Gypsy Makeup And Costume Ideas

Gypsy Makeup And Costume Ideas

gypsy makeup
Colours, loud ornaments and an aura of mystery…that is what a gypsy is often associated with. These nomadic people, who migrated to Europe from India in the fourteenth century, are known to have a distinct style and appearance of their own. If you love the way they dress up and put their makeup, this is an article for you. Read on to know gypsy makeup and costume ideas.

Gypsy Makeup: Face

• Choose a foundation which is a shade or two darker than your original skin color. This will help you attain a suntanned look. Your face as well as your neck should be uniformly covered with the foundation so that you get a natural look. Mind you, the original definition of gypsies delineates them as nomadic people with dark hair color and dark skin tones.
• Dab some blush on your cheeks. Start from your cheek bones and sweep the blush upwards towards your ears.

Gypsy Makeup: Eyes

Since the ‘mysterious’ eyes form an important part of the gypsy look, try focusing on that first. Get hold of jet black eyeliner and eye shadow in dark shades. Shades like dark plum or deep gray look great. Now follow the following steps-
• Take your makeup brush and apply the eye shadow. Your eye shadow should really stand out.
• It is preferable to get hold of two shades of the same eye shadow color. The darker shade would cover the eyelids while the lighter shade should cover the areas near the lids. The eye shadow should go beyond the corners of the eyes and then, fade away.
• Now, apply the eyeliner, close to your eyes and apply it thick.
• Start with the lower lash line with special focus on the inner corners. Extend the line a bit beyond the outer corner.
• Now apply it along the upper lid of your eye following your lash line closely. This should continue to the outer corner of your eye.
• Repeat the same procedure for both your eyes.
• Slant a line of liner on each of your eyes’ bottom part to look line an extension of the eyeliner. This can be done by drawing a half-an-inch line from the outside corner of the eyes.
• Both the extended lines should meet and give a tad upward curve, somewhat line a cat’s eye. You will get an elaborate idea here-
• Load your lashes with jet black mascara. Two to three layers of mascara would be good.
• Do not neglect your eye brows. If they aren’t that dark, make sure you fill your brows with some dark brown liner or eyebrow pencil.

Gypsy Makeup: Lips

• If you want your eyes to be the center of attraction, use lighter shades of red, maroon or purple.
• If you want your gypsy makeup to be absolutely colorful, go for dark lips.
• Do not forget to sweep some gloss on your lips.
gypsy costume

Gypsy Makeup- Creating the Gypsy Look

• Pasting some costume jewel stones, no matter how small they are, on the middle f your forehead in the shape of a ‘V’ or ‘U’ would look great.
• Tying a headpiece is an integral part of the gypsy look. A headscarf, preferably in a bright and shiny texture makes a greater gypsy impact. Your dark, preferably wavy or curly long hair, should show from the sides.
gypsy jewelry
• It is advised that you go for either jewel stones or for scarf and not both at the same time to keep ‘overdoing’ away.
• Wear flowing skirt in bright hues or in patterned fabrics, sewn together. Tops should be loose. If you want a more feminine look, go for off-shoulder tops.
• As far as shows are concerned, flat boots and belles with a hint of glitter are the ones to aim for.
• Jewelry forms an important part of your gypsy look. Wear multiple finger rings, bracelets, bangles and neckpieces.
• Wear outsized silver earrings or large golden earpieces shaped as hoops, circles or coins.
gypsy earrings
So, the right kind of makeup and accessories help to accentuate your gypsy look and it is important that you invest in them well before you want to try out this look. It is a look which you may want to sport in a theme party or a go-as-you-like get together with friends; you need to carry it with confidence and it is recommended that you DO NOT try it for an Indian family function!

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