Guerlain ‘Midnight Secret’ Late Night Recovery Treatment Review

Guerlain ‘Midnight Secret’ Late Night Recovery Treatment

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Hello ladies. How are you all doing? Today I am sharing my views on one of the most sought after brand named Guerlain. I love the quality of their products and what to say about their packaging, all of us at IMBB are fans already (thanks to KK). I was ecstatic when I got to try their Midnight Secret late night recovery treatment. I am someone who does not go to bed till wee hours of the morning but as I have to wake up early, my total sleeping hours are way less than they should be and it shows up on my skin unfortunately. My face look so weary and lack luster when I wake up. This cream is supposed to take away that exhausted look from your face and make you look vibrant and well rested. Let us see if it really does what it claims.


Product description:

It is a late-night recovery treatment. Late to bed, early to rise? Midnight Secret will never tell! This ultimate nighttime skin repair remedy instantly erases signs of fatigue while soothing and softening redness and irritation. Even with just a few hours of sleep, the skin looks refreshed and well-rested. Hydronoctine detoxifies by replenishing moisture and oxygen to the cells, while yeast extract improves cellular oxygenation. Vitamin E and rice extract combat free radicals.


Price: $123 for 1oz product

How To Use: Apply to cleansed skin at night, either alone or under another skincare product for up to three times per week (on non-consecutive nights).


Packaging: The packaging of this product carries on the legacy of Guerlain. It comes in a luxurious looking royal blue glass bottle with a gold cap. It has a pump to dispense the product. The bottle is transparent and makes it possible for you to be aware of the amount of product left inside. You have to be extra careful with the glass bottle; you cannot afford to be clumsy with this one.



My experience with Guerlain ‘Midnight Secret’ Late Night Recovery Treatment

With today’s hectic lifestyle, our whole body including our skin needs seven to eight hours of sleep to go in to repair mode to let the new skin cells grow and replace the older ones. Lack of sleep causes the blood vessels to dilate causing those hideous dark circles. As I am writing this I am realizing that I should better change my sleeping habits soon.

Guerlain ‘Midnight Secret’ Late Night Recovery Treatment contains ingredients that provide oxygen to the skin cells and make your skin look refreshed. So clearly I had high expectations with this product. It is a lightweight cream that absorbs quickly in to the skin. It feels really light on application and my skin does not feel greasy at all (FYI my skin is extremely oily). It has a prominent rose scent; it smells just divine. Any of you ladies who don’t like strong floral scents might have an issue with this one.


I have been using it almost every night for this past month before I go to sleep and even with very few hours of sleep, my skin feels very soft and smooth in the morning. It definitely makes my skin look more even toned and hydrated without being oily. It does not clog my pores, have not had any breakouts with it. It has been advised by the brand to use it for up to three times a week but I have been using it more frequently just to be really sure about this product, I mean look at the price of this thing. With a price tag this hefty it better be exceptional.


So what is my answer to the real question, Does this cream work? To that I would say, yes, it does make my skin look less fatigued and more rejuvenated even with the lack of sleep. Then what is the problem? I don’t find it to be unique and spectacular enough to be worth the price. I have tried other night creams with great results. So ladies the ball is in your court with this one. I will probably be restraining from using it every night and will reach for it three times a week as advised.


Pros of Guerlain ‘Midnight Secret’ Late Night Recovery Treatment

• Hydrates and repairs the skin
• Will give you well rested skin in the morning
• Smells amazing
• Absorbs quickly
• Will not make the skin extra oily
• Luxurious looking packaging ( and practical too with the hygienic pump and the transparent bottle)
• Does not clog pores
• Will work for all skin types


Cons of Guerlain ‘Midnight Secret’ Late Night Recovery Treatment

• Expensive

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Guerlain Midnight Secret late night recovery treatment does what it claims to do. If you are looking for a good night time cream and don’t mind the price tag then you should definitely give it a try. For all you new moms out there;) this would be of great help.

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