H&M Precision Lip Brush Review

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Few days back, I was on retail therapy and shopped a lot of H&M brushes. I shopped a lot of them believe me! I will be reviewing them in the upcoming days. Today’s review is all about H&M Precision Lip Brush.

H&M Precision Lip Brush Review Unpacked

Product Description:
For applying liquid and cream lip products, lipsticks, cream eye shadows and eye primers. Synthetic hair.

€5 for 1 piece

H&M Precision Lip Brush Review

Synthetic hair

My Experience with H&M Precision Lip Brush:

I have been using this lip brush for a few days now and here is what I feel. I do not own many lip brushes and hence wanted to give this a try. At €5, there is nothing much to lose. The brush comes in a black plastic zip locked packaging. The packaging is very basic and I would not recommend reusing the cover. It will tear off after few uses and also, the bristles feather out every time you pull it out of the packaging.

H&M Precision Lip Brush Review Outer Cover

The brush itself is black in color and the bristles are in brown. The ferrule is matte black and the handle is glossy black. On the handle one can see the brand logo and also the kind of brush it is. It is all embossed in golden color. The handle is sturdy and easy to work with. Over the period of time, the handle may look dull, due to wear and tear. But as we all know, the most important part is the bristles.

H&M Precision Lip Brush Review Handle

The bristles are tightly packed and is flat. The bristles also look shiny and quite synthetic. It screams that it is made of nylon or polyester. The bristles feel not so soft on the skin. They also do not prick. So it is average. The brush head is curved and not pointed. The other lip brushes I have are all pointed. The thickness of the brush is even. I wish it was pinched flat at the end, so that it can be precise during application.

H&M Precision Lip Brush Review Ferrule

I feel the brush is not really user friendly, as it picks up lipsticks not evenly and hence the distribution is also not even. Since the bristles are synthetic and also of not so good quality, it feels slippery on lips.
The feel of it is like the free brushes we get in eyeshadow palette.

H&M Precision Lip Brush Review Bristles

I would rather use this brush to pick up concealer from the concealer pot, dab on my small acne scars and then pat it away using fingers. One can also use this brush to apply shimmer near tear duct. Since it is made of synthetic, it is easy to maintain. I just wash it with some shampoo and air dry it.

H&M Precision Lip Brush Review Bristles End

Overall, I did not like the performance of it and would not suggest it to anyone. It is not a good lip liner brush. The craftsmanship is not at all to the mark. The quality of the bristles is also not good.

H&M Precision Lip Brush Review Pressing Bristles

Pros of H&M Precision Lip Brush:

  • Looks good.
  • Not expensive.
  • Easy maintenance.

Cons of H&M Precision Lip Brush:

  • Nonreusable packaging.
  • Bristles are slippery when used with lipstick.
  • Bristles look and feel synthetic.
  • Does not spread the product evenly.

IMBB Rating: 2/5
Will I Repurchase H&M Precision Lip Brush?
Only if I want to use it for a short term and then dispose it off.
Do I Recommend H&M Precision Lip Brush?
Only if you are a beginner or if you want to try different kind of brushes to find the uses of it. This brush is not a long time investment.

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