Guess For Women by Guess Review

Guess For Women by Guess

Guess For Women

Playful, feminine and sexy, 25 years after its creation, the brand GUESS? launches a new feminine scent, simply called Guess designed for the sexy, trendy, glamorous free-spirited young woman.

Guess for Women was created to express the Guess fashion style. It’s unique and feminine. It makes a statement about the wearer that sets her apart from the crowd. It’s hot and sexy, but in a fresh new way. It’s the unmistakable signature of the Guess woman, in the same way that the brand’s magazine and campaigns are theirs and theirs alone. It fits the Guess customer as well as her favorite jeans.

Top Note: Bergamot, Green Apple, Tangerine.
Middle Note: Freesia, Peony, Muguet, Peach, Red Fruit, Magnolia.
Base Note: Cedarwood, Moss, Musk, Amber.

Introduced in 2005.

About GUESS?

The Marciano brothers were raised in the south of France, a region that cultivated a passionate understanding of French design and the essence of style. Combining a love of the American West with a European sensibility they created GUESS?, Inc.

During the 1970s, clothing design had little or no direction. People felt denim was dated and jeans were hardly considered a fashion statement. The Marciano brothers would change that forever. Their designs were timeless, sensuous, strong and chic. The GUESS? approach was fresh and set the standard for the future of denim.

Initially, retailers greeted GUESS? with skepticism. Buyers weren’t interested in denim; but the brothers’ infallible instincts and persistence prevailed. Their 3-zip Marilyn jean was sexy, with a unique style and attitude. Bloomingdale’s finally agreed to sell two dozen pairs of the 3-zip Marilyn jeans as a favor to the Marciano brothers. Within hours, the entire stock was sold out.

Today, GUESS? is one of the most widely recognized brands in the world. Known for quality, trendsetting style, and marketing creativity, the Company designs and markets a leading lifestyle collection of casual apparel and accessories for women, men, children, and babies

As it progresses into the 21st century, GUESS? continues to challenge its already high standards to remain a driving artistic force in the world of fashion.


My Take on Guess For Women by Guess:

I love this scent! It opens with amazing apple and bergamot. The latter is a kind of citrus fruit. The opening notes linger around for a very short while compared to other perfumes, and then the heart of the perfume comes into play. The middle notes are super feminine, not girly per se, but feminine. It makes me think of some sort of superwoman, you know, the kind that does all the work around the house, has a fabulous career, and yet looks impeccable, polished and confident at all times. At this point, I can smell peach and freesia. I cannot detect any muguet (lily of the valley), but I don’t really mind. The dry down is a wonderful mixture of musk and wood. I cannot detect cedar, but I can smell something similar to pine, but not pine. :haanji:


I think the bottle is super pretty and the perfume is a very nice pink color. See?


This perfume is one of those that are very much NOT at any extremes. It is not too sweet, not too floral, not too fruity, and the dry down does not make you feel like you just got yourself doused in musk. It is not heavy, neither very light. It is what I would call light-medium. I can also smell some sort of raspberry scent in the middle, although not listed as a note at all!


This one is a good everyday fragrance. It is nothing extraordinary, but very ‘regular’ smelling and pleasant. Most people would like this. It is a safe bet to gift this to someone.

It blends beautifully with your body, and does not stand out as such. It is not in the least bit overpowering. It has a very plain pink box, and inside, it comes in a pink pouch.

The only thing I don’t really like about Guess is its lasting power. Also, it goes through the notes so quick, it’s like in 10 minutes flat, you reach the dry down! :(( I don’t know if it’s just on me, though. I looked online for any light on this, but all I could find was that it doesn’t last long, which I agree with as well. It sure seems like it needs to get through all the notes till the dry down and only then fade away, and since it lasts for a very short while, it goes through them so quick! 😛


It somehow stays on my clothes the whole day, but it doesn’t last on me. Yes, even if I wear the same clothes all day, the smell just disappears after say an hour at the most, but when I take my clothes off in the evening and sniff them, the smell is there, subtle, but it’s there and no, it’s not just that my nose got used to it or something, because even others can’t smell it on me after sometime.

Overall, a pretty nice perfume, except for its lasting power, but that may differ from person to person. It photographs really well, which I just noticed after I took pictures for this post 😛 . Look at it with my sister’s shoes!!

But no, I’m not recommending you get this because it looks good in pictures :dumb: , but if you want something very regular or maybe a signature scent, this just could be it!

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12 thoughts on “Guess For Women by Guess Review

  1. Nice review, The bottle looks so cool, but staying power is so poor? :waiting: :waiting: ..
    Btw i liked the sandals, it matches with the bottle :stars: :stars:

    1. Thank you Visakhi!
      I love the bottle too, and yeah, the absymal staying power is really sad :((
      And I’ll tell my sister that I put a picture of her shoes online and people liked them 😛 :toothygrin:

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