Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

Most of us come back from the gym all red and sweaty, so when we think of the gym, we think of sweat, I read somewhere that if you look cute at the end of your workout you haven’t worked hard enough,but then you dont need to look all churned up after the gym, some quick essentials will help you fix yourself in no time before your walk out, or even head to office after a work out.

gym bag beauty essentials


These are the most important things in your gym bag, carry all sorts, especially refreshing ones with mint and aloe, or may be makeup remover ones in case you have been to the gym with makeup on and now it is running,wipes are available in so many variants now, pick your fav.

Dry shampoo or baby powder:

If workout gives your greasy hair, use a dry shampoo on tossed over hair or quickly run some baby powder and a brush through your hair get to rid of the grease temporarily.

Light hot tools:

Carry a travel hair dryer and may be a cordless flat iron a compact one if you have to head off somewhere really fresh after your workout, a quick blow dry after tossing your hair downwards and straightening your bangs will really help.

hair dryer


Your deo should be a clinical grade one or if you prefer antiperspirants, make sure you carry one, for after the workout as well. Now you know what sweat is equal to, don’t you!

dove deo

Body wash:

This is a must have for a quick rinse, get ready and go. Carry your fav one to jump into the shower after a workout.


Acne wash:

All the sweat though clears your pores, you also need to combat bacteria and pore clogging with an ance wash post workout, especially if you suffer with acne, do wash your face after a workout with a salicylic acid.

acne wash

Body mist:

For ladies who want to smell fresh, carry a mist along with the deo, spray on pulse point and freshen yourself.

Tinted moisturizer or BB cream:

This is for after your workout getting ready plan, the TM would run into sweat as such before your work out, you dont have time for makeup but a TM after cleansing will do you good.

Tinted lip balm

Same goes for your lips, pep them up with a lip balm in the gym.
baby lips


In case you like to, carry headbands for flyaway, and to tame hair while working out.

Waterproof kohl:

I know many who dont leave the house wihout a kohl, carry a waterproof smudge proof one with you like Mac black ice.


Also keep hand sanitizers and towels handy.

Image 1

Ofcourse, your top beauty tool, loads of water, keep sipping 🙂

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  1. worthreading post once again from u neha.. *clap* *clap* I work out at home but i will share it with all my frnzzz… such helpful n much needed tips.. *clap*

  2. A very Thoughtful post Neha! First and froemost – I WANT that bag!! Real nice!!!

    And I need to hit the gym and lose some!!! *waaa* *waaa* *waaa*

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