Habibs Aesthetics Corrective Hair Serum Review

Habibs Aesthetics Corrective Hair Serum

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My collegehas begun and I have a very hectic schedule nowadays but still there is not a single hour of my day which goes without checking IMBB. I am addicted to IMBB as if it is a drug. It has given a new excitement to my boring engineering college life. I am glad to meet you all.
Coming on to the review, the product in limelight today is Habibs Aesthetics Corrective Hair Serum –strengthening and repair therapy. I have wavy hair with frizz so hair serums are a must have for me. I have used L’oreal, Garnier, Dove and Matrix but nothing worked for me. On my random shopping spree I came across this hair serum and thought of giving it a try. I have been using it for 1 month.

Habibs Aesthetics Corrective Hair Serum


Rs.330 for 50ml

Company claims:

Corrective hair serum advanced formulation is fortified with hydrolyzed keratin, Vitamin-E and Abyssinian oil and is designed to treat thick, coarse or extremely dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. It seals the hair cuticle and protects it from damage.

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Directions to use:


Apply few drops and palm through damp, freshly washed hair

My take on Habibs Aesthetics Corrective Hair Serum

I had used Habibs aesthetics hair serum which comes in a green bottle in the past and was quite happy with it. This hair serum comes in a transparent bottle so you can know how much serum is left in it. Unlike other hair serums from Habibs, this serum has a pump attached to it which makes it easier to use. It has a screw like lid which is quite sturdy and makes it convenient to carry. The hair serum has a mild fragrance which stays on for a while after applying. It is very light and little-bit runny in consistency. I pump twice which is enough for my medium length hair.
The hair serum claims to contain hydrolyzed keratin, vitamin-E and Abyssinian oil which are known for their good effects on hair. I apply it every time after washing my hair and it has worked pretty well. It doesn’t weigh down my hair like other hair serums. It has also controlled frizz to an extent. It claims to seal hair cuticle and protect hair from damage but I haven’t seen any drastic improvement in my hair texture. I think I need to use it for a little more time to see results. I also use it before I straighten my hair with a straightener and it has given great results, even better than some straightening serums. My dad used it quite a few times and he is also quite happy with this product. For him this serum has been substituted as hair oil.


Pros of Habibs Aesthetics Corrective Hair Serum :

• Doesn’t weigh down my hair.
• Better than other hair serums available in market in same price range.
• Controls frizz.
• Has a mild fragrance.
• Travel friendly packing.
• Spreads easily on hair.
• Makes combing wet hair much easier.
• Not tested on animals.


Cons of Habibs Aesthetics Corrective Hair Serum :

• A little bit expensive than other drugstore hair serums.
• Hasn’t improved my hair texture a lot.
• Not easily available.
• No ingredients list mentioned.


IMBB rating:


Would I recommend Habibs Aesthetics Corrective Hair Serum ?

Yeah. People with dry, damaged or frizzy should give it a try.

Habibs Aesthetics Hair Serum Review
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Habibs Hair Serum Review


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