H2O Plus Lip Mender Hydrating Complex Review

H2O Plus Lip Mender Hydrating Complex

Heylo All,
Unlike my other reviews you may find this a little too direct, and the reason for this is the pleasant, rainy and laid back weather of Andamans! Oh my my.. how cool it is here. It is 5 pm right now. Small water droplets dripping by the corner of the leaves, birds cooing all around, and the sea is lazily playing with the shores. No, it is not dormant at this time of the day and this season of the year. But the sea near to my house is surrounded by islands so the waves lose their intensity by the time they come to meet me at the beach! Oh God, what a beauty this is. I don’t feel like writing about anything but then this review has been pending since many months and I decided to just do it. So, that is the reason it is direct.
h20 lip mender hydrating complex
Today’s review is about a hydrating lip balm from the brand H2O Plus. I am quite impressed by it. Read on it to know more.

Product Description:
• A daily lip moisturizer to help revitalize, repair and prevent damage due to dehydration and chapping with Peppermint Oil, Beeswax and Hydrating Marine Blend
• Targeted formula diminishes the look of fine lines and prevents chapping and feathering
• Moisture-rich marine botanicals deeply hydrate to smooth and protect against irritation
• Natural beeswax seals in moisture, so lips appear smooth and virtually lineless
• Peppermint oil instantly cools, tones and revives lips for a healthy tone
• Sea-derived essential minerals work synergistically with Sea Mineral Complex, a scientifically advanced delivery system to ensure vital nutrients are rapidly absorbed at the cellular level

Price: Rs. 520/-
cap removed
Ingredients: Microcrystalline wax, Bees-wax (Cera Alba), Phenyl Trimethicone, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Flavour (Aroma), Tocopheryl Acetate, Extracts of: Algae, Ulva Lactuca, Crithmum Maritimum, Methylparaben, propylparaben, Isopropyl Myristate, Limonene

My Review:
I like the balm. I won’t say it is something out of the world but it is decent enough. It moisturizes lips well. It is not too sticky or too glossy unlike many lip balms available so that is a big plus. Works very well when applied in the night.

You need to apply it 2-3 times in the day time but then it depends on your lips as well. I apply it 2-3 times as I have dry lips and I also bite my lips. While I used to reapply TBS born lippy lip balm atleast 5-6 times in a day!

It has not caused any irritation on my lips. It is colorless and odourless which is another plus. And yeah, it has mint! And I love mint. So, on application, you feel a cool, minty sensation which tells your brain that your lips are cooler 😉

All in all, I love it but yeah, I also can not ignore its price. Shelling out Rs. 520 for a lip balm can be a little too much if the balm does not do much in improving the lips in long term and I still have to figure that out. In the fortnight that I have been using it, I have not noticed any change in my lips except on the daily basis application smoothness that it gives. But after using many lip balms, I would certainly rate it as the best or maybe the second best to Himalaya lip balm. But Himalaya’s balm is a bit shiny as compared to this one so this scores high here. And yeah this ones minty unlike Himalaya.

Pros of H2O Plus Lip Mender Hydrating Complex

• Moisturizes lips
• Heals dried, chapped lips
• Comes in a convenient tube, easy to apply
• Not too glossy and nor too sticky
• Works extremely well when used in night
• Carries no color and no odour
• Has a mint so gives a cooling sensation

Cons of H2O Plus Lip Mender Hydrating Complex

• Price and only price
• Contains parabens

Overall Recommendation: very well recommended

Rating: 4.5/5 (infact if I ignore its price and parabens, I should give it a high five!)

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  1. OMG Surabhi..u r remiding me the beaches..I jus feel like running out of office now and play in the beaches,here in Chennai,tough they would not look as beautiful as Andamans 🙂 🙂

  2. this so much reminds me of kiehl’s lip balm.

    your surroundings sound super awesome. Thankfully we are having such awesome weather from past few days. It is such a relief. 🙂

    1. I havent used Kiehl’s but have heard its pretty decent. This ones also good.. and weather.. yeah Delhites are going ga ga over Delhi’s rains.. but nothing compares to what we have in A&N.. 😀

  3. Dear Surbhi
    Nice review ………… just visit Womanatics it is superlike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    seems you write everything DIL SE
    ………….. i like the post about your birthday very much . All the very best to you

    1. Swadha.. you have made my day!!!!!! thank you so much honey. It feels sooo very good when someone admires your work. Thanks a ton dear.. and now that you like my blog.. you know what to do next.. 😉

  4. Nice review Surbhi! but I am too wary of spending so much on a lip balm! would buy a Colorbar lippie and a balm instead! yeah, I am that cheap 😀

    1. Ila.. we are on the same boat. Just that I spend more on lippies.. as my lips are quite sensitive but other products.. even I look for inexpensive alternatives.. and yeah.. this ones indeed veryyyy expensive.

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