H2O Sea Marine Triple Butter Sugar Scrub Review

H2O Sea Marine Triple Butter Sugar Scrub Review

Isn’t the name very tempting? Triple butter.. yummm… Sugar… yummmyyyyyy

I got this scrub in my H2O Plus Sea Marine Bath kit along with a body wash and a body lotion. The body wash got completely wasted due to bad packaging and I am yet to try the lotion. I’ll be reviewing it once I finish my cocoa butter lotion from The Body Shop.

I am not very fond of body scrubs but when used it gives a feel that my skin is squeaky clean. That is the only reason I go looking out for new body scrubs. Previously I was using L’occitane’s Orange Body scrub and I really loved it. Since I couldn’t find the brand here in Chennai I just skipped using scrubs. This one read “Triple Butter” and “Sugar” and those words tempted me to try it.

H2o Kodai
H2o Kodai

Unlike the body wash the packaging was neat and intact. It had a silver foil tightly holding on the top and it was hard to rip it off. The scrub is white in color and it looks exactly like binded sugar in a box. I took a little bit and applied on my arms and as I rub the scrub just melts in my skin and leaves a soapy residue on my skin. It smells like some green herbs and the smell is not very strong or disturbing at the same time not very pleasing.


After the bath my skin feels so smooth. Note, I have a very dry skin and when I use this scrub I feel my skin is absolutely hydrated. I tried skipping moisturizer and I was able to manage all day without it. I just fell in love with this product and I agree it shows the triple butter effect on my skin. Also this doesn’t leave any greasy feeling at all. Skin feels all fresh and new after the shower. If you have dry skin then please try this and fall in love with this scrub.

Key Ingredients


  • Sugar Crystals: Fine-grained sugar cane granules softly polish away dull surface cells to expose healthy skin.
  • Triple Butter Hydrating Blend: Our proprietary blend of shea, cocoa and mango butters; three supremely rich emollient agents that are rapidly absorbed into the skin to deeply moisturize and smooth.
  • Hydrating Marine Blend: A triple-powered synthesis of marine botanicals that optimizes skin’s moisture balance while bolstering free radical resistance.
  • Wakame: Brown kelp fronds harvested from the Sea of Japan; energizes skin’s natural functions and recharges tone
  • Sea Lettuce: Dewy yellow-green leaves cultivated from the coast of Brittany, France; supports skin-firming collagen and elastin
  • Fennel: Waxy green ribbons abundant along rocky English sea cliffs; empowers skin to resist aging environmental damage


  • Triple butter does real moisturization. I love to feel that on my skin after bath where my skin usually is dry and lifeless before applying any lotion.
  • Easy to use that it just glides on the skin though the scrub looks thick and hard.
  • The scrub actually melts, I mean those sugar crystals melts in my skin and it looks like my skin absorbs all those nourishing ingredients in it.
  • Smell is neither very disturbing nor very attractive but people who like the herbal fragrance would love this.
  • Packaging is neat. Even after removing the silver cover on the top one can be sure that the product wont spill out, as it is very thick in consistency.
  • Using this I can skip my moisturizer in busy mornings and I am glad that it helps me in this way.
  • Packaging is attractive in bright green color matching the Sea Marine theme.
  • Little amount is sufficient. I have used it like for a week and you can see the amount left.
  • It gives a mild polish to my skin. The scrub is not very coarse as well.


  • Digging the tub every time with my hands does not make me happy. I would have preferred a spatula to take the required quantity. I have the spatula that came with my L’Occitane scrub and I am using it for this scrub as well.
  • Not available in Chennai 🙁 as far as I know.

Since this is a gift and it came as a gift set I am not very sure about the price. When I checked their website it says the scrub costs USD 25 for 326 gms [Don’t understand this weird numbers 326!!!! – neither 300 nor 350].

Rating – :-* :-*:-*:-*

I just took one point out for the missing spatula but other than that I would say this is an amazing product that replaced my body wash and moisturizer . 🙁 Lazy me 😉

Would I Repurchase?

Yes, I would definitely get this one. Also I will strongly recommend this to all ladies [and gents as well ;)] who have really dry skin.


35 thoughts on “H2O Sea Marine Triple Butter Sugar Scrub Review

  1. Wow, I had no idea this stuff existed!
    Good review! :yes:
    326 grams is should be approximately 12 ounces (if I did my math right from the first picture:P) which is a common measure for cosmetic containers! That’s why the weird numbers 😛 I got very scared at first cause I thought it was $25 for 75 grams, which then would mean that I would only get to scrub my nose with this…. :smirk:

  2. It looks too good to be used on body na….but not appealing smell??????…..wouldnt it have been great if they added some nice smelling thing to it…..

    1. When I saw the green, I thought it’d smell like lime :rotfl:

      Btw anyone willing to try making something like this themselves?
      Coconut oil solid (instead of Cocoa butter) for moisturizing, sugar for exfoliation, fennel (sawf) for resisting aging?

        1. Lol Rati! I don’t want anyone to get a rash or anything!
          But I feel (and I am not sure of this, just derived from commonsense and not firm empirical evidence) that mixing Coconut Oil with Sugar will make an effective scrub.
          I have tried Olive Oil with salt and it is ah-mazing! I’ll try the sugar one tomorrow morning!

          1. yeah. I used to make lip scrub with olive oil and sugar.Used to work wonders…Actually ic ant stand the smell of coconut oil. It give me headache. You try and see ho it woks. I might substitute coconut oil with olive oil. 🙂

  3. Great review Aarthi, i never tried anything from H2O line but sure will do once they come across..Like Devie pointed out…i think we can try and bake one of this at home 😀 😀 :cute: :cute: :cute: :cute:

  4. A scrub like this would be a blessing in winters. I was planning to buy the TBS scrub but I think i will purchase this one now. And yeah it does look like desi gahee. :laugh: :laugh: Even better for my dry skin. And quite a lot of product na..

    Me buying. we have H2 o here. :-))

  5. hi all, i have been following every post for the past few months..really informative and useful..and have tried several products after reading the reviews here and they all have worked for me..so thanks guys for all the good work 🙂
    i have used this scrub for my elbow area..its really good..and it has lightened and softened the skin on the elbows..i have dry skin and this really moisturises..but a tad pricey at Rs. 1550..there is a website for india from where one can order though i have never done that..there is also a store locator on the site…

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