Gulkand and Its Health Benefits in Summer

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When we are small, we are under our parents’ control and oblige to what has been told to us. But as we start growing, we want to do more of what we think is right to do. I still remember when I was a school going girl, I used to be super excited for summer holidays. My mother used to make it a point that we have sufficient nimbu pani or juices in order to keep ourselves hydrated. Also, it was compulsory for my younger brother and me to have a spoon full of Gulkand (Rose Petal Jam) every morning. Even though the times have changed and I am a mother of a three year old beautiful doll, my mother still calls me almost every day in summers and reminds me to take gulkand. I think we never grow up for our parents.

Gulkand and Its Health Benefits in Summer

Basically, one can prepare this jam at home, but lazy people like me prefer more of convenience. My mother recently got this amazing gulkand bottle from Pushkar. I love that is made from jaggery and not sugar. I am going to pen down some benefits which might be useful for you guys as well as your kids who surely want to have a gala time in summers playing in scorching heat.

• Gulkand is basically an ayurvedic preparation and has amazing cooling properties for all heat related problems like fatigue, lethargy and tiredness, and even burning sensation on palms and soles.

• It has antioxidant properties and rejuvenates the system.

• In summers, many a times we experience burning sensation in stomach due to acidity or swelling of the intestines. Gulkand works wonders on stomach heat and soothes the intestines too.

• Acidity is again something very common in summers and gulkand is a very good option to subdue it.

• Many people have their basic body temperatures higher than normal people and such people definitely experience ulcers in their mouth. Having gulkand once a day works as a coolant in the body and is a good remedy for ulcers during summers.

• Teeth and gums become strong due to consumption of gulkand.

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• Consumption of gulkand reduces pain during menstruation and also helps as an aid in treating white discharge.

• It boosts the metabolism rate and helps in better digestion.

• Gulkand also works great as a blood purifier and makes skin clean and clear. It also prevents skin diseases like boils, blisters and acne.

• Gulkand also helps reduce excessive perspiration and foul body odour.

• Sunstroke and bleeding of nose is another serious problem during summers and gulkand helps as a remedy here, especially for the kids.

• It can also be consumed for kids complaining of constipation.

• It has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps reducing stress also.

• Gulkand is a good memory stimulator and also good for the eyesight.

I have also heard that Gulkand mixtures are prescribed to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. But, People with diabetes need to be careful with gulkand since it is high in sugar. So people, have gulkand and protect yourself from this scorching heat which is going to just rise in the coming days.

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