteorite Perles brush also – but the same is sold separately.

My experience with Guerlain – Meteorite Pearls – #02 Teint Beige:

Let me first share what category the product falls in – it’s a finishing powder or an all-over–the-face illuminating powder which is supposed to colour correct as well. Hence, the different coloured beads/pearls of powder. It is supposed to go onto the face as the last step of makeup – after the foundation, loosepowder, blush, etc are already on. Technically, the pearls fall somewhwre between a loose powder and a compact powder. The product consists of pearls – small beads of powder – of various colours ranging from white, champagne, peach, beige, violet, pink, apricot.


Poetry on paper (from the product leaflet) – For this unique creation, Guerlain tooks its inspiration from the way light seperates into a spectrum of colour. When white light is split through a prism, it transforms into a myriad of different coloured rays. Conversly, when these colours are brought together, a single ray of absolute white light is formed. Meteorites reproduce absolute white light to enhance your complexion by blending together small multi-coloured pearls, creating the sought after perfect radiance.


My Expectations–I had great expectations from this product since most of the people on the world wide web were screaming about what an awesome illuminator/highlighter this is and how it magically creates the photo shopped effect in real life and how it softens the look and provides this amazing radiance.


So does the product live upto the hype around it? Simple and straightforward – NO. And here is why I procrastinated on writing the review – I really really wanted this one to work. I had wanted to buy these since ages and when IMBB put this on the IMBB Sponsored list, I jumped with joy. I was suggested the shade #02 by the Guerlain SA since it was more suitable for medium skin-tones – that’s where I fall. I am MAC NC30.


I tried the product as a highlighter, as over all face illuminator, with different brushes, different foundation and techniques – I seriously couldn’t figure what the hype is all about!The product itself is finely-milled goes onto the skin smoothly with a nice fluffy brush – I use the Estee Lauder Powder brush for this. But, I failed to see any visible changes. I do understand that the radiance which people refer to would be subtle and make one feel like they have better quality skin – than they actually do. However, I didn’t feel there to be even a subtle change. If I went light with it, there was no visible difference (not even subtle) and If I piled it on, the effect was hardly becoming. In short, no “radiance”, no “lit-from-within” feeling, definately no reduction in visibility of pores or the photo-shopped effect!

Guerlain___Meteorite_Perles__02_Teint_Beige__9_ Guerlain___Meteorite_Perles__02_Teint_Beige__3_

Now, all the people on the Internet cannot be lunatics raving about a product which just doesn’t work, right? I finally figured this as a simple skin-tone issue. The product probably shows its magical effect on light caucasian skin and is not made for the yellow or olive skin tones females from the other end of the spectrum. Plus, it might help if the skin of the person is better quality – meaning lacking in pigmentation.

Its very romantic to use the product from the box and feels like poetry in motion – but the buck stops there!

To sum this up for you:

Guerlain___Meteorite_Perles__02_Teint_Beige__8_ Guerlain___Meteorite_Perles__02_Teint_Beige__7_

Pros of Guerlain – Meteorite Pearls – #02 Teint Beige:

1. Extremely finely milled and smooth
2. Easy to use from the box
3. Fab packaging – great to keep on your vanity as a breathtakingly beautiful paper-weight


Cons Guerlain – Meteorite Pearls – #02 Teint Beige:

1. Did not work on my skintone – does not feel like its illuminating, providing radiance or enhancing the look in any way. Did not see any change pre and post application.
2. Smells of violets – Guerlain is a perfume-house, so their makeup does contain perfume.
3. Does not come with a brush/applicator

IMBB Rating – 1/5

Need I repeat? I am not recommending this to anyone. Nope. I have included a hand swatch of the product – if you can make out there is a swatch, let me know.

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23 thoughts on “Guerlain – Meteorite Perles #02 Teint Beige

  1. hwww *shock* kya hai yeh DHOKHA… *spank* dikhne mei jitna accha hai utna hee useless OMG!! rofl you save a lot of people *hihi* god bless u KK

      1. Awwwwwwww thanks Parmita! I really wanted it to work – i tried so many combinations but… *headbang* *headbang* *headbang*

  2. awww KK, there is an exactly similar product in Oriflame with price tag about $13 if i remember and i have been dying to get them just because they look so pretty!!! and offcourse, these ones do too but i can’t see any swatch at all. i think you should keep them as a showpiece in drawing room 😀 very well written review…

    1. I have tried the Oriflame product ages ago – it comes in 2 shades and is more of a highlighting blush – it is supposed to give certain colour to the skin and does so. However, this is supposed to give radiance/glow – not highlighting. I failed to see the difference in skin – no glow, no radiance.

  3. Wow it looks great, but it is a dud *shock* with the price tag, we can buy a lippy instead, anyways nice review, store some gold jewelry in it, I know I am sounding like typical south Indian *haan ji*

    1. Thankfully, with the review being up, someone else will not waste money on this pretty little dud! I thought of using it as a jewellery box but the lid doesn’t fit snuggly – not ideal to keep gold jewellery in! *headbang* *headbang*

    1. I had such great expectations Rashmita – what with the whole world saying how awesome this was. I could not try (before buying) coz the pearls in the containers at the counter were exposed to air and felt as if they had been stocked ages ago – so looked like there was dust mixed with pearls. I couldn’t take a chance of applying THAT on my face!

  4. my goodness.. look at the price.. *woot* n effects.. *hunterwali*
    Its really heart breaking if the pdt is not even worth its price.. *hunterwali*
    But yes u r rt kk, i also noticed that some pdts r only meant for flawless gals which work like wonders on them but for me they r dud.. *hunterwali* Atleast these high brands shud mention about these points before making a honey trap.. *smack*

    1. I feel that the range of certain brands is more centred towards caucasian skin – Guerlain is definitely one of them. They have to come to terms that people from different ethnicity live within USA and Europe (with the purchasing power to afford their brand), forget the ones outside.

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