H2O Plus Clearwater Bath and Shower Gel Review

H2O Plus Clearwater Bath and Shower Gel

For me, the brand H2O has always occupied the same mindspace that the Body Shop has. I am a sucker for anything that seems to derive from the goodness of the earth, or in this case, the sea. I like exotic ingredients in everything, from food to cosmetics. Therefore I was very happy when I managed to snag some H2O products. Am going to review a product from their bath aquatics range here.

H2O Plus Clearwater Bath Shower Gel Review

Price: 475 for 250 ml

What the company says: A fresh, foaming body cleanser that gently washes away impurities without the drying effects of soap or harsh detergents with Watercress, Vitamin E and Provitamin B.

Here’s a little info from the H2O website on these three ingredients:

Provitamin B: This cellular nutrient contains natural anti-inflammatory and humectant properties to optimize moisture levels.
Watercress Extract: Native to Europe and central Asia, this clover-like aquatic plant contains significant concentrations of iron, calcium and folic acid, in addition to antioxidant vitamins A and C. It restores depleted moisture, helps strengthen weakened cells and protects against damage from environmental exposure.
Vitamin E: An antioxidant and fat-soluble vitamin, Vitamin E helps repair and protect cells from environmental damage, while softening the skin.

H2O Clearwater shower gel also contains Iceland moss and seaweed. Googling reveals that Iceland moss has antibiotic properties. Seaweed needs no introduction: it is believed to restore moisture levels, firm, nourish, oxygenate the skin, as well as slow down its aging.

According to the company, the wash is supposed to have the following benefits:
• Gentle formula washes away impurities while repairing and nourishing skin
• Watercress helps repair cellular damage from the environment and replenish moisture to leave skin healthy and radiant
• Vitamin E softens skin and improves elasticity
• Provitamin B soothes irritation and helps maintain healthy a moisture balance at the cellular level
• Calming seaside fragrance relaxes the senses and subtly scents the skin

Other ingredients:

H2O Plus Clearwater Bath Shower Gel ingredients

Sorry the pic is a bit blurred; hope you guys can just about read it.

My take: I am ambivalent about this product. When I use it, I don’t really get that luxury feeling that is hard to describe in words, an intangible pleasure you get from true luxury products. The fragrance is not at all pleasing, inspite of me liking non-traditional scents like earth, cut grass etc. It is sharp and slightly overpowering, with strong notes of something that smells like jasmine, which I detest. The consistency is very runny. Even with a loofah, it feels like a ‘barely-there’ wash, with minimum lather. I couldn’t judge its cleansing effect. The packaging was attractive but not functional. It has a flip-top cap with a large hole that dispenses way too much product. In fact I have to snap the cap shut in a jiffy each time I open it, to prevent product spillage. Even shooting it for this review was a nightmare. I’m not sure if it was the piece I got, or whether all are equally bad.

H2O Plus shower gel swatch

The shower gel itself: very runny.

That said, it is not a bad product. It does no harm, and in fact post bath, I do feel fresh. Not glowing, not squeaky clean, not pampered, but fresh. It has a decent moisturizing effect sans slipperiness, a big plus. Maybe if my expectations were not so high, I would have been satisfied.

Pros of H2O Plus Clear Water Bath and Shower Gel
• Decent moisturisation without slipperiness

Cons of H2O Plus Clear Water Bath and Shower Gel
• Inexpert packaging that causes spillage
• Off putting fragrance
• No visible benefits
• Finishes fast as you need quite a lot of product per bath

Rating: 2/5

Would I purchase this again: No. But I am sure there are loads of people who like this product, as such things can be very subjective – It just didn’t impress me.
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18 thoughts on “H2O Plus Clearwater Bath and Shower Gel Review

  1. nice review shai…sorry this didn’t work for u….if u really looking for luxury then try the bodyshop strawberry shower gel….nice fragrance plus it falls into the same price range as this one….. :yes: :waytogo: :thumbsup:

    1. Thanks Kimi, I follow your blog frequently. I got a H2O body butter too, and that is much better. This one did nothing for me, the fragrance wasnt too great and it was too runny.

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