H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel Review

H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel review

H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel is exhilarating body wash that gently lathers away impurities while nourishing and moisturizing the skin with Mango Essence, Vitamin E and Natural Fruit Enzymes.

H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel
H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel
  • Gentle cleansing formula is infused with the essence of fresh mango, lime, and a hint of honey
  • Vitamin E conditioning capsules help moisturize, repair and protect skin from environmental damage
  • Natural fruit enzymes revitalize skin and promote cellular renewal


This 250ml attractive orange colored bath gel costs USD 9.

I wanted this bath gel so badly for the main reason that I love fruity fragrance in my soaps and bath gels and the smell of mango was quiet new to me. Another reason was the brightly colored tube which grabbed my attention. This brightly colored bath gel has small pearl kind of capsules which on crushing gives a creamy product that really moisturizes my skin.

H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel
H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel

Though the product looks like a gel as soon as I rub it on my skin it feels like I have applied some thick cream and on adding little more water it lathers well. The Vitamin E capsules adds more moistureย  and hence the skin feels very soft and supple after bath. A little amount goes a long way and hence the gel would last for the another few months.

I did not get the smell of mango or any fruity fragrance from this bath gel and that disappointed me very badly as it was my major expectation out of this. If at all I take excess amount then the smell becomes untolerable. Yes, it stinks and I don’t know how to describe the smell. It is not even remotely fruity and neither smells like lime or honey. The only reason I will be using this gel is for the moisturizing effect and nothing else.

To get an idea I am listing the Pros and Cons of H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel

Pros of H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel

  • Highly moisturizing shower gel that I don’t use any body lotion or moisturizing lotion on my dry skin after the shower.
  • Vitamin E capsules adds more nourishment to my skin.
Vit E Capsules
Vit E Capsules
After crushing capsule
After crushing capsule
  • This is not tested on animals.
  • The tube is really big and little amount of gel is sufficient each time. Thus the tube is expected to last long.
  • Attractively colored gel.
  • Conditions and cleanses the skin.
  • Never dries out the skin.
  • Can also be used as bubble bath.
  • Claims to have natural fruit extracts.
  • Lid is intact that no product leaked or got wasted while mum carried this in her luggage from New York to Chennai.
H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel
H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel

Cons of H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel

  • Does not give any fresh feeling after bath.
  • Smell is untolerable some times.
  • No fruity fragrance.
  • Does not lather very well like other body wash and shower gels.
  • This brand is not yet easily available in all parts of India.
  • Though it looks like a gel it feels like a cream.

My Rating – :-* :-*:-*

Would I Repurchase – No. I have used better shower gels that has awesome fruity fragrance. Also after using Victoria’s Secret’s products no other product would satisfy when it comes to the fragrance part.

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31 thoughts on “H20 Plus Tango Mango Shower and Bath Gel Review

  1. After reading the name even i thought it must have summmm amazing smelll….It wil b a no for me coz i need to have good smelling bath products…i jst lovvddddddd the description of smelll of ur Sexy Victoria’s secret scrub….

  2. It gets so irritating when bath and body products have a strong smell. I am still coping with that Moringa Body butter , can totally understand. :((

    I have crossed their store so many times, I wonder why I ave never checked out their stuff. ๐Ÿ˜•

    This gel looks so pretty otherwise. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey Brand new mommy,
    How do you find all these new and unique shower gels, bath bubbles and kinds ? Are you fond of bath stuff?
    This ones colour is nice , but more orangey than mangoy.

  4. Hey Smita, Only after I saw ur ques I am thinking. Yes, suddenly I went crazy and got all these bath stuffs ๐Ÿ˜› Most of them were ok but this one is :no:

    This one is neither orangy or mangoey ๐Ÿ™

  5. aarthi… back to blogging :-)) how r u feeling nd how s neya…. how did she let u type this review…. good girl already :-))

    nice review…. the color looks so tempting but ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I was reading the pros..and i was like wow…i dont need to apply a moisturiser post bath…. :yes: :yes: and then reached the cons area and was :-(….i want my body wash to lather and smell nice…not v strong….

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