Guidelines For Buying Cosmetics

Guidelines For Buying Cosmetics


Hope all are doing well.  Right now, the wedding season is on and most of us would need to attend many ceremonies and marriage ceremonies means makeup.  All of us randomly pick new things from the market some times.  Cosmetics are actually irresistible, so we can’t help, isn’t it? Being a stylist, I am a bit choosy about cosmetics like my clothes.


Here I am sharing a few basic tips about cosmetics:

  • Try to buy your cosmetics from a good departmental store or cosmetics store. Because you are going to have many choices and you will come to know which kind of product/brand is suitable for you.
  • Always take a sample of your product. Generally, in big stores, there are trained SA’s, so take their help. Tell them your skin type and they will suggest you brands and products.
  • Clinique-Samples

  • Try to use use natural products.
  • forest-essentials-fruit-scrub

  • Always check the label and ingredients of the product.


How To Decide:

  • If you are buying foundation, take a sample and try on your skin first, and then if you like it, go for it.  Test it on your jawline and not on your wrist.  Check it in natural daylight, try to buy it during day time to find out the right shade.  If you have oily skin, go for oil-control and mattifying products.  If you have dry skin, buy hydrating or moisture-rich products.
  • revlon+photo+ready+makeup

  • When you are buying blush, pick according to your skin tone.  For example, those who are fair – go for pink or rose blush shades. Those who are dusky – go for bright colours like berry and rusty shades.
  • mac-blush-dusky-indian-skin

  • When you are buying your eye makeup products, think about your eye ball colour. If you have brown or black eye ball, go with cool shades like, blue, green, beige, etc.  If you have light colored eyes, go with warm colours like brown, rust shades.
  • the-body-shop-eye-palette-a-la-mode

  • When you are thinking to get a lipstick for yourself, take one tip. Always choose a colour which will be at least two shades darker thank your lip colour.  If your skin tone is fair – choose pink shades peach, flashy red – these kind of shades.  Browns, maroons, purples, mauves are strictly no for fair skin tones.  If you have dusky skin tone, you can also go for reds, but browns, maroons, purple, mauve will be perfect for you.  Those who have fairer skin tones – can go with orange, magenta, etc.
  • red-lips-

  • If you are buying perfume, first try it on your pulse points.  You can carry the paper strip also for a while and then go for your perfume.  Don’t use over powering perfumes.  In summer – try to go with fruity, aqua kind of fragrance.  For your evening parties -wear floral fragrance. For your dates, try some vanilla, amber based perfume.


Most importantly – don’t forget to check the label of the products.  Check how long the product can stay on your skin.

Color Coordination:

Remember you need to pick the right color for your skin.  To find out if your skin tone is warm or cool – take an orange paper and hold it near to your facial skin.  If your skin tone is looking much brighter that means you have a warm skin tone and you can take earthy shades.  If you see the orange shade is much brighter than your skin, then go for pink shades.

When we go for shopping, our aim is to get the best, because we love ourselves and when it comes to buying cosmetics, we girls shouldn’t compromise.

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