Guerlain Orchidee Exceptional Complete Care The Eye and The Lip Cream Review

guerlain orchidee eye cream review

Claims :  An exceptional eye and lip cream that minimizes visible signs of aging.
What it is formulated to do:
Brighten and refresh eyes while hydrating and plumping up the look of lips—so they appear firmer and more clearly defined. Enhanced with the revitalizing gold orchid technology, Guerlian’s proprietary formula, this fresh, soothing global treatment supports antiaging while brightening, smoothing, and instantly redefining the appearance of the contours around the eyes and lips for flawless makeup application every time.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
Orchidée Impériale is an ongoing quest for beauty. In the beginning, a rare flower that foils time—the orchid—is a wonder of longevity and an incredible source of discoveries for science. Guerlain has been the expert in orchids and skin longevity for over 12 years: three orchids selected from 30,000 and a new one—the Gold Orchid support the regeneration of cell life. Orchidée Impériale offers exceptional complete care that has evolved since its creation to always assist with global age-defying action with cutting-edge performance.

Ingredients :
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Price : USD 168 approx
guerlain orchidee eye cream review

My Experience with Guerlain Orchidee Exceptional The Eye and The Lip Cream
If I have to give an award for best eye cream for 2015, I would without any doubt give this under eye cream that accolade. I picked up Guerlain Orchidee Exceptional The Eye and The Lip cream from Paris and I have been using it since months now.

Guerlain eye cream comes in this gorgeous little round glass pot in the colors of luxe gold and royal blue. It’s a little pot so I mange to travel with it but I wouldn’t mind a tube or a sleeker packaging.
The texture of eye cream is so light and thin. When you apply it, it feels as if your under eye area is literally soaking it up. It goes on smoothly without irritating the sensitive eye area. It leaves the under eye area plump and over a period of usage, I have noticed that it has made my under eye area look hydrated and more relaxed. I use it everyday during day time because for night I need a richer under eye cream. It goes like a dream underneath the eye makeup. The cream gets absorbed quickly and leave sunder eye area hydrated and ready for makeup to go on. The best part is that the cream leaves no oily residue behind. It only hydrates and leaves the delicate skin plump. I have tried using it on lips and around it as well, I don’t find it too comfortable using a cream of this texture on my lips. Sometimes I just use it around the mouth area and it does a great job at keeping skin hydrated. Sometimes some under eye creams can leave tiny bumps, I have never faced any such problem with this one. It has only made my under eye area look better and brighter over past few months. And I abssoooolutttely love it. Plus once you apply it during the day, it keeps your skin plump and nice throughout the day. The concealer goes on smoothly after you apply this cream.

The ingredients include powerful anti ageing ingredients. Talking about smoothening fine lines so I don’t have much of them at the moment. But what I have 100% noticed is that I had very very fine criss cross lines developing on my under eye area and I don’t see them now. I am not sure if this would work on the deep fine lines. My under eye area looks smoother and very relaxed with continuous usage. This is definitely one of the exceptional under eye creams I have used so far.
That said, it is a very expensive under eye cream. But boy! this works! Never tried an eye cream this good.  🙂
Rating : 4/5

guerlain orchidee eye cream review, swatch guerlain-orchidee-imperiale-exceptional-complete-care-the-eye-and-lip-cream guerlain-orchidee-imperiale-exceptional-complete-care-the-eye-and-lip-cream-review
Swatch : guerlain orchidee eye cream swatch

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